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John Regis Toomey (August 13, 1898 – October 12, 1991) was an American film and television actor.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, he was one of four children of Francis X. and Mary Ellen Toomey and attended Peabody High School. He initially pondered a law career, but acting won out and he established himself as a musical stage performer.

Educated in dramatics at the University of Pittsburgh, where he became a brother of Sigma Chi, Toomey began as a stock actor and eventually made it to Broadway. Toomey was a singer on stage until throat problems (acute laryngitis) while touring in Europe stopped that aspect of his career. In 1929, Toomey first began appearing in films. He initially started out as a leading man, but found more success as a character actor (sans his toupee).

Toomey appeared in over 180 films, including classics such as The Big Sleep with Humphrey Bogart. In 1956, he appeared as a judge, with Chuck Connors as "Andy", in the third episode, "The Nevada Nightingale", of the NBC anthology series The Joseph Cotten Show. Toomey thereafter appeared in another anthology series too as the character "Harry" in the 1960 episode "The Doctor and the Redhead", with Dick Powell and Felicia Farr, of CBS's The DuPont Show with June Allyson. In the 1961–1962 television season, he appeared in a supporting role with George Nader in the syndicated crime drama Shannon about insurance investigators. From 1963–1966, Toomey was one of the stars of the ABC crime drama, Burke's Law, starring Gene Barry. He played Sergeant Les Hart, one of the detectives assisting the murder investigations of the millionaire police captain Amos Burke. He also guest-starred on dozens of television programs, including the "Shady Deal at Sunny Acres" episode of Maverick.

In 1941, Toomey appeared in You're in the Army Now, in which he and Jane Wyman had the longest screen kiss in cinema history: 3 minutes and 5 seconds.


August 13, 1898


October 12, 1991



Evil Town
 1987, Doc Hooper
Dr. Shagetz
 1975, Doc Hooper
The Phantom of Hollywood
 1974, Joe
The Carey Treatment
 1972, Sanderson the Pathologist
 1967, The Bishop
The Night of the Grizzly
 1966, Cotton Benson
Man's Favorite Sport?
 1964, Bagley
Johnny Shiloh
 1963, Mr. Clem
The Errand Boy
 1961, Studio Exec with the Baron
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
 1961, Dr. Jamieson
King of the Roaring 20's: The Story of Arnold Rothstein
 1961, Bill Baird
The Last Sunset
 1961, Milton Wing
Guns of the Timberland
 1960, Sheriff Taylor
The Hangman
 1959, Soldier at Fort
 1959, Skinner
Joy Ride
 1958, Miles
Sing Boy Sing
 1958, Rev. Easton
Curfew Breakers
 1957, Coach Bettger
Dakota Incident
 1956, Minstrel
Three for Jamie Dawn
 1956, Murph
Great Day in the Morning
 1956, Father Murphy
Top Gun
 1955, Jim O'Hara
Guys and Dolls
 1955, Arvide Abernathy
Atomic Energy as a Force for Good
 1955, Mike Farrell
The Human Jungle
 1954, Det. Bob Geddes
The High and the Mighty
 1954, Tim Garfield
Drums Across the River
 1954, Sheriff Jim Beal
The Nebraskan
 1953, Col. Markham
Island in the Sky
 1953, Sergeant Harper
Son of Belle Starr
 1953, Tom Wren
It Happens Every Thursday
 1953, Mayor Hull
Never Wave at a WAC
 1953, General Ned Prager
My Pal Gus
 1952, Farley Norris
Just for You
 1952, Mr. Hodges
The Battle at Apache Pass
 1952, Dr. Carter
My Six Convicts
 1952, Dr. Gordon
The People Against O'Hara
 1951, Fred Colton, Police Sound Man
The Tall Target
 1951, Insp. Tim Reilly (uncredited)
Show Boat
 1951, Sheriff Ike Vallon (uncredited)
Cry Danger
 1951, Detective Lt. Gus Cobb
 1950, Carter
Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone
 1950, Reporter (uncredited)
Undercover Girl
 1950, Hank Miller
Again Pioneers
 1950, Dave Harley
Dynamite Pass
 1950, Dan Madden
Beyond the Forest
 1949, Sorren
Mighty Joe Young
 1949, John Young
Come to the Stable
 1949, Monsignor Talbot
The Boy with Green Hair
 1948, Mr. Davis
Station West
 1948, Jim Goddard
Raw Deal
 1948, Police Capt. Fields
I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes
 1948, Police Inspector Clint Judd
Reaching from Heaven
 1948, Pastor
The Bishop's Wife
 1947, Mr. Miller
Magic Town
 1947, Ed Weaver
High Tide
 1947, Inspector O'Haffey
The Guilty
 1947, Detective Heller
The Thirteenth Hour
 1947, Don Parker
Child of Divorce
 1946, Ray Carter
Sister Kenny
 1946, New York Reporter
Her Sister's Secret
 1946, Bill Gordon
The Big Sleep
 1946, Chief Inspector Bernie Ohls
Mysterious Intruder
 1946, James Summers
 1945, Det. Sgt. Gillespie
Follow That Woman
 1945, Barney Manners
Betrayal from the East
 1945, Agent Posing as 'Sgt. Jimmy Scott'
Strange Illusion
 1945, Dr. Vincent
Murder in the Blue Room
 1944, Inspector McDonald
The Doughgirls
 1944, Timothy Walsh
When the Lights Go On Again
 1944, Bill Regan
Dark Mountain
 1944, Steve Downey
Raiders of Ghost City
 1944, Capt. Clay Randolph [Chs. 1-6]
Follow the Boys
 1944, Dr. Henderson
Phantom Lady
 1944, Detective Chewing Gum
Adventures of the Flying Cadets
 1943, Capt. Ralph Carson
 1943, Lt. Cmdr. Clark
Tennessee Johnson
 1942, Blackstone McDaniel
The Forest Rangers
 1942, Frank Hatfield
I Was Framed
 1942, Bob Leeds
Bullet Scars
 1942, Dr. Steven Bishop
You're in the Army Now
 1941, Captain Radcliffe
They Died with Their Boots On
 1941, Fitzhugh Lee
New York Town
 1941, Jim Martin (uncredited)
Law of the Tropics
 1941, Tom Marshall
Dive Bomber
 1941, Tom Griffin
The Nurse's Secret
 1941, Inspector Tom Patten
Reaching for the Sun
 1941, Intern
A Shot in the Dark
 1941, William Ryder
Meet John Doe
 1941, Bert Hansen
The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance
 1941, Wallace
 1940, Grant Oury
March On, Marines
 1940, Drill Sergeant
North West Mounted Police
 1940, Constable Jerry Moore
'Til We Meet Again
 1940, Freddy
Northwest Passage
 1940, Webster
His Girl Friday
 1940, Sanders
Thunder Afloat
 1939, Ives
Indianapolis Speedway
 1939, Dick Wilbur
Confessions of a Nazi Spy
 1939, Tom - in Coffee Shop
Union Pacific
 1939, Paddy O'Rourke
Street of Missing Men
 1939, Jim Parker
Society Smugglers
 1939, Johnny Beebe
Wings of the Navy
 1939, First Flight Instructor
The Mysterious Miss X
 1939, Jack Webster
The Phantom Creeps
 1939, Lt. Jim Daly
Smashing the Spy Ring
 1938, Ted Hall
Illegal Traffic
 1938, Windy
Illegal Traffic
 1938, Dalton
Blind Alibi
 1938, Doctor Wilson - Veterinarian
The Invisible Menace
 1938, Lt. Matthews
Submarine D-1
 1937, Tom Callan
Back in Circulation
 1937, Buck
Big City
 1937, Fred Hawkins
Midnight Taxi
 1937, Hilton
Bulldog Edition
 1936, Jim Hardy
Skull and Crown
 1935, Bob Franklin, alias Rocky Morgan
Bars of Hate
 1935, Ted Clark
Shadows of the Orient
 1935, Inspector Bob Baxter
Manhattan Moon
 1935, Eddie
'G' Men
 1935, Eddie Buchanan
One Frightened Night
 1935, Tom Dean
Great God Gold
 1935, Phil Stuart
Shadow of Doubt
 1935, Reed Ryan
Red Morning
 1934, John Hastings
 1934, Scoop
She Had to Choose
 1934, Jack Berry
Murder on the Blackboard
 1934, Detective Smiley North
Picture Brides
 1934, Dave Hart
Hollywood on Parade No. B-1
Big Time Or Bust
 1933, Jimmie Kane
She Had to Say Yes
 1933, Tommy Nelson
How to Break 90 #5: Impact
Laughing at Life
 1933, Pat Collins / Mc Hale
The Penal Code
 1932, Robert Palmer
The Wayne Murder Case
 1932, Detective-Sergeant Mitchell
They Never Come Back
 1932, Jimmy Nolan
The Crowd Roars
 1932, Dick Wilbur
 1932, David Livingston
24 Hours
 1931, Tony Bruzzi
 1931, Dustin Hotchkiss
Murder by the Clock
 1931, Office Cassidy
Kick In
 1931, Chick Hewes
The Finger Points
 1931, Charlie 'Breezy' Russell
Finn and Hattie
 1931, Henry Collins
Scandal Sheet
 1931, Regan
Other Men's Women
 1931, Jack Kulper
Under Eighteen
 1931, Jimmie Slocum
A Man From Wyoming
 1930, Jersey
Good Intentions
Shadow of the Law
 1930, Tom Owens
The Light of Western Stars
 1930, Bob Drexell
 1930, Jimmy McArthur
Street of Chance
 1930, 'Babe' Marsden
 1929, Eric
 1929, Danny McGann



Burke's Law
 1963, Detective Lester Hart
Peter Gunn
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars
The Millionaire
Lux Video Theatre
Matinee Theater
The Adventures of Jim Bowie
Navy Log
The Legend of Jesse James
Going My Way
Dr. Kildare
Cavalcade of America
Ghost Story
Hey Mulligan
The Virginian
The Tall Man
The F.B.I.
Petticoat Junction
Perry Mason
General Electric Theater
The 20th Century Fox Hour
Richard Diamond, Private Detective
Route 66
Wanted: Dead or Alive
Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater
Letter to Loretta
The Time Tunnel
Cain's Hundred
Green Acres
December Bride



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