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Joaquim de Almeida
Born March 15, 1957

Joaquim António Portugal Baptista de Almeida ( born 15 March 1957) is a Portuguese-born American actor.

He began his acting during the 1980s, appearing on the 1982 action movie The Soldier. He achieved international fame with his portrayals of Félix Cortez in the 1995 Tom Clancy's thriller Clear and Present Danger, drug kingpin Bucho in the 1995 action thriller film Desperado, Ramon Salazar on the Fox thriller drama series 24 and the corrupt businessman Hernan Reyes in 2011 street racing film Fast Five. His other well known films include The Honorary Consul (1983), Good Morning, Babylon (1987), Only You (1994), The Mask of Zorro (1998), Behind Enemy Lines (2001), The Death and Life of Bobby Z (2007), Che: Part Two (2008) and The Burning Plain (2008).

He has worked in Europe, Argentina, Mexico, the United States and Brazil in many film and stage productions, winning several international awards.


 2019, Father Ferreira
Breaking & Exiting
 2018, Hank
 2017, Dr. Oswaldo Pereira
The Hitman's Bodyguard
 2017, Foucher
Near Myth: The Oskar Knight Story
 2016, Himself
A Date with Miss Fortune
 2016, Jose
 2016, Arturo
Our Brand Is Crisis
 2015, Pedro Gallo
Rouge Brésil
 2015, João da Silva
Three Holes, Two Brads, and a Smoking Gun
 2014, Joey the Junkman
Of Mind and Music
 2014, Dr. Alvaro Cruz
Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who is John Galt?
 2014, Francisco d'Anconia
The Duel: A Story Where Truth Is Mere Detail
Tres 60
The Gilded Cage
 2013, José Ribeiro
Robosapien: Rebooted
 2013, Esperenza
 2012, Prof. Alexander Viera
Fast Five
 2011, Hernan Reyes
 2010, Jay
Christopher Roth
 2010, Christopher Roth
Holy Money
 2009, Mangini
Che: Part Two
 2009, President René Barrientos
La conjura de El Escorial
 2008, Escobedo
The Burning Plain
 2008, Nick Martinez
Oscar. The color of destiny
Call Girl
 2007, Mouros
The Death and Life of Bobby Z
 2007, Don Huertero
La Cucina
 2007, Michael
The Heart of the Earth
 2007, Baxter
Moscow Zero
 2006, Yuri
The Celestine Prophecy
 2006, Father Sanchez
A Shot in the Dark
 2005, Rafael
The Life
 2004, Pierre
Il fuggiasco
 2003, Lolo
The Immortals
 2003, Roberto Alua
Break of Dawn
 2002, Radman
 2002, Noh
 2002, Fidel Rodrigo
Behind Enemy Lines
 2001, Admiral Piquet
The Xango from Baker Street
 2001, Sherlock Holmes
Water and Salt
 2001, Marido
La voz de su amo
 2001, Oliveira
On the Run
 2000, Ignácio
Captains of April
 2000, Gervásio
 1999, Xana
No Vacancy
 1999, Reynaldo
One Man's Hero
 1999, Cortina
 1999, Joseph Macheca
La Cucaracha
 1999, Jose Guerra
 1998, Gigi
Dollar for the Dead
 1998, Friar Ramon
 1997, Father António
 1997, Avelino de Almeida, journalist
Corazón loco
 1997, Emilio
Tale About the Cat and the Moon
 1997, The Cat
Adam and Eve
 1995, Francisco
 1995, Bucho
According to Pereira
 1995, Manuel
Only You
 1994, Giovanni
Clear and Present Danger
 1994, Col. Felix V. Cortez
Uma Vida Normal
 1994, Miguel
El baile de las ánimas
 1994, Antonio
On the Edge of the Horizon
Shadows in a conflict
 1993, José
Amor e Dedinhos de Pé
 1993, Francisco Frontaria
The Fencing Master
 1992, Luis de Ayala
A Passing Season
Cold Land
 1992, Leonardo
The Dumbfounded King
 1991, Almeida
 1991, Pedro
 1990, Sandino
Les deux Fragonard
Good Morning, Babylon
 1987, Andrea Bonnano
Repórter X
 1987, Reinaldo Ferreira
The Sun and the Moon
Milan noir
 1987, Tremaine
The Honorary Consul
 1983, Leon
The Soldier
 1982, The Soldier's Force
Terre sacrée



Miami Vice
The Batman
CSI: Miami
 2012, Luis Nunez
Once Upon a Time
 2011, King Xavier
 2001, Ramon Salazar
The Mentalist
 2008, Gabriel Porchetto
Queen of the South
 2016, Epifanio
Rouge Brésil
 2013, João da Silva
Queen of the South
 2016, Don Epifanio Vargas
 2005, Luis Nunez
The West Wing
Vuelo IL 8714
 2010, Hunter
 2008, Santos Santana


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