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What we know about episode 8 of Season 11

Pamela Joy Stafford November 18, 2017, 04:11 ET

Anne Simon, science consultant for the X-files, tweeted that the hard working cast and crew would be skipping the U.S.Thanksgiving to continue filming and that filming on episode 8 started on November 15.

Chris Carter said at the New Comic Con that this episode written by Morgan and Wong would be as "Messed up" as the notorious episode written by the dual "Home." We know very little else about this episode. The cast list on IMDb includes only Anderson, Duchovny, and Aidan Kahn as Agent Colquitt. Aidan Kahn is a California native who currently resides in Vancouver. He is the son of television producer Harvey Kahn and the nephew of folk singer, Judy Collins.

No Thanksgiving holiday for hard working #XFiles crew and cast up in Canada. Episode 8 starts filming today! Just a month and a half until the premiere! So many scenes in episode 1 I can’t wait to see in final form. A great episode!— Anne Simon (@Annealiz1) November 16, 2017


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