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Pat Flaherty
Born March 8, 1897
Died December 2, 1970


Jungle Gents
 1954, Police Officer Flaherty
Off Limits
 1953, Military Policeman (uncredited)
Blackbeard, the Pirate
 1952, Job Maggot
Angels in the Outfield
 1951, Boston Braves Manager (uncredited)
The Lemon Drop Kid
 1951, Police Captain Swain (uncredited)
 1950, Policeman (uncredited)
The Petty Girl
 1950, Policeman #2 (uncredited)
Three Little Words
 1950, Coach (uncredited)
The Good Humor Man
 1950, Officer Rhodes
The Asphalt Jungle
 1950, Policeman (uncredited)
Roseanna McCoy
 1949, Joe McCoy (uncredited)
Night Has a Thousand Eyes
 1948, Policeman (uncredited)
Key Largo
 1948, The Traveler (first Ziggy henchman)
The Cobra Strikes
 1948, Atlas Kilroy
April Showers
 1948, Mike (uncredited)
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
 1948, Customer in Bar Who Warns Curtin and Dobbs about Pat McCormick (uncredited)
Where There's Life
 1947, Joe O'Brien (uncredited)
The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer
 1947, Sunset High Coach (uncredited)
Something in the Wind
 1947, Cop at Desk (uncredited)
The Red House
 1947, Motorcycle Cop (uncredited)
Angel and the Badman
 1947, Baker Brother (uncredited)
The Best Years of Our Lives
 1946, Salvage Foreman (uncredited)
Home Sweet Homicide
 1946, Policeman Murphy
The Last Crooked Mile
 1946, Motorcycle Officer
Good Luck, Mr. Yates
 1943, Sergeant Moore
Stage Door Canteen
 1943, Dubious Army Sergeant
The McGuerins from Brooklyn
 1942, Pat, Gym Attendant
Gentleman Jim
 1942, Harry Corbett
The Pride of the Yankees
 1942, Yankee Ballplayer (uncredited)
My Favorite Spy
 1942, Last Recruit Smelling Gas
Yankee Doodle Dandy
 1942, Sgt. Lewis
It Happened in Flatbush
 1942, Pat O'Hara - Pitcher
About Face
 1942, Sailor
Captains of the Clouds
 1942, Drill Sergeant
Ball of Fire
 1941, Deputy (uncredited)
Sergeant York
 1941, Sergeant Harry Parsons
Highway West
 1941, Eddie, Motorcycle Cop
Affectionately Yours
 1941, Harmon
Dead Men Tell
 1941, Policeman with Checklist (uncredited)
Meet John Doe
 1941, Mike
Kitty Foyle
 1940, Police Sergeant (uncredited)
Flight Command
 1940, 2nd Duty Officer
The Great Dictator
 1940, Friendly Storm Trooper (uncredited)
City for Conquest
 1940, Dance Floor Guard (uncredited)
Boom Town
 1940, Man at Dice Table (uncredited)
They Drive by Night
 1940, Driver in Cafe
Black Diamonds
 1940, Johnson
And One Was Beautiful
 1940, Visitor's Room Guard
My Son, My Son!
 1940, Joe Baxter
Midnight Limited
 1940, Train Conductor
The Grapes of Wrath
 1940, Deputy (uncredited)
Castle on the Hudson
 1940, Stretcher Attendant
His Girl Friday
 1940, Frank the Policeman (uncredited)
Invisible Stripes
 1939, Worker
Miracle on Main Street
 1939, Detective
Kid Nightingale
 1939, Soxey - Tavern Owner
The Housekeeper's Daughter
 1939, Detective
 1939, Undetermined Supporting Role (uncredited)
Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite
 1939, The Crusher's Handler
Tell No Tales
 1939, Printer
Only Angels Have Wings
 1939, Mike
Boys' Reformatory
 1939, Mr. Barnes
Code of the Streets
 1939, Visiting Guest
Dodge City
 1939, Cowhand
Off the Record
 1939, Bartender (uncredited)
Convict's Code
 1939, Sniffy Johnson
Always in Trouble
 1938, Gideon Stubbs
You Can't Take It with You
 1938, Police Guard at Courtroom Entrance (uncredited)
The Main Event
 1938, Moran
Joy of Living
 1938, Autograph Hound Punched by Dan
Merrily We Live
 1938, Pat (uncredited)
Hollywood Stadium Mystery
 1938, Ace Cummings
She's Got Everything
 1937, Van Driver (uncredited)
She Loved a Fireman
 1937, Duggan
Telephone Operator
 1937, Tom Sommers
Submarine D-1
 1937, Louie - Disagreeable Bluejacket at Panama
Navy Blue and Gold
 1937, Coach of Southern Institute
On Again-Off Again
 1937, Mr. Green
A Star Is Born
 1937, Cuddles (uncredited)
Flying Hostess
 1936, 2nd Detective
Pigskin Parade
 1936, Referee (uncredited)
My Man Godfrey
 1936, Mike Flaherty
Sons O' Guns
 1936, Apache Dancer
Modern Times
 1936, Jail Guard
Mutiny on the Bounty
 1935, Churchill
Call of the Wild
 1935, Dandy on Street (uncredited)
Air Hawks
 1935, Frank Dunlap
After Office Hours
 1935, Police Guard at Gate (uncredited)
Shadow of Doubt
 1935, Peters - Taxi Driver
Forsaking All Others
 1934, Turkish Bath Attendant (uncredited)
The Thin Man
 1934, Fighter at Party (uncredited)
Twentieth Century
 1934, Flannigan (uncredited)



Public Defender
The Abbott and Costello Show


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