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Gino Corrado
Born February 9, 1893
Died December 23, 1982

Gino Corrado was born on February 9, 1893 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy as Gino Corrado Liserani. He was an actor, known for Paradise Canyon (1935), Harvey (1950) and Micro-Phonies (1945). He died on December 23, 1982 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA.


That's Entertainment, Part II
 1976, (archive footage)
Three Coins in the Fountain
 1954, Principessa's Butler (uncredited)
Casanova's Big Night
 1954, Ambassador (uncredited)
 1950, Eccentric Man (scenes deleted)
The Petty Girl
 1950, Brush and Easel Waiter (uncredited)
Words and Music
 1948, Italian Waiter (uncredited)
An Innocent Affair
 1948, Venetian Room Captain of Waiters (uncredited)
One Touch of Venus
I Walk Alone
 1947, George (uncredited)
That Hagen Girl
 1947, Night Club Bartender (uncredited)
Dishonored Lady
 1947, Carl the Waiter
Nora Prentiss
 1947, Pete, Headwaiter at Dinardo's (uncredited)
Calendar Girl
 1947, Tony the Cook (uncredited)
 1946, Waiter (uncredited)
The Killers
 1946, Restaurant Chef (uncredited)
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
 1946, Nightclub Waiter
Two Sisters from Boston
 1946, Ossifish
Passkey to Danger
 1946, Andre, Headwaiter
The Catman of Paris
 1946, Policeman
To Each His Own
 1946, Man at Dance (uncredited)
 1945, Room Service Waiter (uncredited)
 1945, Italian Singer
Flame of Barbary Coast
 1945, Waiter (uncredited)
Nothing But Trouble
 1944, Party Guest
House of Frankenstein
 1944, Man in audience at Dracula Exhibit (uncredited)
Cowboy and the Senorita
 1944, Chip's Birthday Party Guest (uncredited)
The Desert Song
 1943, Headwaiter at Cafe Benoit
 1943, Willie, Hotel Desk Clerk (uncredited)
I Dood It
 1943, Waiter (uncredited)
Mission to Moscow
 1943, Italian
They Got Me Covered
 1943, Café Bartender (uncredited)
 1942, Waiter at Rick's (uncredited)
Fall In
 1942, Barber
My Sister Eileen
 1942, Chef in Italian Restaurant (uncredited)
Somewhere I'll Find You
 1942, Restaurant Waiter
The Talk of the Town
 1942, Nightclub Waiter (uncredited)
It Happened in Flatbush
 1942, Paul - Pegasus Club Maitre d' (uncredited)
Take a Letter, Darling
 1942, Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
Breakdowns of 1941
 1941, Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Forced Landing
 1941, Cousin Easter
Moon Over Miami
 1941, Boulton's Chef (uncredited)
Blood and Sand
 1941, Waiter (uncredited)
Citizen Kane
 1941, Gino (uncredited)
Lady from Louisiana
 1941, Lottery Victim
That Night in Rio
 1941, Stock Exchange Clerk (uncredited)
A Shot in the Dark
 1941, Waldo - Nightclub Chef
Kitty Foyle
 1940, Speakeasy Waiter (uncredited)
The Mark of Zorro
 1940, Caballero (uncredited)
Bitter Sweet
 1940, Waiter (uncredited)
The Great Dictator
 1940, Sculptor (uncredited)
Down Argentine Way
 1940, Waiter (uncredited)
Hired Wife
 1940, Waiter (uncredited)
Dance, Girl, Dance
 1940, Gino - Club Ferdinand Waiter
Foreign Correspondent
 1940, Luncheon Waiter (uncredited)
New Moon
 1940, Bondsman
Brother Orchid
 1940, Artist
Beyond Tomorrow
 1940, Alfonso the Cook (uncredited)
 1940, Manager of Princesse Hotel
The Grapes of Wrath
 1940, Chef (uncredited)
The House Across the Bay
 1940, Nightclub Waiter
 1939, French Waiter (uncredited)
 1939, Waiter (uncredited)
Gone with the Wind
 1939, Minor Role (uncredited)
Another Thin Man
 1939, West Indies Club Patron
City in Darkness
 1939, Proprietor of Wine Cellar
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
 1939, Barber (uncredited)
Lady of the Tropics
 1939, Waiter
Beau Geste
 1939, Recruit Wearing Top Hat (uncredited)
Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation
 1939, Museum Exhibit Attendee
Pest from the West
 1939, Martino
Never Say Die
 1939, Waiter
 1939, Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Wife, Husband and Friend
 1939, Irate Opera Company Actor
The Three Musketeers
 1939, Musketeer
Devil's Island
 1939, Man Escaping Gendarmes with Debriac
Dramatic School
 1938, Waiter (uncredited)
 1938, Crego
Torchy Blane in Panama
 1938, Club Patron (uncredited)
Doctor Rhythm
 1938, Cazzatta
Bluebeard's Eighth Wife
 1938, Waiter Arranging Furniture (uncredited)
Rose of the Rio Grande
 1938, Castro
Dangerous to Know
 1938, Headwaiter
Expensive Husbands
 1937, Austrian Hotel Staff Member
 1937, Assistant Hotel Manager (uncredited)
Broadway Melody of 1938
 1937, Third Barber in Barbershop (uncredited)
A Day at the Races
 1937, Man Boarding Bus (uncredited)
The Girl from Scotland Yard
 1937, Violinist - Translator
This Is My Affair
 1937, Waiter at Reception (uncredited)
Swing High, Swing Low
 1937, Tony's Italian Friend (uncredited)
 1937, Musician
Stolen Holiday
 1937, Ball Guest at Hotel Eugenie (uncredited)
Mama Steps Out
 1937, Hotel desk clerk
 1936, Pablo
 1936, American Express Clerk (uncredited)
 1936, Reporter in Courtroom (uncredited)
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
 1936, Strolling Violinist (uncredited)
Doughnuts and Society
 1936, Music Teacher (uncredited)
The Country Doctor
 1936, Logger (uncredited)
Give Us This Night
 1936, Villager
I Conquer the Sea!
 1936, Portugese Man with Three Wives
The Oregon Trail
 1936, Forrenza
The Widow from Monte Carlo
 1935, Torrents' Cook
Miss Pacific Fleet
 1935, Headwaiter - Snuggle-Up Inn (uncredited)
Stars Over Broadway
 1935, Listener in Italy Montage
I Live My Life
 1935, Guest at the Ball
Top Hat
 1935, Venice Hotel Manager (uncredited)
Diamond Jim
 1935, Chef
Broadway Gondolier
 1935, Clerk in Italian Store
Paradise Canyon
 1935, Rurales Captain
Break of Hearts
 1935, Messenger (uncredited)
The Lost City
 1935, Sheikh Ben Ali
The Good Fairy
 1935, Second Barber (uncredited)
Sing Sing Nights
 1934, The General
Broadway Bill
 1934, (uncredited)
The Merry Widow
 1934, Waiter (uncredited)
I Sell Anything
 1934, Waiter
 1934, Cafe Waiter
His Greatest Gamble
 1934, Italian Croupier (uncredited)
He Was Her Man
 1934, Pico, Cristobol Crewman
Viva Villa!
 1934, Praying Staff Member Awaiting Execution
Wonder Bar
 1934, Second Waiter (uncredited)
 1934, Party Guest Extra
Flying Down to Rio
 1933, Messenger (uncredited)
Picture Snatcher
 1933, Barber (uncredited)
The Keyhole
 1933, Gino - Hotel Metropole Waiter #2 (uncredited)
Grand Slam
 1933, Barber
Hallelujah I'm a Bum
 1933, Undetermined Secondary Role
A Farewell to Arms
 1932, Italian Soldier (uncredited)
Trouble in Paradise
 1932, Venetian (uncredited)
Street of Women
 1932, Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
 1932, Waiter at Columbia Cafe (uncredited)
This Is the Night
 1932, Manager of Neopolitan Hotel (uncredited)
Careless Lady
 1932, French Hotel Waiter
 1931, Signor Martini (uncredited)
Kiss Me Again
 1931, Gino the Orchestra Leader in Cafe (uncredited)
Oh, for a Man!
 1930, Signor Ferrari, Italian Master of Ceremonies
Oh, Sailor Behave!
 1930, Stephan
Song of the Caballero
 1930, Don Jose Madero
A Notorious Affair
 1930, Serge the Pianist (uncredited)
Those Who Dance
 1930, Tony
Lord Byron of Broadway
 1930, Riccardi
Navy Blues
 1929, Headwaiter at Garden Cabaret
Señor Americano
 1929, Carlos Ramirez
Tide of Empire
 1929, Carlos Montalvo
The Iron Mask
 1929, Aramis
 1928, Sultan's Messenger
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
 1927, Manager of Hair Salon (uncredited)
The Amateur Gentleman
 1926, Prince Regent
La Bohème
 1926, Marcel
The Coast Patrol
 1925, Eric Marmont
The Thrill Chaser
 1923, Rudolph Biggeddo
The Ten Commandments
 1923, Extra (uncredited)
Adam's Rib
 1923, Lt. Braschek
My American Wife
 1922, Pedro DeGrossa
Exit Quietly
The Great Lover
 1920, Secretary
Her Bridal Night-Mare
A Roman Scandal
 1919, Ursus
A Two Cylinder Courtship
 1917, Preacher
Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages
 1916, The Runner (uncredited)



The Dick Van Dyke Show
 1961, Tough Guy in Chair


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