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What did you think about Jimmy's reaction?

Jack Anderson August 7, 2018, 03:08 ET

What did you think about Jimmy's reaction?

Gruic August 7, 2018, 04:08 ET

Hard to understand.

Jimmy wants to be a good guy, but he is also fascinating by evil and he is very weak against it so... I don't know. A very complicated situation.

Gruic August 8, 2018, 03:08 ET

Just saw the last scene a second time.

It's like he is... celebrating. He won. He won the struggle to death against his brother.

Love and hate and everything in between.

danascully09 August 8, 2018, 05:08 ET

I found totally normal the first reaction in front of the house, like paralysed in his body and mind. Same thing when Kim tries to make him drink all the night.
But in the final scene, looks like he moves forward, he doesn't want to deal with his emotions, put them in a very deep box in his brain, and whistle. But I agree with you Gruic, looks like he won (he may believe this business with insurances is involved)


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