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Unsaid, Undone

Pamela Joy Stafford October 30, 2017, 03:10 ET

Many fans are eagerly awaiting David Duchovny's second album scheduled to be released in December 2017. X-Files fans who are unfamiliar with the actor's musical endeavors may be hearing a punk band cover one of his songs in the upcoming season 11.

In an interview with Niki Reitmayer on October 14 (prior to his concert that night in Vancouver), Duchovny revealed that Chris Carter had surprised him with the decision to include "Unsaid, Undone" off of his first album, "Hell or Highwater" during a teaser sequence.

Duchovny found out about this through his lawyer who notified him that Chris Carter was seeking copyright access to the song. Duchovny said he texted Carter saying "he was totally touched and thank you." Duchovny further said he understood why Carter would not want Duchovny (Mulder's) voice singing the song.

Following the interview, David performed the song in his Vancouver concert. Referencing the fact that he was performing an acoustic version of one of his hardest rock songs, he introduced the song by saying they had "castrated" it.

Fans interested in hearing the same version can listen to it here:

The original version is available at DavidDuchovnymusic.com

David Duchovny second album is titled "Every Third Thought" and can be pre-ordered at PledgeMusic.com.


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