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INTERVIEW: The X-Files Virtual Season Producer
 May 25, 2019 by Gruic

The X-Files last season ended last year on FOX. While the two-seasons revival started with groundbreaking ratings, the anticipation faded away and the number of viewers decreased over time. Simultaneously, lead actress Gillian Anderson announced that the 11th season would be her last, after having spent more than two decades portraying FBI Special Agent Dana Scully.
While the series showrunner Chris Carter first said he would never continue the series without her, he then changed his mind and announced that he would be willing to continue the series without her, making her an "absent center", similar to when David Duchovny left the series but was still a major part of the story in the series' ninth season.

But since then, Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, including the FOX network and now owns The X-Files franchise. The X-Files no longer being the money machine it once was, it is unsure if there would be an appetite from the studio to continue the series at present. What may probably happen, years from now, is either a reboot or a soft reboot, a continuation of the series but with a brand new era, similar to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

But in this situation, what do the admirers from the saga do? Do they simply rewatch endlessly their favorite episodes? Is there more? Is the truth still out there?
A small group of fans decided to fight the future and continue the search for the truth with the production and release of a virtual season. Simply titled "The X-Files: Virtual Season 12", the group published their virtual season in a rather original form of scripts.

Published on their site Virtualseasons.x-sites as well as tvore's fanfics section, the twelve episodes became a success in The X-Files fandom, with over thousands of readers across the globe.

Following this well-deserved success, we teamed up with Adam Silva, the leader of the project, for an exclusive interview.

How did the idea of producing a virtual season come to fruition? Can you briefly introduce yourself and the team ?

- My name is Adam Silva and I’m a long-time X-Files fan ever since I was eight-years-old and saw the Pilot when it first aired in 1993, so I really grew up with it. I got the idea for a “virtual season” from fans of Millennium who carried on the series after its sudden cancellation with what they called Virtual Season 4. They wrote their “episodes” in script format. That’s very unique to fan fiction, which normally hadn’t interested me. I thought it would be fun to do the same thing for The X-Files after season 11 ended, since it’s most likely the last season. Looking for other interested writers, I posted on the Facebook group for The X-Cast: An X-Files Podcast, which is the main fan discussion group I’m a part of. Luckily, there were a few that wanted in. Namely, Michael Little, Stephen Lovins, Valerie Kelly, and South Thompson. Paislie Hedley also volunteered to do art work for our episodes, which was great. I was the “executive producer” of sorts, but it became a very collaborative group where everyone had input. Though we live in different places we have all become friends.

Collectively, what was the feedback on The X-Files revival (seasons 10 and 11) in the team?

- I think our group is reflective of the larger fan base where we liked the revival seasons to varying degrees. None of us had an extremely negative opinion, which I don’t think would have been helpful to our project.

Regarding the content, I liked how you manage to introduce back the character of John Doggett. How difficult was it to integrate the character ?

- We all love him. He’s the main character we wanted to bring back because he didn’t get to appear in the revival due to Robert Patrick’s scheduling conflicts. I’m told he’s the best character I write for, actually. It’s easy for me to find his “voice.”

You made an interesting choice writing episodes exaclty like scripts. Seems very challenging. Readers has responded positively ?

- Yes, I think most readers enjoy it. Scripts make it feel like an actual episode, as opposed to the normal format of fan fiction. And I find it preferable as far as my own writing.

Following the success of the 12th season, do you plan to produce a new virtual season?

- We are in the very early stages of something. It’s not a continuation of season 12, but it’s X-Files related.

What are your favorite shows besides The X-Files?

- Current favorite shows would be Better Call Saul, Star Trek: Discovery, American Horror Story, and the new Twilight Zone. All-time favorites besides The X-Files would include Breaking Bad, Millennium, and Fringe.

If you haven't read The X-Files: Virtual Season 12, here are the links to each of the twelve episodes:
Episode 1: Resurgence
Episode 2: Moloch
Episode 3: Graceland
Episode 4: Julieta
Episode 5: Clown Car
Episode 6: Memoria
Episode 7: Y
Episode 8: Mauvaise Eau
Episode 9: Tik-Tik
Episode 10: The Plains
Episode 11: Even
Episode 12: Person or Persons Unknown
Episode 13: Reckoning

By Jack Anderson
Awesome interview more than deserved. They did great work with this virtual season.

By lilly
currently reading the fanfics!!!

By Vivi
Very interesting. I didn't know their work. It has pricked my curiosity and I will take a look.

Thank you for this interview.

The X-Files Quotes
 May 17, 2019 by Jack Anderson

Thanks to X-Philes from all over the world, we are glad to announce the release of The X-Files Quotes.

In the last months, we have been working hard developing a new module to add individual quotes from The X-Files. Later on, we gathered many quotes from the saga. We then asked the X-Philes to provide us with their favorite quotes, ensuring we cover many of the most memorable quotes.

Not only that, but quotes are organized in multiple pages and you can sort those by likes or date added.

Now, the page is online and we cannot wait for you to access it! Also, by joining us, you'll be able to add likes to your favorite quotes.

Click here to visit The X-Files Quotes.

We use this opportunity to thank the following X-Philes for their quotes:
- Jas,
- Jane Riley,
- PatriMS,
- Faby,
- Lena,
- Katie,
- DS09,
- Patricia Carvalho,
- Tina M Nimitz,
- AnnMarie Petrizzo,
- Stephsmartgal,
- elianA Souza,
- Mandy,
- Janet Zahnd,
- Rachel L,
- Penny Evans,
- Soledad,
- Scienceblue,
- Melissa,
- Vicky Williams,
- 1013sds,
- Paula Thompson.

And remember, the truth is out there.

By Gruic
Perfect article. So many awesome quotes on The X-Files.

Let's take some time and read them all.

Fox Mulder: I think its remotely plausible that someone might think you're hot.

Ok, someone had to do it.

How The X-Files Revival Betrayed the Original Series
 March 22, 2019 by Jack Anderson

September 10, 1993. The X-Files' pilot episode airs on the FOX network, marking the beginning of a cultural phenomenon like rarely seen before, culminating with the release of the eponymous film in the Summer of 1998.

Originally, series creator Chris Carter envisioned a five seasons series, that could then transform into a movie franchise, similar to the Star Trek franchise at the time. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on the view from the fans, the series kept going on for two additional seasons. And then one more. And then one more.
But the series wasn't the same, suddenly replacing the rainy forest of British Columbia with the Californian desert. And even later replacing Mulder and Scully by new characters, John Doggett (Robert Patrick) and Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish). Still, the series had a massive 9-year run and ended up with a somehow satisfying series finale that marked a final chapter to the series.

After a failed attempt to revive the series on the big screen - a snowy movie dealing with pedophilia, released in the middle of the Summer, against The Dark Knight frenzy, the franchise was said to be dead. Until it wasn't!
Years had passed and with the 2010's, the world was ready for constant reboots and revivals, whether on the big or small screen.

Following a change at the head of FOX, The X-Files had again the privilege to be offered a new season (season 10), that started off with massive ratings. Because of the short season (6 episodes), the fans were left wanting more and got what they wanted, in the form of yet another season (season 11). While some fans were ecstatic to experience the return of their favorite characters Mulder and Scully, the ratings dropped significantly, to a point where the show seemed to have no future.

To make things worse, lead actress Gillian Anderson, announced in the middle of the promotional campaign that she would no longer play the character of FBI Special Agent Dana Scully, putting the last nail in the coffin.

But things may change soon, as Disney has formally completed the acquisition deal of the FOX studio this week, now owning The X-Files, which meant a return of the series could be a possibility in the near future.

Meanwhile, looking back, X-Phile Demijan Omeragic wrote an in-depth piece on the revival, titled "How The X-Files Revival Betrays The Original Series", which he released today. In it, Omeragic mentions considering the revival as "an inexcusable disaster that should never have happened the way it did."
While you may agree or disagree with him, that is not the point. The point is that he wrote a complete and profound essay about his favorite show. The size of the essay and the implemented efforts are only a reflection of the strong level of love he has for a series that many are considering to be different from the others, if not above.

In his massive 24,000 words paper, Omeragic dissects the initial break-up situation from Mulder and Scully, the rape of Dana Scully, her disownment from her son William, the immortal Cigarette-Smoking Man, as well as the future from The X-Files.

We encourage you to read it and welcome any feedback. Agree or disagree, tell us below!

Here is the link.

And be sure to follow Demijan Omeragic on Twitter.

By lilly
i totally disagree, the revival was fun, original and scary. who wants to see the same thing over and over again? they created new things whilst being honest to the origin of the x-files.
x-files forever!

By AlanHt
Its very very long but great. Agree with almost everything.

By lilly

AlanHt wrote:Its very very long but great. Agree with almost everything.

didn't you like at least a few episodes? the two darin morgan episodes were amazing!!!

By brut85
He wrote a great article. And to say that two SPOOF episodes that make Mulder look like a dork were the best episodes kind of makes his point for him--that CC has pretty much ruined M/S and the fact he thinks RAPING DANA SCULLY is something that is good storytelling pretty much was the final nail in the coffin for me.

By lilly

brut85 wrote:He wrote a great article. And to say that two SPOOF episodes that make Mulder look like a dork were the best episodes kind of makes his point for him--that CC has pretty much ruined M/S and the fact he thinks RAPING DANA SCULLY is something that is good storytelling pretty much was the final nail in the coffin for me.

but ghouli was good! and also founder's mutation, and familar too.

By Syldana

lilly wrote:[quote]brut85 wrote:He wrote a great article. And to say that two SPOOF episodes that make Mulder look like a dork were the best episodes kind of makes his point for him--that CC has pretty much ruined M/S and the fact he thinks RAPING DANA SCULLY is something that is good storytelling pretty much was the final nail in the coffin for me.

but ghouli was good! and also founder's mutation, and familar too.

Yes, Ghouli was amazing

By Gruic
Jim Wong for the win !

By brut85
Ghouli wasn’t bad but do you pay attention? What’s the point of Scully grieving over William if in CC’s epic garbage My Struggle 4 she says he essentially wasn’t their kid? What trash. CC sucks...he’s worthless.

By Gruic
Not Mister Wong fault if CC destroyed his work on season finale.

Ghouli is the end for me. My Struggle never existed.

By Jack Anderson

brut85 wrote:Ghouli wasn’t bad but do you pay attention? What’s the point of Scully grieving over William if in CC’s epic garbage My Struggle 4 she says he essentially wasn’t their kid? What trash. CC sucks...he’s worthless.

That's a good point. Ghouli was to me a true X-Files episode. It looked a bit like Colony, in a way that it starts as a typical X-Files investigation and you actually discover later that this is a mythology episode.
Also, it was almost the first time in the entire revival that we go an insanely beautiful outside location! In the first seasons, Mulder and Scully would constantly investigate outside. In the revival, most of the action is taking place... in parking lots.
But you make a great point, as the entire episode is based on Scully longing for her son. I still do not humanly understand how Chris Carter was able to scrap all of that. While I was always against Scully to be pregnant in the first place, you cannot simply disregard a major part of a character just because you want to do so. As Gruic told me many times, the writer has to obey his/her characters, not the other way around.
Oh, and in a way you could at least understand Carter wanting to once and for all close the story-arc of the son, but, of course, one of the last images is the son still alive, in a really really dumb scene. And now I'm just remembering that Scully is yet again pregnant at 50-something. The level of maturity of the entire revival is near zero to me.

By brut85
Good response! And yes sometimes it appears CC wants to wrap things up, like the William storyline, but why does he then go make Scully pregnant again at 54? And the whole rape (YES she was raped CC!!) story is garbage. Not to mention in MS2 Mulder is essentially not utilized at all, and in MS4 Scully is relegated to essentially not utilized....does CC understand those were potentially the last times we ever see them. THEN throw in the fact GA acknowledged DD and CC knew all about the final scene with the new baby preview, but GA was not given the scene until the last minute?

No wonder GA said she was done. How CC treats the Scully character is just an absolute abomination.

By DuaneB
I have a really frustrated feeling when I think about what was the possibilities filming back in Vancouver, whent I think how such a last chance it was for CC to write something good to end brillantly X files... And when I look to what he did, I feel it's like a waste. The feeling is bigger if I rewatch the early first seasons...

The X-Files Season 12 Is Here...
 January 23, 2019 by Jack Anderson

X-Philes, the self-proclaimed admirers from The X-Files have been left with unanswered questions at the end of the 11th season from the hit FOX TV series. Unfortunately for them, lead actress Gillian Anderson announced that she would not be reprising her role of FBI Special Agent Dana Scully, leaving not many options for a continuation of the series.

But fans of the series are not giving up their quest to find the truth. Some even went so far as to create a virtual season 12 of the series. Simply titled "The X-Files: Virtual Season 12", it already contains four episodes, that you can already read on TVore and on their excellent dedicated Website:

Episode S12E01: "Resurgence"
Teleplay by Adam Silva & Valerie​ Kelly
Story by Adam Silva
Synopsis: Still reeling from the events of last season’s finale, Scully and Mulder face continued threats as both former allies and enemies reemerge.

Episode S12E02: "Moloch"
Teleplay by Adam Silva
Story by Adam Silva & Michael Little
Synopsis: Mulder and Scully travel to Boston and uncover the dark secret behind a string of mysterious disappearances.

Episode S12E03: "Graceland"
Written by Stephen Lovins
Synopsis: Entrenched in a delayed mid-life crisis, Mulder enlists John Doggett in a game of cat and mouse across the American South in search of the legendary Elvis Presley.

Episode S12E04: "Julieta"
Teleplay by Valerie​ Kelly
Story by Adam Silva
Synopsis: The fate of Monica Reyes is revealed as both her past and present collide.

Read the fanfics, post your reviews and be sure to visit the Virtual Season 12 site and add it to your favorites.

By lilly
yeahhhh, so cool!!! already reading the first one! great news!! the truth is out there!!

By The X-Files: Virtual Season 12
Thanks so much for the support!

By Gruic
Great. I'll read it as well. I already like the posters and the script format.

The X-Files: An Exclusive Guide of the Vancouver Filming Locations
 September 18, 2018 by Gruic

There is always a lot to discover and process when traveling. This simple guide will, without any pretension, allow you to combine tourism and X-Phile quest by offering a route to visit Vancouver while enjoying some filming locations. I deliberately ducked some filming locations like schools or hospitals, for obvious reasons.

From Stanley Park to the Steam Clock
It's a safe bet that you will want to visit Stanley Park and Gastown in search of the Steam Clock. We will take Stanley Park as a starting point.
From Stanley Park, head for English Bay Beach on Beach Avenue to the corner of Denman Street. You will then find the little Morton Park, location of The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat:

Walk up Denman Street then turn right at Robson Street. Follow Robson Street to Robson Square, where Scully meets Reyes in My Struggle II:

Continue on Robson Street to Cambie Street and turn left to Victory Square, Home Again's main outdoor location. You will find on your right the famous arch where Mulder is investigating:

Walk a few more meters and ... that's it! You are in Gastown! The Steam Clock is yours. From there, if you still have some energy, you can go back to Stanley Park by W. Hastings to Hornby Street. This is the cross that served in My Struggle.

Cates Park : A must-see place

No need to be a fan of The X-Files to be overwhelmed by the atmosphere of this incredible place, so even if your family is not interested in The X-Files, do not deprive yourself or your family of this visit. The use of a vehicle is preferred because you will have to go to North Vancouver and head east to Deep Cove. There is a car park at the end of the road, right before Indian Arm. You are there ! Welcome to the peaceful Cates Park, where Margaret Scully remains:

But where is that good old X-Files?
It is still possible to visit cult filming locations from the first seasons of The X-Files. For example, you can go to Grouse Mountain after stopping at Cates Park, the place of the sublime Ascension episode:

Sadly, more than 20 years has passed and of course, almost all filming locations have changed so much that they do not really have any connection with the places fantasized by the fans. For example, it is always possible to see Frank Black's yellow house, but it has changed so much over time... to be honest, I made the choice of keeping the yellow house alive in my heart.
That said, there are still some places with an eternal atmosphere that will remain forever. The most incredible place for me is Buntzen Lake. Barely a few seconds spent here are enough to visualize Conduit or Quagmire. The ultimate location of the X-Files for me. An eternal beauty:

By Jack Anderson
Fascinating! What a trip. Thanks a lot for sharing, Gruic.

By kimmy
Great photos and I'm sure you had a memorable trip!
I would have loved to have been to Buntzen Lake in a day with an atmosphere like this, fog, clouds. I think that's where the episode of Millennium "Lamentation" was shot, too.

By Syldana
I made my own pilgrimage in June 2011, a moment so moving and incredible, with the friends who accompanied me we were ecstatic in front of buildings, trees ...

I saw the Mulder building, Scully, Skinner, Butzen lake, the forest, the hospital, the university that was being passed for the FBI building ...

I want to do it again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Syldana

By Gruic
I remembered very well this picture. I started to speak about my road trip in Canada with you on LVEI after reading the topic of your journey.

By Syldana
And now your road trip dream came true

By Gruic
Sure thing:


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