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New Slayers Novel : Everything We Know So Far

Gruic June 8, 2018, 09:06 ET

Slayers (スレイヤーズ) is a series of sword and sorcery novels created by Hajime Kanzaka.

The new novel of Slayers will be released in Autumn and it is a true sequel to the Main Series, ended in May 2000 with the 15th novel.
The Japanese magazine "Dragon Magazine" has prepublished the beginning of these new adventures of Lina Inverse and, spoiler alert, here is a summary !

Lina and Gourry arrived in Zephilia and stopped at an inn in the city of Altessa. They are still heading to Lina's home village, so the story takes place soon after the events of the 15th novel.
5 men noticing that they are not local and after a confrontation easily ended by the slayers victory, the leader turns out to be vigilant in function for the city and is named Randa. The officials are a bit on edge because a band of robbers are making life difficult. The keeper of the inn, a certain McLyle, who seems to emanate a certain authority, explains to them that they are not mere brigands. They steal cargoes and destroy sites linked to the extraction of ore, source of wealth for the city. It seems they're looking for something more than just money and treasures.
As a witness to their abilities, McLyle asks Lina and Gourry for help and she weighs the pros and the cons.

After a meeting with the extremely shy elf Alaina, Lina and Gourry finally accept the offer of employment and conduct the investigation in the nearby forest. Gourry still owns the Blast Sword, but Lina recalls that during her last fight against 1/7 Shabrani Gudu, the latter was forced to destroy the Demon's Blood Talismans and for this reason, some of her most powerful spells are no longer accessible. Using their heads, the slayers come face to face with a small but extremely skilled group. A quick fight ensues, interrupted by the arrival of an official delegation from Saillune, putting the bandits to flight before Lina can identify them.

The delegation is led by Princess Amelia Will Tesla Saillune, former slayer and friend of Lina and Gourry. The latter explains that following the destruction of Phybrizzo, she decided to meet the high dignitaries of each kingdom to talk to them about Mazoku Lords, sharing all the information they collected about them at the risk of their lives.

After the official meeting, Lina and Gourry talk a little with Amelia and tell her about the fight against Dynast Grausherra and 1/7 Shabrani Gudu before returning to their hostel.
The next morning, Lina and Gourry learn the disturbing disappearance of Amelia.

To be continued in the next Dragon Magazine!

Jack Anderson June 8, 2018, 09:06 ET

That's what I call a solid news, well done!

Gruic August 8, 2018, 10:08 ET

July 2018 pre-publication :


Despite the disappearance of Amelia, Lina does not seem destabilized. Lost in her thoughts, she leaves the city with Gourry, going to the place of the forest where they had confronted the strange men the day before.
After several hours of waiting, Amelia joins them, followed by the man Lina had fought the day before. It is actually Zelgadis, which Lina had recognized during their confrontation. The latter had fought the same way as they did long time ago when they met for the first time (using Shadow Snap and Lighting spells), allowing the first to recognize his friend without betraying his cover. From there, Lina knew that if Zel discovered that Amelia was captured, the latter would save her and bring her back to Lina, and the only place that seemed relevant to do was far from prying eyes, where they had fought.
Zelgadis explains having infiltrated this mysterious group because their magic interests him and could be a key allowing him to have his human aspect back.
At this moment, the leader of the mysterious group appears again in front of them. His name is Tesias and he is a master of a strange and non human magic.

A fight ensues between the Slayers and Tesias and its mysterious magic. The latter is nevertheless forced to withdraw when elf Alaina intervenes. The truth is then made about the origins of Tesias : he is an elf. Using the magic of his ancestors, he is trying to push humans out of the forests, and Alaina came on a mission to try to stop him.


The official pictures by Rui Araizumi were added to the Slayers Main Novel Series 16.

Gruic August 11, 2018, 03:08 ET

The Slayers Saga joins tvore !

Books :
We already had the 16 novels of the Main Novel Series, but this week we added the 30 Slayers Special Novels, the 5 Slayers Smash Novels and Slayers VS Orphen, for a total of 52 books !

Series :
We added the 104 episodes of the whole anime series.

We added the 6 OVA

Movies :
We added the 5 Slayers movies

Yes, that's right. Lina Inverse is on tvore and you can cast all the Drag Slave you want !

Gruic January 5, 2019, 07:01 ET

A dear TVorer told me that he was waiting on news on this very thread.

Everything is on the main page of the novel (summary, pictures, alternate covers...). Here is the link:

Main Novel Series 16


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