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Rand Brooks
Born September 21, 1918
Died September 1, 2003


In Like Flint
 1967, Missle Control Officer
Stagecoach to Dancers' Rock
 1962, Quint Rucker
Comanche Station
 1960, Station Man
The Challenge of Rin Tin Tin
Crash of Moons
 1954, Andrews
Silver Needle in the Sky
 1954, Ranger Andrews
Born to the Saddle
 1953, John Grant
The Maverick
 1952, Trooper Barnham
Montana Incident
 1952, Dave Connors
Man from the Black Hills
 1952, Fake Jimmy Fallon
 1952, Al
The Steel Fist
 1952, Captain Giorg Nicholoff
The Gunman
 1952, Jud Calvert
Yukon Manhunt
 1951, Len Kaufman
Heart of the Rockies
 1951, Jim Corley
Bunco Squad
 1950, Robert
Riding High
 1950, Henry Early
The Vanishing Westerner
 1950, Sanderson's First Victim
Black Midnight
 1949, Daniel Jordan
The Wyoming Bandit
 1949, Jimmy Howard
Ladies of the Chorus
 1948, Randy Carroll
Joan of Arc
 1948, Jean d'Arc
Sundown in Santa Fe
 1948, Tom Wyatt
Strange Gamble
 1948, Lucky Jenkins
False Paradise
 1948, Lucky Jenkins
Borrowed Trouble
 1948, Lucky Jenkins
Sinister Journey
 1948, Lucky Jenkins
Silent Conflict
 1948, Lucky Jenkins
The Dead Don't Dream
 1948, Lucky Jenkins
Kilroy Was Here
 1947, Rodney Meadows
Hoppy's Holiday
 1947, 'Lucky' Jenkins
The Marauders
 1947, Lucky Jenkins
Dangerous Venture
 1947, Lucky Jenkins
Unexpected Guest
 1947, Lucky Jenkins
Fool's Gold
 1947, Lucky Jenkins
The Devil's Playground
 1946, Lucky Jenkins
The Great Morgan
Resisting Enemy Interrogation
 1944, Pilot
Lady in the Dark
 1944, Ben
Air Force
 1943, Co-Pilot (uncredited)
The Sombrero Kid
 1942, Philip Martin
Fingers at the Window
 1942, Young Reporter
Cowboy Serenade
 1942, Jim Agnew
Niagara Falls
 1941, Honeymooner
Lady Scarface
 1941, James 'Jimmy' Powell
Life with Henry
 1941, Daniel Gordon
The Son of Monte Cristo
 1940, Hans Mirbach
 1940, Victor
And One Was Beautiful
 1940, Joe Havens
Northwest Passage
 1940, Eben Towne
 1940, Peter Dover
Andy Hardy's Dilemma: A Lesson in Mathematics... and Other Things
 1940, Mechanic (uncredited)
Gone with the Wind
 1939, Charles Hamilton
 1939, Crying Soldier (uncredited)
Babes in Arms
 1939, Jeff Steele
Dancing Co-Ed
 1939, Steve (uncredited)
Thunder Afloat
 1939, Listener
The Old Maid
 1939, Jim
Dramatic School
 1938, Pasquel Jr.
Love Finds Andy Hardy
 1938, Young Man on Bandstand
Ditch and Live
 T / Sgt. Ryan

Legend of the Northwest (1978)


My Three Sons
Man Called X
City Detective
Bat Masterson
M Squad
The Millionaire
The Real McCoys
Peter Gunn
Hawaiian Eye
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon
The Munsters
The Adventures of Kit Carson
The Roy Rogers Show
Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater
The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
The Gene Autry Show
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin
Perry Mason
Petticoat Junction
The Green Hornet
 1966, Conway


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