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Mark Lester
Born July 11, 1958

Mark attended stage school in London, England as a young child and made his film debut in The Counterfeit Constable (1964) at the age of six. He made countless TV appearances and became very well known in England. Worldwide fame developed as a result of his portrayal of a stuttering child in Our Mother's House (1967). Producers ofOliver! (1968) auditioned 250 child actors for the title role and finally chose him. Many roles for TV, film and stage followed. His last major film was The Prince and the Pauper(1977).


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Michael Jackson: The Inside Story - What Killed the King of Pop?
 2010, himself
The Prince and the Pauper
 1978, Prince Edward / Tom Canty
Love Under the Elms
 1975, Lennox Duncan
 1973, Jamie
Little Adventurer
 1973, Mike Richard
What the Peeper Saw
 1972, Marcus
Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?
 1972, Christopher Coombs
 1971, Daniel Latimer
Black Beauty
 1971, Joe Evans
Sudden Terror
 1970, Ziggy
Run Wild, Run Free
 1969, Phillip Ransome
 1968, Oliver
Our Mother's House
 1967, Jiminee
Spaceflight IC-1
 1965, Don Wolcott
The Counterfeit Constable
 1964, Gérald
Seven Sinners
 1936, Chief Constable
 King Harold II



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