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10 Minutes of Fourth Shin Evangelion Film to Screen in Paris

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By Gruic 🕯 King-in-Waiting on June 29, 2019, 09:06 ET Post #1

The first 10 minutes and 40 seconds of the fourth Shin Evangelion Movie will be screen in Paris, Japan Expo, this July 6.

This exclusive version will be screen, as well, in Shangai, Japan and Los Angeles.

Shin Evangelion Gekijō-ban is still scheduled for 2020 in Japan.

By Gruic 🕯 King-in-Waiting on July 6, 2019, 09:07 ET Post #2

Here it is, at least for now :

By Jack Anderson ⚜ Emperor on July 6, 2019, 09:07 ET Post #3

No spoilers for me, but thanks a lot to have shared.



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