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Jack Chefe
Born April 1, 1894
Died December 1, 1975


Seven Thieves
 1960, Ball Dance Participant
Bombers B-52
 1957, Nightclub Waiter (uncredited)
Crime of Passion
Around the World in Eighty Days
 1956, Extra (uncredited)
The Bigamist
 1953, Waiter
California Passage
 1950, Townsman / Gambler
Bunco Squad
 1950, Maitre D'
The Heiress
 1949, French Waiter (uncredited)
Once More, My Darling
 1949, Nightclub Waiter
 1946, Ball Guest
To Have and Have Not
 1944, Guide (uncredited)
That's My Baby!
 1944, Pierre, a Waiter
Hi Diddle Diddle
 1943, Waiter
Background to Danger
 1943, Elevator Operator
All by Myself
 1943, Jewelry Salesman
Mission to Moscow
 1943, Newspaperman in Courtroom
Above Suspicion
 1943, Paris Cloakroom Attendant (uncredited)
Presenting Lily Mars
 1943, Captain of Waiters
Dixie Dugan
 1943, Artist (uncredited)
Something to Shout About
 1943, Man in Audience
Kid Dynamite
 1943, Judge at Dance Contest
Silver Queen
 1942, Jacques
The Devil with Hitler
 1942, Prisoner (uncredited)
Foreign Agent
 1942, Supper Club Patron
A Date with the Falcon
 1942, Spectator
Over My Dead Body
 1942, Man in Montage
Bowery Blitzkrieg
 1941, Nick, Cardplayer / Driver
They Dare Not Love
 1941, Deck Steward
Bitter Sweet
 1940, Waiter (uncredited)
Drums of the Desert
 1940, Steward
Spring Parade
 1940, Josef - Waiter
Hired Wife
 1940, Nightclub Patron
Girl in 313
 1940, Extra at Fashion Show
Forty Little Mothers
 1940, Lawyer
I Take This Woman
 1940, Waiter
 1939, French Waiter (uncredited)
First Love
 1939, Doug
The Flying Deuces
 1939, Legionnaire
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
 1939, Audience Member
Bachelor Mother
 1939, Nightclub Dance Extra (uncredited)
Second Fiddle
 1939, Nightclub Patron
Good Girls Go to Paris
 1939, Louie the Waiter (uncredited)
Three Smart Girls Grow Up
 1939, Waiter
 1939, Stephanie's Party Guest (uncredited)
Straight, Place and Show
 1938, Dancer / Racetrack Spectator
I'll Give a Million
 1938, Clerk (uncredited)
 1937, Man Outside Vera's Dressing Room (uncredited)
Vogues of 1938
 1937, Nightclub Patron
This Is My Affair
 1937, Nightclub Waiter (uncredited)
Top of the Town
 1937, Waiter
We Have Our Moments
 1937, Croupier
 1937, Foreigner
Mama Steps Out
 1937, French Waiter
Champagne Waltz
 1937, Concert Attendee
Man Of The People
 1937, Russian Club Patron
That Girl From Paris
 1936, Wedding Guest
The Girl from Mandalay
 1936, New Year's Eve Party Participant
A Thrill for Thelma
 1935, Waiter (uncredited)
Waterfront Lady
 1935, Casino Patron (uncredited)
 1935, Waiter
His Greatest Gamble
 1934, Gambling Casino Patron (uncredited)
Scarlet Dawn
 1932, Nightclub Guest (uncredited)
Man Wanted
 1932, Impatient Man in Lois' Office
 1932, Poet's Admirer at Party
Madame X
 1929, Nightclub Waiter (uncredited)
That Certain Thing
 1928, Night Club Patron





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