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David Duchovny's dog gains social media fame

Pamela Joy Stafford October 31, 2017, 03:10 ET

David Duchovny's dog, Brick Duchovny, has become a social media celebrity. His Twitter account alone has over 10,000 followers. (For those who want to follow, here is the link to Brick's account: @brick_duchovny).
Brick Duchovny is named after football player D'Brickashaw Ferguson. David Duchovny stated at a recent comic con in New York that the fame might have gone to Brick's head as he will now jump into the front of the vehicle instead of the back. Certainly fans were even excited to see him while waiting in line for the October 14 concert in Vancouver.

Lots of fun meeting all of my fans in Vancouver! Woof 🐶👽 pic.twitter.com/nQ641DZhUI— Brick Duchovny (@brick_duchovny) October 20, 2017
Brick even hinted that he might have a director's credit on season 11 of the X-files.

It was awesome to meet so many fans at the @davidduchovny concert this weekend! Time to get back to work Directing @thexfiles! #action 🐶👽 pic.twitter.com/SHb8ftBpKP— Brick Duchovny (@brick_duchovny) October 17, 2017
Long time fans of the X-Files might remember David's dog Blue (named after Bob Dylan's "Tangled Up in Blue") as a behind the scenes regular during the 1990's.

Will Brick Duchovny make a guest appearance on Season 11 of The X-files? We still don't know at this point, but David Duchovny is accustomed to co-starring with a canine companion. On "Red Shoes Diaries" there were often scenes where Duchovny's character, Jake, was joined by Jake's dog, Stella.

Jack Anderson October 31, 2017, 08:10 ET



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