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George Chandler (June 30, 1898 – June 10, 1985), born in Waukegan, Illinois, was an American actor. He made his screen debut in 1928, ultimately appearing, throughout his career, in over 140 films, usually in smaller supporting roles. Chandler is perhaps best known for playing the character of Uncle Petrie Martin on the television series Lassie.

Early in his performing career he had a vaudeville act, billed as "George Chandler, the Musical Nut", which featured comedy and his violin. He served in the United States Army during World War I.

In addition to many film roles throughout the years 1928-1979, Chandler appeared, from 1951 onward, in numerous television series.

He was elected president of the Screen Actors Guild in 1960.

George Chandler died in Panorama City, California, the result of cancer, on June 10, 1985. He was 86.


June 30, 1898


June 10, 1985

 Place of birth

Waukegan, Illinois, USA



The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again
 1979, Elderly Man
Every Which Way But Loose
 1978, Clerk at D.M.V.
Griffin and Phoenix
 1976, Old Man
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
 1975, (archive footage)
 1975, Robert E. Crowe
Escape to Witch Mountain
 1975, Grocer
Pickup on 101
 1972, Pawnshop owner
The Ghost & Mr. Chicken
 1966, Judge Harley Nast
Law of the Lawless
 1964, Martin
Dead Ringer
 1964, George, Chauffeur
Gunsight Ridge
 1957, Gus Withers
Spring Reunion
 1957, Zimmie
Good-bye, My Lady
 1956, Reporter
Apache Ambush
 1955, Chandler
The High and the Mighty
 1954, Ben Sneed
Rails Into Laramie
 1954, Grimes
Island in the Sky
 1953, Rene
Hans Christian Andersen
 1952, Farmer
Somebody Loves Me
 1952, Stagehand
My Man and I
 1952, Bartender Frankie
The Narrow Margin
 1952, Accomplice Running Newsstand (uncredited)
This Woman Is Dangerous
 1952, Dr. Bill Ryan (Uncredited)
The Whip Hand
 1951, Jed (uncredited)
Across the Wide Missouri
 1951, Gowie
Pretty Baby
 1950, Henderson
Kansas Raiders
 1950, Willie
The Happy Years
 1950, Johnny
The Next Voice You Hear...
 1950, Motorcycle Policeman
Singing Guns
 1950, Smitty, Piano Player
Once More, My Darling
 1949, Motel Proprietor
The House Across the Street
 1949, Carl's Boss
Canadian Pacific
 1949, Telegraph Operator
 1949, Police Photographer
The Paleface
 1948, Patient #1
Sons of Adventure
 1948, Billy Wilkes
Hollow Triumph
 1948, Aubrey - Assistant
The Hunted
 1948, Joe, the Bartender
The Miracle of the Bells
 1948, Max
If You Knew Susie
 1948, Reporter (uncredited)
Reaching from Heaven
 1948, Bert Kestner (as Geo. Chandler)
The Judge Steps Out
 1947, Train Station Agent
Magic Town
 1947, Bus Driver
So You Want to Be in Pictures
 1947, Assistant Director Sammy (uncredited)
Saddle Pals
 1947, Pickpocket Dippy
Dead Reckoning
 1947, Louis Ord
The Missing Lady
 1946, Shrevvie
The Last Crooked Mile
 1946, Roller Coaster Operator
Rendezvous with Annie
 1946, Sergeant Harrington
Lover Come Back
 1946, Bit Role
Behind the Mask
 1946, Shrevvie
The Glass Alibi
 1946, Bartender
Strange Impersonation
 1946, J W Rinse, plaintiffs' atty.
Little Giant
 1946, O'Brien (salesman)
A Guy Could Change
 1946, Gus, Photographer
Strange Confession
 1945, Harper
Tell It to a Star
 1945, Al Marx
Patrick the Great
 1945, Bellboy
Without Love
 1945, Elevator Operator
This Man's Navy
 1945, Bert Bland
The Great Morgan
 1945, Roger the Valet (uncredited)
Bride by Mistake
 1944, Armed Guard
It Happened Tomorrow
 1944, Bob
Swing Fever
 1943, Hamburger Vendor
The Ox-Bow Incident
 1943, Jimmy Cairnes (uncredited)
The Powers Girl
 1943, Harry, Nancy's Boyfriend
The Great Gildersleeve
 1942, Messenger
A Night to Remember
 1942, Taxi Driver
That Other Woman
 1942, Man Carrying Rifle in Woods
The Forest Rangers
 1942, Keystone Cop (uncredited)
Isle of Missing Men
 1942, Ship's bartender
Pardon My Sarong
 1942, George Peabody (uncredited)
Night in New Orleans
 1942, Taxi Driver (Uncredited)
The Great Man's Lady
 1942, Forbes
Obliging Young Lady
 1942, Skip - the Bellboy
Roxie Hart
 1942, Amos Hart
Remember the Day
 1941, Telegraph clerk
 1941, Movie Cameraman (uncredited)
Design for Scandal
 1941, First Cabbie
Three Sons o' Guns
 1941, Tailor
Reaching for the Sun
 1941, Jerry
Model Wife
 1941, Mr. Williams
Repent at Leisure
 1941, Bus Conductor
Sleepers West
Western Union
 1941, Herb
Tobacco Road
 1941, Hotel Desk Clark
 1940, Haley
Trail of the Vigilantes
 1940, Railroad Station Attendant
The Mad Doctor
 1940, Elevator Operator
Melody Ranch
 1940, Taxi Driver
Dr. Kildare Goes Home
 1940, Parkersville Counterman
The Return of Frank James
 1940, Roy
Edison, the Man
 1940, Gold Exchange Clerk
Shooting High
 1940, Charley
Abe Lincoln in Illinois
 1940, Minor Role (uncredited)
Broadway Melody of 1940
 1940, Mr. Jones (uncredited)
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
 1940, First Clerk
Thou Shalt Not Kill
 1939, Johnny
The Light That Failed
 1939, First Man (Voice)
The Secret of Dr. Kildare
 1939, Pay Orderly
20,000 Men a Year
 1939, Soda Jerker
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
 1939, Reporter (uncredited)
Everything's on Ice
I Stole a Million
 1939, Herbert (uncredited)
Beau Geste
 1939, Legionnaire Cordier (uncredited)
Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation
 1939, Cameraman
Second Fiddle
 1939, Taxi Driver
Young Mr. Lincoln
 1939, Loafer
Exile Express
 1939, Marvln McGee
It's a Wonderful World
 1939, Photographer at Ferry Landing (uncredited)
Calling Dr. Kildare
 1939, Elevator Operator
The Flying Irishman
 1939, Airport Gas Attendant
Everybody's Baby
 1939, G. Randolph (uncredited)
Blondie Meets the Boss
 1939, Laundryman (uncredited)
King of the Turf
 1939, 2nd Tout
Jesse James
 1939, Roy
While New York Sleeps
 1938, Gus - Piano Player
The Shining Hour
 1938, Press Agent (uncredited)
The Mad Miss Manton
 1938, Newspaper Staff (uncredited)
Straight, Place and Show
 1938, Cabbie
 1938, Reporter
Men with Wings
 1938, Cody
One Wild Night
 1938, Rutherford (uncredited)
 1938, Waiting Room Patient
Joy of Living
 1938, Taxi Driver (Uncredited)
In Old Chicago
 1938, Onlooker (uncredited)
 1938, 'Swing' Magoo (Uncredited)
Big Town Girl
 1937, Red Evans
Nothing Sacred
 1937, Photographer (uncredited)
Danger - Love at Work
 1937, Garage attendant
Small Town Boy
 1937, Bill Clipper
Hot Water
 1937, Photographer
One Mile From Heaven
 1937, Herman
The Go-Getter
 1937, Business card printer (uncredited)
Charlie Chan at the Olympics
 1937, Ship's Radio Operator
They Gave Him a Gun
 1937, Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Woman Chases Man
 1937, Taxi Driver
Fair Warning
 1937, Hotel Clerk
Time Out for Romance
 1937, Simpson
The Accusing Finger
 1936, Reporter
Libeled Lady
 1936, Bellhop
Sworn Enemy
 1936, Lunch Stand Man
Sing, Baby, Sing
 1936, Hospital Interne
Women Are Trouble
 1936, Reporter
High Tension
 1936, Man at Honolulu Dock
 1936, Milton Jackson
The Princess Comes Across
 1936, Film Man (uncredited)
 1936, 'Shorty', Bystander at Barn Dance
The Country Doctor
 1936, Greasy
Here Comes Trouble
 1936, Purser Brooks
Stars Over Broadway
 1935, Charlie
Mary Burns, Fugitive
 1935, Cashier
It's in the Air
 1935, Reporter (uncredited)
Broadway Gondolier
 1935, Photographer
The Murder Man
 1935, Sol Hertzberger
Front Page Woman
 1935, Reporter (uncredited)
While the Patient Slept
 1935, Evening Bulletin Reporter
The Payoff
 1935, Reporter
Music in the Air
 1934, Assistant Stage Manager
Happiness Ahead
 1934, Window Washer
Big Hearted Herbert
 1934, Murphy (uncredited)
He Was Her Man
 1934, Highway Service Station Counterman
Fog Over Frisco
 1934, Taxi Driver
Rough Necking
 1934, Joe Cuttlehammer Jr.
Dark Hazard
 1934, Soapy Sam Lambert
Hi, Nellie!
 1934, Sullivan
Son of a Sailor
 1933, Sailor
The Kennel Murder Case
 1933, Reporter at Police Station (uncredited)
Footlight Parade
 1933, Pharmacist
Bureau of Missing Persons
 1933, Homer Howard
The Mind Reader
 1933, Reporter (uncredited)
The Keyhole
 1933, Joe - Desk Clerk (uncredited)
The Fatal Glass of Beer
 1933, Wastrel Son Chester Snavely
Parachute Jumper
 1933, Chauffeur (uncredited)
Me and My Gal
 1932, Eddie Collins
 1932, Pete (bellhop)
The Sport Parade
 1932, Pullman Ticket Agent (uncredited)
Blessed Event
 1932, Hanson
The Strange Love of Molly Louvain
 1932, Reporter (uncredited)
The Famous Ferguson Case
 1932, Depot Loafer (uncredited)
Union Depot
 1932, Panhandler Wanting One Dollar (uncredited)
The Woman Between
 1931, Sweet - a Waiter
A Holy Terror
 1931, Joe, Western Union Clerk (uncredited)
Too Many Cooks
 1931, Ned
Everything’s Rosie
 1931, Jail Guard
Man of the World
 1931, Fred
Only Saps Work
 1930, Elevator Operator
The Florodora Girl
 1930, Georgie Smith
In Gay Madrid
 1930, Enrique
The Light of Western Stars
 1930, Slig Whalen
Her Man
 1930, Barfly
 1929, Timid Royalist



Here's Lucy
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
Kolchak: The Night Stalker
The Twilight Zone
Ichabod and Me
The Donna Reed Show
The Philco Television Playhouse
Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
Adventures of Superman
Kraft Suspense Theatre
Wire Service
Racket Squad
The Adventures of Kit Carson
Cavalcade of America
Telephone Time
Playwrights '56
Summer Playhouse
Green Acres
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Alias Smith and Jones
Petticoat Junction
General Electric Theater
The Waltons
Run, Buddy, Run
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars
Run for Your Life
Lux Video Theatre
Robert Montgomery Presents
Kings Row



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