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Scully's sextoy in Rm9

Jack Anderson June 19, 2018, 10:06 ET

What's your view on Scully's sextoy in Rm9?

DuaneB June 19, 2018, 10:06 ET

Well. You know mine, as we so long threated about on LVEI.
But to be short, I'd say it like the tree hidding the forest. The detail that concentrates all our contemporary topic: feminism, egalitarianism ... But the worst thing is that I think it lowers the level of the series. And I still say it has nothing to do with Mulder watching a porn movie. We know very well that porn customers have always been much more masculine than feminine. So let's stop the hypocrisy right away. Especially since there is a difference between a disappointed Mulder, in disarray at the disappearance of Scully, and this episode where nothing happens.
The fact that Mulder likes pornography is for me a facet of the character, a kind of feature in extension of his sense of humor. This is his old boy side. But we don't want to see Scully equal to Mulder just because the writer was a woman. I don't care! We are speaking about X files damn! It's note a "me too" tribune, isn't it?!!

danascully09 June 27, 2018, 03:06 ET

This detail does not enjoy me, and I'm glad we see it in this particular episode, which I talk like a modern fable by itself and not an x files. More like a fan vid, I can watch it as an unusual entertainment and also think it never happens in my beloved series.

Do you know the shipper fan 6 parts art directly created from this ep:
You will scream, you will hate, you will think what a shame but, in a detached feeling way maybe you will smile a little:
type "x files date night" on youtube

Brittany Allen June 30, 2018, 01:06 ET

Oh DuaneB, your comments made me laugh!

I think the writers added that for a few reasons. Of course the feminist aspect. Scully is a strong independent woman. She initially wants to pay for the meal, but allows Mulder to. She takes her own ride home instead of being taken home by Mulder. She has a big fancy home (supposedly...I'm not entirely convinced), and apparently she can "take care of herself" if you know what I mean...with her fancy electric toy.

Also because the premise of the episode was electronics infringing on your privacy and taking over control. We had a time in reality where a certain vibrator brand was collecting information from their users without consent. This was a way to insert (haha) something like this into the episode, and have it fit the story.

I don't think the writers added this to compare Scully to Mulder. I think it was a fun idea they wanted to play around with, as it was the last season and they wanted to have some creative episodes.

The Twitter comments on this toy were fun to watch. The brand posted several comments about it, and Gillian Anderson replied. They even had a discount code: "muldersaway"


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