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Kit Harington Checks Into Treatment Facility

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By Jack Anderson ⚜ Emperor on May 29, 2019, 12:05 ET Post #1

Game of Thrones has just ended, with a bold ending that many fans did not expect, and many are struggling to deal with the end of the series, just as they would with losing someone dear. Game of Thrones was that big and that emotional for some.

But fans are not the only ones who struggle to let go. Now, Kit Harington, the actor behind Jon Snow, has just checked into a treatment facility, in order to focus on some personal problems, we learned today.

When talking about the final shot of his character in the series, he said "they called, 'Wrap!' And I just f---ing broke down. It was this onslaught of relief and grief about not being able to do this again."



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