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New Documentary Tells Shocking Dark Side from Michael Jackson

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By Jack Anderson ⚜ Emperor on February 9, 2019, 07:02 ET Post #1

One thing is certain. Michael Jackson was the King of Pop. There is a before and an after Michael Jackson. While you may like or dislike his music, there is no denying that he had a major influence on pop culture.

But as we all know, behind the powerful music and swift dance moves, Michael Jackson had to face many demons, starting with an abusive father, Joe Jackson, that forever traumatised the artist. As an example, when Joe Jackson discovered that his son was self-conscious about his nose, he started to call his own son "Big Nose." This led to a series of drastic plastic surgeries that forever disfigured the artist, to the point that he had to wear a prosthesis covering a hole surrounded by some bits of cartilage.

Becoming a worldwide celebrity, Michael Jackson not only altered his own face, but started to create his own world too, in the form of the infamous Neverland ranch, a vast estate filled with toys, animals, that became his own private amusement park. Jackson openly loved children and ended up spending his time with children instead of adults, to such an extent that some children would spend their nights in Michael Jackson's own bedroom.
While Jackson claimed his entire adult life that nothing happened with these children, he also had to face decades of allegations saying that he sexually abused kids. And he also confirmed that he actually spent many nights in the same bad as those children but that he never molested any child.

Next month, a new explosive documentary will be released on HBO, that will provide a different telling ont his story. Titled Leaving Neverland, the movie tells the story of Wade Robson and James Safechuck, two former young friends of Michael Jackson, who now tell a very dark side of the artist, claiming that he was, simply said, a pedophile.

Here is an interview (not part of the documentary) of Wade Robson, who became a famous choreographer, revealing that Michael Jackson was a pedophile:

Directed by Dan Reed, the four-hours long documentary premiered at the Sundance film festival and depicted graphic sexual abuse against underage boys. It will air on March 3, 2019 on HBO.



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