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By Jack Anderson ⚜ Emperor on January 9, 2019, 03:01 ET Post #1

After lots of hard work behind the scenes, we are extremely proud to share a new section on TVore.com. As part of the Games section, a new sub-section has been just released: GAME CARDS!. Dedicated on popular game cards such as Magic, the section is providing an exclusive way to show the cards in a very modern fashion.

In order to celebrate the release of this new section, we've got an exclusive and completely original translation of the game set Slayers FIGHT, a trading card game based on the Slayers novels. Three series of cards were released from 1999 to 2001, as well as promotional cards and two boosters Premium Cards. The game is very popular within the fandom because it uses illustrations by Rui Araizumi, Shoko Yoshinaka or Tommy Otsuka.

In 2011, Shansito from lost-slayers.net and Gruic from slayersevolutionr.free.fr teamed up for a translation of the game in Spanish and French. They also worked on an English version, translated 74 cards, and are kindly sharing it for the members of TVore.com. We use this opportunity to thank them for their outstanding work and friendly support.

Every single card has been manually translated, in an incredible effort that will please all the fans of the Slayers saga.

Meanwhile, we have used this opportunity to post a second deck of game cards. Titled The X-Files Collectible Card Game, the game contains a gallery of 349 pictures, exclusively uploaded for TVorers from around the world.

While more game sets will be uploaded in the future, we hope that you will appreciate this new section and, as usual, welcome your feedback.



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