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Terence Hill
Born March 29, 1939

Terence Hill (born Mario Girotti on 29 March 1939, height 5' 11¾" (1,82 m)) is an Italian actor. He is best known for starring in multiple action and western films (so-called spaghetti westerns) together with his long time filmpartner Bud Spencer.

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Piedone nyomában
 2018, Terence Hill
My Name Is Thomas
 2018, Thomas
They Called Him Spencer
 2017, Himself
Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo
 2014, Albert
Bud's Best - Die Welt des Bud Spencer
 2012, Himself
Doc West II
 2011, Doc West
Doc West
 2010, Minnesota West / Doc West
L'uomo che cavalcava nel buio
 2009, Rocco
Denn sie kennen kein Erbarmen: Der Italowestern
 2006, Himself (archive footage)
L'uomo che sognava con le aquile
 2006, Rocco Ventura
Virtual Weapon
 1997, Skims
 1994, Travis
Lucky Luke 2
 1992, Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke
 1991, Lucky Luke
They Call Me Renegade
 1987, Luke
Miami Supercops
 1985, Doug Bennett / Officer Jay Donell
Double Trouble
 1984, Eliot Vance
Don Camillo
 1983, Don Camillo
Go for It
 1983, Rosco Frazer alias Steinberg
A Friend Is a Treasure
 1981, Alan
Super Fuzz
 1980, Dave Speed
Der Kleine und der müde Joe
 1980, Der müde Joe
I'm for the Hippopotamus
 1979, Slim
 1979, Zohommm!!!
Odds and Evens
 1978, Johnny Firpo
March or Die
 1977, Marco Segrain
Crime Busters
 1977, Matt Kirby
Mr. Billion
 1977, Guido Falcone
Watch Out, We're Mad
 1976, Kid
Das Schwert der Nibelungen
 1976, Giselher
A Genius, Two Friends, and an Idiot
 1975, Joe Thanks
Two Missionaries
 1974, Father / Padre J.
My Name Is Nobody
 1974, Nobody
All the Way Boys
 1973, Plata
Man of the East
 1972, Sir Thomas Fitzpatrick Phillip Moore
Trinity Is Still My Name
 1972, Der müde Joe/Trinity
The Hassled Hooker
 1972, Marco Manin
They Call Me Trinity
 1971, Trinity
McCabe & Mrs. Miller
 1971, Townsperson (uncredited)
Blackie the Pirate
 1971, Blackie
The Wind's Fierce
 1970, Marco
Boot Hill
 1969, Cat Stevens
The Tough and the Mighty
 1969, Graziano Cassitta
Ace High
 1969, Cat Stevens
Django, Prepare a Coffin
 1968, Django
Rita the Field Marshal
 1967, Prof. Giuliano Fineschi
Die Nibelungen, Teil 2: Kriemhilds Rache
 1967, Giselher
God Forgives... I Don't!
 1967, Cat Stevens
Crazy Westerners
 1967, Black Star
Io non protesto, io amo
 1967, Gabriele
The Nibelungs, Tale 1: Siegfried
 1966, Giselher
Flaming Frontier
 1965, Toby
Ruf der Wälder
 1965, Marcello Scalzi
Duel at Sundown
 1965, Larry McGow
Rampage at Apache Wells
 1965, Richard Forsythe
Schüsse im 3/4 Takt
 1965, Enrico
Frontier Hellcat
 1964, Baker Jr.
Last of the Renegades
 1964, Lieutenant Robert Merril
The Leopard
 1963, Conte Cavriaghi
The Shortest Day
 1963, Soldato austriaco (uncredited)
Seven Seas to Calais
 1962, Babington (as Mario Girotti)
Joseph and His Brethren
 1962, Benjamin
Pecado de amor
 1961, Ángel Vega
The Wonders of Aladdin
 1961, Prince Moluk
 1960, Quintilius
Un militare e mezzo
 1960, Giorgio Strazzonelli
Carthage in Flames
 1960, Tsour
Juke Box - Screams of Love
 1959, Othello
Spavaldi e innamorati
 1959, Paolo
Il padrone delle ferriere
 1959, Octave de Beaulieu
 1959, Bruno (as Mario Girotti)
The Sword and the Cross
 1958, Lazzaro
Anna di Brooklyn
 1958, Ciccillo
The Wide Blue Road
 1957, Renato
 1957, Luciano Pico
 1956, Franco Danieli
I vagabondi delle stelle
 1956, Franco
Mamma sconosciuta
 1956, Gianni Martini
La vena d'oro
 1955, Corrado
 1955, Wounded Estray (as Marco Girotti)
Divisione Folgore
 1954, Paracadutista
It Happened in the Park
 1953, Un compagno di scuola di Anna Maria
La voce del silenzio
 1953, Boy at the barrier
The Avenue of Dreams
 1953, (unconfirmed)
Vacation with a Gangster
 1952, Giannini

My Name Is Thomas (2018)
My Name Is Thomas (2018)
Doc West II (2011)
Doc West (2010)
Troublemakers (1994)
Lucky Luke (1991)
Don Camillo (1983)
Don Camillo (1983)
ORG (1979)


Lucky Luke
 1992, Lucky Luke
Wanna bet, that..?
Un passo dal cielo
Don Matteo
 2000, Don Matteo
Un passo dal cielo
 2011, Pietro
L'uomo che sognava con le aquile
 2006, Rocco Ventura
 1948, himself
Auf los geht's los
 1977, himself
Volle Kanne
 1999, himself

Lucky Luke (1992)

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