Bud Spencer
Bud Spencer was an Italian actor, filmmaker and a former professional swimmer. He was known for past roles in action-comedy films together with his long-time film partner Terence Hill. Growing from a successful swimmer in his youth, he got a degree in law, and has registered several patents. Bud also became a certified commercial airline and helicopter pilot, Bud Spencer also supported and funded many children's charities, including the Spencer Scholarship Fund.

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill both appeared, produced and directed over 20 films together and thus became and remain best friends until he passed away.


October 31, 1929


June 27, 2016

 Place of birth

Napoli - Campania - Italy



Piedone nyomában
 2018, Himself (archive footage)
Thus Spoke De Crescenzo
They Called Him Spencer
 2017, Himself
Das Bud Spencer Spezial
Der Fall der vier Fliegen
 2012, Himself
Bud's Best - Die Welt des Bud Spencer
 2012, Himself
Killing Is My Business, Honey
 2009, Pepe
Pane e Olio
 2008, Laris
Denn sie kennen kein Erbarmen: Der Italowestern
 2006, Himself
Father Hope
 2005, Padre Speranza
Singing Behind Screens
 2003, Old Captain Andorrano
Hijos del viento
 2000, Quintero
Kino kolossal - Herkules, Maciste & Co
 2000, Himself
Three Forever
 1998, Bops
To the Limit
 1997, Elorza
Fuochi d'artificio
 1997, Blind Singer
 1994, Moses
Speaking of the Devil
 1991, Bull Webster
 1986, Genie
Miami Supercops
 1985, Steve Forest / L.A. Ray
Double Trouble
 1984, Antonio Coímbra / Greg Wonder
Thieves and Robbers
 1983, Alan Parker
Go for It
 1983, Doug O'Riordan / Mason
 1982, Bud Graziano
Banana Joe
 1982, Banana Joe
A Friend Is a Treasure
 1981, Charlie O'Brien
Buddy goes West
 1981, Buddy
Why Did You Pick On Me?
 1980, Sheriff Hall
Flatfoot in Egypt
 1980, Inspector Rizzo
I'm for the Hippopotamus
 1979, Tom
The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid
 1979, Sheriff Hall
Odds and Evens
 1978, Charlie Firpo
 1978, Bulldozer
Flatfoot in Africa
 1978, Inspector Rizzo
Crime Busters
 1977, Wilbur Walsh
 1977, Brian Charleston
Soldier of Fortune
 1976, Hector Fieramosca / Ettore Fieramosca da Capua
Flatfoot in Hong Kong
 1975, Inspector Rizzo
The Two Missionaries
 1974, Father / Padre Pedro De Leon
Watch Out, We're Mad
 1974, Ben
The Knock Out Cop
 1973, Inspector Rizzo
Even Angels Eat Beans
 1973, Charlie Smith
A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die
 1972, Eli Sampson
All the Way Boys
 1972, Salud
Black Turin
 1972, Rosario Rao
It Can Be Done, Amigo
 1972, Hiram Coburn
Four Flies on Grey Velvet
 1971, Diomede / Godfrey
Trinity Is Still My Name
 1971, Bambino
Blackie the Pirate
 1971, Skull
They Call Me Trinity
 1970, Bambino
5th Day of Peace
 1970, Jelinek
Boot Hill
 1969, Arch Hutch Bessy
The Five Man Army
 1969, Mesito
Ace High
 1968, Hutch Bessy
Beyond the Law
 1968, James Cooper
Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die!
 1968, O'Bannion
God Forgives... I Don't!
 1967, Hutch Bessy / Dan
 1959, Rutario
A Farewell to Arms
 1957, Carabiniere
Il cocco di mamma
 1957, Oscar
A Hero of Our Times
 1955, Fernando
Siluri umani
 1954, Magrini
Quo Vadis
 1951, Imperial Guard (uncredited)
Quel fantasma di mio marito
 1950, Swimmer (uncredited)

Banana Joe (1982)


We Are Angels
 1997, Bob Russell / Father Orso
Markus Lanz
 2008, Himself - Guest
III nach neun
 1974, himself
NDR Talk Show
 1979, himself
Markus Lanz
 1982, Himself - Guest
Die Johannes B. Kerner Show
 1998, Himself - Guest
Menschen der Woche
 2000, Himself - Guest
Big Man
 1988, Jack Clementi
Detective Extralarge
 1991, Jack Costello
Auf los geht's los
 1977, Himself - Guest
 1948, Himself
Gottschalk Live
 2012, Himself - Guest
Ciao Darwin
 1998, Capitano Grassi
Wanna bet, that..?
 1981, Himself - Guest
Am laufenden Band
 1974, Himself - Guest
Stars in der Manege
 1959, Himself - Guest
 1992, himself

Big Man (1988)


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