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Dorothy Granger
Born November 21, 1912
Died January 4, 1995


 1961, Woman in Grape Hat
The Desperados Are in Town
 1956, Molly, Saloon Girl
Footlight Varieties
 1951, Vivian Errol (segment "He Forgot To Remember") (archive footage)
Spooky Wooky
Lonely Heart Bandits
 1950, Duchess Belle
Make Mine Laughs
 1949, (archive footage)
Miss Mink of 1949
 1949, Mrs. Maureen O'Mulvaney
The Walls of Jericho
 1948, Gossip (uncredited)
Sealed Verdict
 1948, Edna Brown (Red Cross date)
The Strange Mrs. Crane
 1948, Jeanette Woods
Variety Time
 1948, Dorothy Errol (footage from 'Hired Husband') (archive footage)
Wedlock Deadlock
 1947, Ruby
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
 1947, Wrong Mrs. Follinsbee (uncredited)
Killer Dill
 1947, Millie Gardner
The Good Bad Egg
 1947, Florobelle Priggle
The Devil Thumbs a Ride
 1947, Pearl (uncredited)
Slappily Married
 1946, Honey
I'll Take Milk
Charlie Chan in Shadows Over Chinatown
 1946, Joan Mercer
The Runaround
 1946, Hotel Desk Clerk / Switchboard Operator (uncredited)
Twin Husbands
 1946, Dorothy Errol
 1945, Cashier (uncredited)
Girls of the Big House
 1945, Woman Clerk
Sunset in El Dorado
 1945, Maisie - Switchboard Operator
Charlie Chan in The Jade Mask
 1945, Stella Graham
One Body Too Many
 1944, Mona Rutherford
Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore
 1944, Irene
Her Primitive Man
 1944, Hat Check Girl
The Woman of the Town
 1943, Belle
True to Life
 1943, Dance Extra (uncredited)
Fired Wife
 1943, Divorcee
A Lady Takes a Chance
 1943, Hot Dog Girl
 1943, Frances Brown, the Buyer
My Heart Belongs to Daddy
 1942, Yvonne
Dear! Deer!
 1942, Woman from Atlantic City
In Old California
 1942, Girl in First Saloon
Take a Letter, Darling
 1942, Switchboard Operator (uncredited)
North to the Klondike
 1942, Mayme Cassidy
USS VD: Ship of Shame
 1942, Bar Woman toasting 'Chicken' (uncredited)
Honky Tonk
 1941, Pearl - Saloon Girl
The Lady from Cheyenne
 1941, Myrtle
When the Daltons Rode
 1940, Nancy
New Moon
 1940, Bridesmaid
When Tomorrow Comes
 1939, Waitress
The Family Next Door
 1939, Heavy Girl
Dramatic School
 1938, Fat Girl
The Shopworn Angel
 1938, Dancer (uncredited)
 1936, Woman in Theatre Box (uncredited)
Diamond Jim
 1935, Chorine
Alibi Bye Bye
 1935, Dolly
 1935, Dorothy
Vanessa: Her Love Story
 1935, Herries Servant
The Dancing Millionaire
 1934, Dorothy Granger
Fate's Fathead
 1934, Fanny McGinnis
Perfectly Mismated
 1934, Mrs. Errol
The Merry Widow
 1934, Maxim Girl (uncredited)
Punch Drunks
 1934, Girl
I'll Tell the World
 1934, Brown's Girlfriend - the Dancer
Mixed Nuts
 1934, Chorine who packs a punch
Roast-Beef and Movies
 1934, Easter Wester (uncredited)
Hold Your Temper
 1933, Mrs. Errol
He Couldn't Take It
 1933, Grace Clarice
King for a Night
 1933, Dora
Only Yesterday
 1933, Sally
The Gay Nighties
 1933, Mrs. Sylvia Beezley
The Dentist
 1932, Patient (Miss Peppitone)
 1932, Kippie - Party Girl (uncredited)
False Impressions
 1932, Gertie
Ma's Pride and Joy
 1932, Gay Devere
The Giddy Age
 1932, Mabel - aka Champagne
The Beast of the City
 1932, Drunken Girl Singing at Party (uncredited)
A Woman Commands
 1932, Party Girl
Half Holiday
 1931, Lillian - Andy's Date
The All-American Kickback
 1931, Fake Wife
One Good Turn
 1931, A Community Player (uncredited)
The Tip-Off
 1931, Hatcheck Girl
Let's Do Things
 1931, Lead Nightclub Dancer (uncredited)
Spuk um Mitternacht
Love Fever
 1931, Dorothy
The Pip from Pittsburg
 1931, Dot
Behind Office Doors
 1931, Girl in Duneen's Apartment (uncredited)
Thundering Tenors
 1931, Dorothy Dillon
The Primrose Path
 1931, Rita Johnson
Under Eighteen
 1931, Penthouse Party Guest
Ladies Last
 1930, Dorothy
Looser Than Loose
 1930, Maisie Johnson
Bigger and Better
 1930, Dorothy
Dollar Dizzy
 1930, Woman Who Drops Her Pearls (uncredited)
Doctor's Orders
 1930, Dorothy, the Maid
The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case
 1930, Young Relative (uncredited)
The King
 1930, Lady in Waiting (uncredited)
Hog Wild
 1930, Tillie - the Hardy's Maid
Noche de duendes
 1930, La mujer furiosa
Dance Hall
 1929, Dancer
The Sophomore
 1929, Co-Ed (uncredited)



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