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The X-Files: 731
DuaneB September 4, 2019, 12:09 ET

This second part is at least as exciting as the first.
Although hindsight forces me to point out some redundancies about the second world war, the fact that the series faces the history by incorporating it skilfully its mythology testifies of its intelligence, as well as of its inventiveness.

The fiery and fearless Mulder of the train reminds us with happiness that of Skyland moutain. Paranoia and constant danger make this episode breathless and, to say the least, explosive.

The other big positive point is that Scully is finally confronted with the consortium, which has the effect of shaking up his beliefs and reinforcing his personal involvement as a victim of abduction.
The train scenes are great, as are the leprosy scenes. The sets are realistic and always soaked with the Vancouver's aura. For having been on the site of the explosion of the train, I can say that little has changed, but especially that this series was also and especially the result of talented workers. The locations team knew how to give space and colors to the inventiveness of Cris Carter. If only mythology could have remained of this quality ...

Special mention also for Mark Snow, always in great shape.


The X-Files: E.B.E.
DuaneB May 17, 2019, 12:05 ET

Mulder's real Father
Absolute fan of this episode. Everything is perfect, until the magnificent frustration of not seeing the so called E.T. This frustration side works very well. The seduction revived by two small sentences with the famous Frohike's "she's hot", subtly confirmed by Mulder in the office after. The car chase in the city center. Even the interrogation scene is subtle.All these ellements make this episode a great one. The very first appearance of the LGM with the Byers tirade of paranoia... The spinning truck, Mulder's humor with the hot dog, and the final scene in the military zone with Deept Throat moving away in the dark.


And of course, we can not forget to highlight the beautiful scenes, the careful writing and - I dare say - philosophical character Deep Throat.The real disapointment felt by Mulder could perfectly be understood as a first time you discover your father lied to you, of course to protect you. This betrayal is all the stronger because it is double. First, with regard to the object itself of betrayal, namely the faked photo. But especially the psychological betrayal, the rampage of the only confidence that mulder placed in him. It is in this that one can speak of the betrayal of the father. Mulder had to intuitively know that Deept Throat was an extension of the intimate in the work. The usurpation of the absent father by a present informant. The slightest misstep of this figure is therefore felt like a knife in the back.

To me, this episode is to rank alongside Fallen Angel and Deep Throat, not only for the obvious to be mythologic, but especially for their continuous quality. Not a minute is to be thrown away. The thing is confirmed with the final The Erlenmeyer's flask. The mytho episodes of this first season are brilliant.
I believe that the writing offers a true quiet evolution of the characters whith an incredible paranoïa, which gives us a real satisfaction. It's smart and rythmic. It hurts when you go back to watch the revival after that...


The X-Files: First Person Shooter
DuaneB April 13, 2019, 12:04 ET

Like we say in french when we do not really like something: bof. It means here that this episode is not the worst, but clearly not the best.

With time, it's like I could see more in details all the defaults, the weakness of the writing, the storytelling. And the less we can say is that Chris Carter signed here a confusing cliché about the man position about video games. But in the other hand, I know that he was right too. Come on men! Who never played for hours and hours. Everyone knows that the fighting games are more popular with masculine customer than the feminine one. So this okay for this finding.

But the behavior CC gives to men in this episode is more of stupidity, manly puerility, than real virility.

The LGM and feminism:
Back to teenagers, the LGM fall in the same trap as Mulder. The degree of stupidity due on the one hand to the game with multiple realities, and on the other hand this Maitreya takes hostage the intelligence of the male characters. Which gives women the position of big winners by deduction.
Second argument, Maitreay is the glamour bitch who absorbes the teststerone to turn it into strengh to kill guilty men. They have been too supid, too vulgar, too macho. So by Maitreya, I find a vigilante figure who rebalances the relations between men and women.
The only interesting moment, like a more realistic and endurable feminism, is when Scully falls in the same trap as men do, it gives a fight betwen the crazy side of the video game, and Scully's wisdom who has to kill Maitreya.
But the result is that our gentle LGM are completly unusefull. There are more like spectators fo their own stupid world. And if there was an intention to threat about AI, it is absorbed by latent sexuality. Just remember how Mulder looked at Maitreya, how stupid were the LGM.

As a female character she wins. She is the double winner. She first win over Mulder and men, and she wins over Maitreya (means over the machine, the banality of men's fantaisies).

Apart from some work on the realization, this episodde falls too easily into a small basic morality but still contemporary and anticipatory: the woman is the tomorrow man. This conclusion didn't worth taking a real x files episode as hostage.

The X-Files: 4-D
Gruic February 12, 2019, 12:02 ET

Tribute to Agent Reyes
Long time ago, I liked the episode but on the same time I was sad that's that was not Scully and Mulder during the last scene. Today, after season 10 and 11, I'm very glad that Reyes and Doggett could have that very special moment together.

Skinner on the field is amazing, that's sad they had to cut 2 scenes of him.

Lukesh is a good character. Slaughterer, giving tongues to his mother... he is like a preadator we could find on a MillenniuM episode.

The music is amazing. The theme song "Pulling the Plug" by, of course, Mark Snow, is one of my favourite of the whole series.

A very good episode.

The X-Files: Paper Hearts
DuaneB January 4, 2019, 12:01 ET

x files heart
After all, and because I think I have been enough the one who cares about underestimated episodes, I would like to come back to this wonderfull episode.

The musician I am is more seduce thant the fan I still am. I mean that the first thing that kept me even for the first time was the music of Snow. This element is the main thing, the heart of the episodes, wich gives the perfect tone, rythme and poetry that belongs of the show from the early pilote episode.

The story is a good idea, even if In a certain way I allways had an impression of fan service about bringing back Samantha. Samantha Mulder had become a mantra-like, the spirit you call to give more concistance to Mulder.

However, the episode is a masterpiece anyway. For two main reasons:
The first one is that it shows Mulder's real psychologic injury. And this is at the same time his power, his vibrant and caracteristic obsession wich is the origine and energy of the show from the very beginning.
The second one is the MSR. There is in this episode a tremendous not shown seduction operating by Mulder on Scully that grows togather with the dramatic circonstances, and that gives a real tension and mesmerizes us throughout the episode. In fact, this tension could define the show itself.

From Roche's point of view, it turns much more interesting, since we have a perfect use of Mulder's injury. John Lee Roche is very carismatic as well, but in th bad sence. His psychological ascendancy on Mulder is perfectly held and reversed at the end, and the so delicious motel scene is the key.

Of course I didn't speak about the poetry references, the perfect tempo the episode shows. Scully, is both a mother, a partner and probably a hidden lover, but this is my UST side who speaks, doesn't it? The reality is that, like most of the episodes of this season, everyone is in its perfect and totaly assumed role. Scully skeptic but never a brake. Skinner with his hierarchical autority togather with a certin admirtion for Mulder's abilities and cleverness. And Mulder the believer but blinded.

Many scenes are pleasant. My favorites are when Mulder cut the bench in the car. Another with the examination in jail with Roche. Love when he asks to Teana if they'd bought any vacuum "Electrovac" Duchesse. The last one is the motel one, when Mulder gets Roche.


The X-Files: Home Again
Vivi September 17, 2018, 12:09 ET

RIP Margaret
This episode is for me one of the best of the season 10.

First I like the idea behind the main theme which is so topical. All big towns try to hide its homeless persons because it gives a bad image. But no one really ask them what they want and what they think or what they need. They have lost their right to ask and to be heard when they have lost their home. No solution to help them to change their situation is really seeked. They are just moved (far away....) because if we don't see them, we think the problem is solved.

Second I like the conclusion of the character of Margaret Scully. This is the end for her and her last words are for the 2 people she doesn't see anymore : her son Charlie and her grandson William. Obviously two big regrets that she has cared until her death. Scully has to face many questions about her mother whose she will never have answers. I think this is true because when one of our parent or relative dies, we always have interrogations or worst: regrets.

Finally the last scene between Scully and Mulder is very harrowing and right. Scully is questionning herself because of the death of her own mother and her regrets about her son Charlie. She is worried that william would think that his mother has abandoned him because she doesn't care of him.

In conclusion, this episode has touched me for the veracity of every single theme it tackles.

The X-Files: Kill Switch
DuaneB September 9, 2018, 12:09 ET

I'm not a real fan of AI, but I have to say that this episode took me from the first time.
I think I was seduced by the idea to upload your own life, your mind in a virtual world.

This episode is a perfect compromise between the seriousness of the introduction and the comic due to the very sliced ​​deviation between Scully and Esther Nairn. This raises an interesting contrast between two intelligent women who repel each other like magnets.
The episode therefore includes many qualities.
The first is to print a mysterious and rhythmic context from the pre-generic scene.
The second is to introduce us into a crazy world where technology makes possible the fantasy of man to be able to surpass death. at least find an alternative. In a way, this episode anticipates our era enormously.
Finally, the episode features the classic believer-skeptical opposition game that works more than ever, with a Scully forced to believe the incredible by the facts.
Visually, the episode offers a show worthy of the big screen. We can only assume all the work that such an episode requires.
The scene with the LGM is very representative of x filian humor, without the episode pouring into the grotesque comedy. It is in my opinion perfectly found and dosed.
Some could see, pushing things a little further, a touch of underlying feminism since we are shown a Mulder in another dimension, which would be impregnated of the four members, and who would be miraculously saved by a Scully master of kung fu.

The music fits so well with this episode. Snow's alternation between a kind of echoing murmur and the little narrative music on the piano works very well and gives the episode, as in this season in general, a touch of mystery and enchantment that I have always loved.The open conclusion with a new motorhome valid here again a beautiful explosive episode.
It's always a pleasure to watch this episode, and

The X-Files: The Rain King
danascully09 September 9, 2018, 12:09 ET

I'm always moved
Really it is an underrated episode, I'm amazed how the writers could have dealt with this subject matter in the series and wow it worked. Humor, fluff, but a real investigation. Every detail needs a look, and there are a lot of epic quotes. I always laugh when M & S arrived by plane and there is a young cheerleader behind her father!
The characters are well played, the cast is good for everyone. DD and GA are so funny. Really it's an episode which brings balm for the heart!

"when I've got they used to call the blues...Nothing is really wrong..."

The X-Files: How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
danascully09 September 9, 2018, 12:09 ET

merry christmas
I love everything in this episode, from the beginning to the end. 2 loneliness forever melted.
10/10 for the music Mark Snow rocks.
the old house is really beautiful, reminds me of a 90's movie for children called Casper which I liked because of the house too and its bookshelves :)

The X-Files: Triangle
danascully09 September 9, 2018, 12:09 ET

Amazing and original
Always a pleasure to watch this amazing episode with this brilliant direction.
I put a 10/10 BUT: I watched it this week and: why is there not a 1939 Mulder on the boat, dealing with the 1999 one?

The X-Files: Drive
danascully09 September 9, 2018, 12:09 ET

experiments again
I love when the episodes are about gouvernment experiments on american innocent citizens. This one is really well played and moving with Bryan Cranston. There's humor, paranoia, lies, disobbeyence, and a good investigation. The end is unbelievable and sad. We hate Kersh with pleasure!

The X-Files: The Beginning
danascully09 September 9, 2018, 12:09 ET

new age
Happy to have them back, but it's hard in the beginning to accept the skeptic Scully, I want to support the stuborness of Mulder.
The new storyline with birth of violent aliens is thrilling. Love the desert too, the Homer character too ;)
No reason to hate Fowley in this ep I'm disappointed lol.
Scully and Gibson made a good duo I love their relationship she is so kind to him. Hard to believe she could not have protected him in the hospital...
Love the last scene when we contemplate the wordless communication between Gibson and the grey.

The X-Files: The End
danascully09 September 9, 2018, 12:09 ET

moving last scene
The reason of this episode is really the last scene, WOW the emotion is overwhelming, I can barely watch.
I love Gibson, I really think the entire show would have dealt with him much. The way we figure out the link between CSM and Jeffrey is really cool with this little mailboy in the snow.
First meeting with Diana and we HATE her already. We want to hold Scully and tell her to not give up the trust and the friendship it's just a matter of time.
There is something wrong with the scene of the video where Mulder finds the threat was over Gibson, too simple even a 5 yo boy could have found it.
Wonderful music as ever

The X-Files: Folie à Deux
danascully09 September 9, 2018, 12:09 ET

love that monster
I love the monster, I love the ambiance, I love the zombies, everything makes sense in the crazy world of open spaces, and I really enjoy the scene where Mulder has to defend Skinner and is finally felt like a sick person.
And last but not least, the folie à deux happens on Scully too!

The X-Files: The Pine Bluff Variant
danascully09 September 9, 2018, 12:09 ET

manipulation forever
Although it is hard to understand why Scully was unaware of Mulder's undercover operation, putting them in difficult positions, even in danger, the rest of the episode is great. I'm always shivering when Mulder's is about to being shot in the head, DD is amazing in that scene.
However I watched it again some days ago and I didn't understand why the toxin is immediately lethal and not afterwards... and how it can stay a long time on the money?

The X-Files: All Souls
danascully09 September 9, 2018, 12:09 ET

Hard to understand the religious matters
The good reason of this episode is Scully and her need to grieve. I love when she's in doubt and when Mulder has to become the skeptic one. The episode is good except for the last scene I hardly undertand, why the devil stands at the door frame and does not find the last girl himself?

The X-Files: Kitsunegari
danascully09 September 9, 2018, 12:09 ET

can't bu pusher but good sequel
I think it is a good idea to introduce the character of linda in this sequel, and it's a pleasure to find back RP Modell, well played as before. The only scene I regret is when Mulder goes alone to meet modell in the building because he is really aware of the risks and it's a big mistake. Same thing with Skinner talking alone with Modell...
Love the scene where the kine dies

The X-Files: The Post-Modern Prometheus
danascully09 September 9, 2018, 12:09 ET

Huge pleasure to watch this episode with amazing characters in countryside America, well-played humor, moving philophy and wonderful music from Mark Snow and Cher, what a duo lol
CC did it perfectly, the direction is really good.

The X-Files: Je Souhaite
DuaneB September 6, 2018, 12:09 ET

Funny but clever
Finally a comical episode that is really funny, but at the same time that raises a little level. There is really a hug job and it feels! 1, It is a wonderful idea to take up the legend of Aladdin and exploit the paranormal phenomena that derive from, and 2 to exploit the misery of man when to his selfishness or false altruism. This episode is VERY philosophical. In my opinion much more than the 11x04. Here, Gilligan does not need to sink into the headache to give us reflexions, it's all very clear. No need for big cynical blums and clichés. The genius is simply monstrous lucidity.
I think that x files was absolutly not a funny show. However, if it's well done, build, with a real message clearly translated despite the characters, it works very well.
Every time I watch this episode it is a hug pleasure. An amazing work wich slat from the others humoristics ones of this season. The best quality being hte fact that Gilligan succeded in holding our tow main character while cleverly introducing the so funny Genie.
I give it a 10/10!

The X-Files: The Red and the Black
danascully09 August 30, 2018, 12:08 ET

cult scenes
Scully's alive it's a relief. Cassandra's abducted... Again.
The hypnosis scene is awesome but Scully needs Mulder's trust and he remains skeptic.
We understand that there are conflicts inside of the consortium, and the poor Marita who wanted to be freed pays with her body during more and more tests.
Nobody really knows which side to choose after all. Krycek leads Mulder to find what's going on in an airforce base and he will witness aliens war and could find back the strenght to believe and carry on their quest. Scully is totally lost with her memories and the balance is back (but in an easy scenaristic way I think).
And of course last but not least our CSM is back and we know the links with Cassandra and Jeffrey and we want to know more about them!

The X-Files: Patient X
danascully09 August 30, 2018, 12:08 ET

It was interested for me to watch this episode again long time after my teenage years. Now I understand what's going on very well.
We meet some new interesting characters: Jeffrey and Cassandra Spender, and are happy to find back Krycek and Marita.
Mulder believes in a government conspiracy and deny his memories of Samantha's abduction by aliens. He seems completely lost. Scully is linked with Cassandra by her chip and needs to follow the stars.
Star wars begins between aliens and rebels and lots of innocent abductees die in fire. We fear for Scully's life on that bridge

The X-Files: Kill Switch
danascully09 August 30, 2018, 12:08 ET

I'm never bored watching this episode, that treated about AI in a good way for me although I am not a professional about it. I need a lot of recatches to understand!
The character of Invisigoth is attractive and the way she interacts with people makes me think and laugh. I love the gunmen in this episode, specially their bedroom, worse than Mulder's.
The explosions scenes are impressive and the humor is really good, I enjoy it like an action movie with popcorn.

The X-Files: Unruhe
Gabriella van Berk August 29, 2018, 12:08 ET

One of my favorite episodes
I love this episode, it's one of my favorite episodes.

It's just so good from the beginning till the end.

The X-Files: Emily
danascully09 August 29, 2018, 12:08 ET

not the end I hoped
May-linn (13): This episode was really moving, but it is not the end I hoped for, because of Emily's death.
I've never thought about the death of a child in the series.
I enjoyed Mr potatoe head by Mulder.

DS09: I prefer the prequel but it is a great mytho episode for me, with the discovery of the experiments on children, women and aged people at the same time, the clones, and the field work by Mulder while Scully is helping with a little bit of science, and dealing with so much feelings.
The end is so sad but we feel the horror of the conspiracy

The X-Files: Pilot
MrsThompson June 30, 2018, 12:06 ET

The Pilot is the quintessence of the show. Mulder and Scully battling and flirting openly for the first time in their basement, the conspiracy to hide the truth, abductions in the forest, Scully performing an autopsy, Mulder in his arrogant self eating sunflower seeds, the rain scene and the mosquito bites moment... all of this makes this episode so unique and represents why the XF became such a phenomenon in the 90s that remains till these days

The X-Files: Herrenvolk
danascully09 June 29, 2018, 12:06 ET

oh Samantha!
1st sequence so excellent with the introduction of the bees
After a good cliffhanger, Scully tries to threaten the ABH with her gun knowing it's useless, then she's stroken and left as an old socket (do we use this in english LOL?)

All the trip with Mulder and Jeremiah is like a dream, we enter a future universe, without understanding what is really going on but there's hope to find out what Samantha became.

Then superb scenes: Mulder in the phone cab nearly crashed by ABH, and the hollywood death of Mr X (my daughter told him: go to hell LOL) and the first encounter with marita, whom we already like.

Scully learns important informations in the continuity of paper clip and the strughold mines, the inventory via the smallpox virus. I like when she works with Pendrell :)

And finally CSM saves Teena Mulder and we understands she has or had feelings for her because he holds her hand. But who is healing her? ABH or Jeremiah? I am still confused.

The X-Files: Talitha Cumi
danascully09 June 29, 2018, 12:06 ET

good episode which lead us in the past of the Mulder family with surprises and questions.
I thought it was difficult to understand who is who between the humans, the clones, the killers, the bads and the goods. It remains very confused but the well-directed scenes bring our minds.
My daughter who watch with me was nearly crying with DD while the hospital scenes, it's quite rare to be moved by him crying because sometimes it doesn't look so real, but here congrats DD you are amazing.
I think that the role of Scully could have been better written, here she obeys to Mulder whose faith made him selfish. I usually love his behavior but not here.
I love the fight scene in the parking garage between M and MrX wonderful.

The X-Files: Young at Heart
DuaneB June 29, 2018, 12:06 ET

Perfect loner
To continue on the list of underrated episodes, let's me assume my weird tastes.
I never see this episode in fan's top ten. Perhaps many of them should rewatch it once again. Like I did for episodes I don't like.

Okay. Here we just have a good story, an imaginative story, with many subjects in one:
-How to stay in the rule in front of a criminel
-The progeria vs eternal youth
-The early first years of Mulder's work in violent crimes section
-The revenge theme
-Probably more, but I must summarize...

I do not coumpt the perfect construction of the episode, which opens in the past and concludes opening to the future, like the best episodes.

Scully is here a fine support to Mulder, and we apreciate her patience in front of Mulder's frustration.
The idea of Barnett character is a huge occasion to push Mulder in its own limits, since it is the first time we see him shuting a man at close range.
In general, I think it fits well when Mulder can shows his profiler talent...

The Scully scene, when she hears some noise in her appartment, and then immediatly takes her gun, while the music rythm all is an effective moment.

The ambiance is still dark, like we love it. The concert hall scene where Scully plays the target offers wonderfull and delicate signs of complicity. I could add that is still interesting to know more about Mulder's past. Reggie Purdue is a good character. So much more linkde to the story and less stupid than the season eleven's Reggie, just awfull and unreal...

I give this episode a 10 ou of 10.

The X-Files: Agua Mala
DuaneB June 29, 2018, 12:06 ET

x files mala
This episode makes part of those I almost never watch. If it happens, since I considare having quite an open mind, there is some reasons...

First, the monnster is not as creepy as it could be for such an occasion. That brings me to the main sensation of missed occasion I have.

As I said on Travelers review, to focus on a character not really exploited, even in part like it is happening in this episode, loses our attention. At least mine... It create a disagreable feeling of putting our agents in the background. If it would offer to the viewer a strong and attractive characters as it is in the HTGSC episode it would be nice. But here it does not, it does not works.

I don't like when an episode is taken to offers such clichés:
Here you can find the basic american guy with his gun, of course he must be completly stupid.
We continue with the latino couple with pregnant women, obviously dominant and castrating, and funny of course.
Let's play with it with Scully to create a feminin solidarity.
Then you have the sheriff, not really clever too...

The openings scene is finaly the most serious, and the cat looking to Mulder in the wall is my favourite scene.
The Artur Dales conclusion sounds a bit moralist, even if he is right. But this episode lacks a certain subtlety.

I give it a 2 out of 10.

The X-Files: Pusher
danascully09 June 29, 2018, 12:06 ET

eveyrthing is perfect in this episode, the ideas, the investigation, the characters, the way the actors play, the directing, the music, and the emotional climax at the russian roulette table... It's a top 10 episode for me, I'll never forget how I feel everytime, so much pleased to watch it again and again.
The last time (2 days ago), I was wondering why the opening scene shows us a green cabbage and I thought it must be because of the nutritional contents of this vegetable, which melt vitamins and immunity nutriments.
There is a bemol: the scene where Bosch dies while phoning Modell: the policemen should have been more reactive to understand he was dying I think.
But I can't help myself rating with 10

The X-Files: Jose Chung's From Outer Space
danascully09 June 29, 2018, 12:06 ET

lots of laugh
I like this episode because of its fine humor and the way it wakes up our critical mind. It's a mythological episode. Brilliant speeches, great acting, interesting characters such as Jose Chung and the amazing teenage geek, they are so funny. I also like the old barman, the policeman... what a cast!
Really paranormal universe. The smoke screen autopsy WOW.
I can just regret we need so much watches to really understand the entire episode

The X-Files: Wetwired
danascully09 June 29, 2018, 12:06 ET

No words
I LOVE THIS EPISODE SO MUCH! everything is perfect, we see all good characters in, the story is completely plausible and we feel so much the lack of justice and the manipulation of innocents to serve secret projects. What an ambiance, with music, directing and acting!
Lots of exceptional scenes:
Scully believing that Mulder and CSM meet in the car at night, laughing.
The moment when Mulder's got phone call to recognize a dead body which might me Scully, we are so moved with him until he opens this curtain... (although I find his reaction after too painless)
and Of course THE SCENE at Margaret Scully's home with a lost Dana... AMAZING! in VO or VF it's great.
"you abducted me! you put that thing in my neck! you killed my sister!"
I could listen and watch this everyday of my life!

The X-Files: The Pine Bluff Variant
DuaneB June 28, 2018, 12:06 ET

Broken fingers
Well. Pine Bluff Variant is an amazing episode.
There is almost nothing paranormal here. But, the paranoia is in everyone's mind.

The story is linked to some realist governments suspicions that had always been a good element for an X files episode.

Mulder and Scully:
The fact Mulder has been chosen to investigate and secretly enter this terrorist group is a real pleasur, because it keeps Scully at bay. And when Scully is spying just offers great scenes and tenseness.

As we start to be used, Skinner is one more time between the lie and the truth. He would like to help Mulder but his help could have such dramatic consequences.

The story has really something terrific if considare our nowday threat.

Why I can't give it a 10: the music is so much repetitive that we're quickly done. Just is the same during 43 minutes. Just boring.
Second bad point, there is also some lenghts which slows down the rythme installed from the beginning.
So I give it a 8 out of 10.

The X-Files: Miracle Man
DuaneB June 28, 2018, 12:06 ET

Hilary Clinton?
There is some good scenes in here.
Mulder and Scully have good interactions, the writing is good as well.
But, the episode in general fall in slow rythme, however the guy who lays Samuel is good actor.
This episode misses a strong and definite flavor to mke part of something biger.
The introductive scene is really good an angur a classical x files stand alone episode.
Though there is a good story, good ideas, the way to bring it is not as the same level as we already were used to see.

Some good moments:
The tribunal scene and Mulder and Scully on the top of the building. There is a wonderfull light there.
The pub scene with Samuel and Mulder and Scully.
And Scully's jocke when Mulder believes he sees his sister.

Others are just boring.
So it is not a bad episode to me, but an average you must know it exists, but once you've watched it one or two times you're done. But maybe is there a phile to show me some details I forgot.
Meanwhile, I give it a 4 out of 10.

The X-Files: 2Shy
danascully09 June 27, 2018, 12:06 ET

disgusting salivating monster
Although this episode reminds us other monsters (Tooms, Donnie Pfaster)I've always find it scary, well-played and with unforgettable scenes like the one with the blind little Jesse who smells her mother's fragrance in Incanto's house.
I like the investigation, the sexist policeman and the way his admits Scully because he feel her sense of work.
and the principal actor's performance and the global ambiance, and the emergence of the internet and its dangers.

The X-Files: Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
danascully09 June 27, 2018, 12:06 ET

what a script!
Humor and original ideas are melted to create un marvellous moving episode, here again the guest star peter boyle is really a fantastic actor, and the scenes between M, S and him are so interesting.
The killer doesn't look like a usual suspect and I would have known him better.
The end is sad but expected, and we are about to share a short life with Queequeg.
As often, thank you Darin Morgan to extend the lines of our series till new horizons.

The X-Files: D.P.O.
danascully09 June 27, 2018, 12:06 ET

This episode has really all good elements for a stand-alone, and the most outstanding is the actor giovanni ribisi. So talented, we guess all the misery of his life in his eyes and speech.
The script is so good with science and power melted, just as an x files ep might have.
The directing is superb, as the special effects of the flashes.
And of course the rocky music going on, we are sticked with M and S all the time in rural america.

The X-Files: Kitten
DuaneB June 27, 2018, 12:06 ET

Skinner is back
I do not quite understand the pout more or less limp that I observe. As a Skinner lover, I was delighted and did not get bored for a second.

The story:
I liked the principle of showing us young Skinner. The contamination with this gas, however, puzzles me as to its retroactive effects. This is one of the weak points. Skinner would lose his teeth 40 years or more after? It's not very credible.
Likewise, it seemed to me to have fallen impaled by a branch or wooden stake through the belly, into this hole. Normally it should have already been the end, but then he pulls it out, fidgets, then it's better. He goes back, he is treated as if it had been a small cut ... Not very credible anyway.
So obviously we can not help but think about the good episode 2x03 Blood. The spray sequence is almost a self-quote ... Apart from these inconsistencies in detail, I find the story quite plausible. Basically it's a kind of revenge big fat who wants to avenge his father ...

We remember with a certain pleasure Skinner's scene in One breath. One of Skinner's rare confessions to Mulder. Here we see the importance of this period for Skinner. His link to the paranormal, and what makes him understand our two former young agents. Having been unable to speak by submission to the military authority, Skinner supported himself with his spokespersons Mulder and Scully during all these years.

The recomposed trio:
There is something that bothers me. It comes to wonder if Skinner is well aware of CGB and William. It's interesting to see how this case brings Skinner and Mulder closer as Skinner hides him a time bomb about William. It is assumed or hoped that this will be developed in the end. For the moment I do not hide that I had pleasure to regain the confidence momentarily reinstated between our two agents and Skinner. It's always nice and reminds the good old days.

Kirsh falls a bit from nowhere. I do not understand why we did not mention him in IWTB, nor in the whole season 10, nor in the first 5 episodes of this season. He returns as if by a miracle, in general indifference ... Good! Why not.

Most important:
Everyone was captivated by the scenery of Ghouli, and it was justified. But I find that here is at least as true. If there is one characteristic of X files, these are the scenes in forests. The forest scenery here is beautiful. Very in the mood for MillenniuM's episode Beware of the dog. I had a real great classic pleasure to find this generous and bushy nature, from the west, wooded, which embraces the beings who ventured there. The kind of house with cages, in these gray tones ... I would simply say that history itself was a pretext for:
1. propose a Skinner centric which is always a pleasure. A mid-season mytho without being.
2. Relate with real x files scenery and ambiances. The madman on the bench, the lights caught in the car scenes, in the same vein as Ghouli.

Pileggi is always so convincing, and its thickness and interiority have not lost anything of their superb. His carapace always leaves as much delight once breakthrough. I really appreciate this parenthesis with sumptuous sceneries.

I give a 6/10. I voluntarily go beyond the details.

The X-Files: Alone
DuaneB June 27, 2018, 12:06 ET

I really like the beginiing scene between Doggett and Scully. It is a really respectfull and warm hug. Gillian offers her special smiles that are always going with some hidden sad part too. Robert Patrick is excellent too.

But Leyla Harrison is a really indelicate tribute to the serie. At first it was funny, but it becomes child's.

I just like when Mulder go to the creature's place, we find out the supicious Mulder we love. But the humain/creature is completly unrealistic. Yes! Flukeman was unrealistic too, but the monster had a particular history, a real story used as a context to give us an explanation. Here we don't have nothing.

The hospital ending scene at first, I was younger, pleased me. But with time it smells a family comedy at the diner time...

I give it a 3 ou of 10.

The X-Files: Space
DuaneB June 27, 2018, 12:06 ET

Good for sleepless
This episode is the first that I think is bad.

The choice to reduce the outside shooting could have been better used, like they did in the episode Ice.

The Nasa scenes are too many. The music wich accompanies the space expedition flashbacks is well found but too much used so that it turn really boring.
Still in this feeling of boredom, the rythm so much slow, that in general is a good signature of an x files episode, is too much here, completly over the top.

As the character at the end, we feel relieved too, because it is the end. The only thing good I found was the shinning smile of GA who was already good actress, unlike to what I read sometimes.

There is no Mulder and Scully interaction to pay attention to. Exception with the beginning of the episode.
The kind of episoe I almost never watch... Just nothing special to say: Mulder is a big fan of the colonel. All happen at the Nasa place, Scully helps Michele, and Mulder helps Colonel Belt, who finaly throws himsel by the window. The operation is finaly okay, after a difficult return on earth, because of an alien Ghost? The same who felt Belt in an earlier expedition. How, why? We don't know...

I give it a 2 ou of 10.

The X-Files: Sleepless
DuaneB June 25, 2018, 12:06 ET

Krycek on board!
This episode continues to immerse even more the series in darkness already thick built by the 1st season. Being the last stand alone before Duane Barry, I find it a dual function: that of closing a series of almost perfect episodes in a climate of paranoia post closure of x files; then that of being a pivotal episode that introduces us two key characters such as Krycek and X. Finally, this group shot of the first 4 episodes lead to the final scene in the dark office of the CSM, which speaks for the first time of Scully as a problem".

The early season 2 Mulder, especially in episodes 2x01 to 2x08 is probably my favorite Mulder. And we must not see a blindness for his early youth, his passion. We must see a real admiration in believing so strongly in his convictions, maintain a course, a vision, certainties reinforced by past disappointments. Those disappointments are of course the death of Deep Throat and the closure of the x files.

The distance from Scully could have disappointed many fans, but from my point of view it's a good thing. Their distant relationship makes their exchanges very effective and respectful, showing us a Scully weirdly more receptive to the arguments of Mulder, and a Mulder more attentive to scientific advice and analysis provided by Scully. And by a post Erlenmeyer effect flasks, it's interesting to see a Scully herself develop a theory as far-fetched as Mulder would have done, and see Krycek frowning by almost taking her for a crazy one. Interesting this very slight shade of Scully.

The appearance of this new agent, young and dynamic, brings a real virile energy that comes to give even more suspicion of Mulder already on edge. Lea is in a very fair game and gives the perfect image of the young pretentious at the bottom. The one we want to believe, and finally we will love to hate ...

Deep Throat's death was the father's death like. With X we have the replacement of the father by what I would call a grumpy old uncle. Choosing such a profile, as cold as Deep was warm creates a transition that makes us regret the old while giving us the impatience of the enigma created by the new.

Bowman's camera movements are here a silent but very visual signature of the series. The realization, the movements of the ground to the sky and the sky to the ground are all processes that reinforce the feeling of realism so characteristic of X files. The backdrops of an old Harlem apartment, although filmed in Vancouver, are very credible.

The military
The subject of the eradication of sleep to make a sort of soldier foolproof, in a different register than in the episode Eve, already foreshadows the idea of ​​super soldiers. Finally, this episode is part of "military" episodes as we will have in almost every season: we still are in a military context in 2x15 Fresh bones, 3x07 The walk, 4x16 Unrequieted, and there's of course a huge chapter about it in the two part 9x09 and 9x10 Provenance and Providance, and finaly with our late 11x06 Kitten . Except that here, the Vietnam War is an alibi, a kind of backdrop.

Mental projections
Anyway, the mental images projection is a wonderfull idea, so good that they reused this idea in the genius episode Pusher. But here the process is not exactly the same. And the last recall of it was in the Kitten episode, with the gas. What is a real tour de force in this second season beginning is that they've been able to reuse this idea, this halucinating and psychologic process in both Blood and Sleepless episodes without creating any bored, even any repetition, since the contexte was really different.

The flip side at the end of the episode only confirms the suspicions of Mulder as those of the spectator. In short this episode is much brighter than we think. Another one to put in the decidedly copious series of the underestimated episodes.

I give it a 9 out of 10.

The X-Files: Unusual Suspects
DuaneB June 24, 2018, 12:06 ET

Too much Suzan
Some scenes really pleased me in this zode. The beginning particularly. But I find that the whole sin by the fact 'have put Mulder and Scully in the background. It is a difficult bet to bet on secondary characters finally very little developed during the first 4 seasons. So as it takes a start at all, it's a little alibi episode. I continue the same remark worse for the spin off they made that personally I found almost catastrophic. This was again proof that it is very difficult to make a series on secondary characters. Moreover the series stopped at the end of a season. It does not work.

Regarding the order, this episode is presented in almost every guide as the first episode of the season, 5x01, and not the 3rd. We frequently gorget this detail...

Otherwise there are good ideas, like showing us how Mulder got to know these three guys. The paranoia quite pregnant during the episode is a good thing. But I think the episode turns too much around the crush of Byers for Suzane. We have the impression of a virgin who completely loses his means. Some lengths too. And I do not really like the humiliation sequence of the three aligned within the reach of X. But at the same time, this scene is also a good idea to link the episode to the mythology.

Mulder seems to completely fall from the clouds by learning these gas stories. I can not see him so naive, young, inexperienced agent. Langly and Frohike are superb. I love the totally geeky side of Langly; the caricature is so realistic in fact, that it makes me endearing, and especially funny. But here again, my laugh again reflects my much easier attachment to the Gilligan universe than Darin Morgan. And then the passion of Kim Maners remains one of the strengths of the series. This guy was a torrent of emotions.

I give a 7/10 because it's still a very good episode, which looks with pleasure beyond its weaknesses.

The X-Files: Brand X
DuaneB June 23, 2018, 12:06 ET

Stop smoking!
Very different, this episode. And at the same time, I find that it reconnects wonderfully with the classic treatment of a very good stand alone.

Why? Because questioning the tobacco industry is an issue that really echoes a reality. In addition, it injects a dose of paranoia that we had a little lost because of previous fantasy episodes, (The masterpiece En ami except, of course.)
The presence of Skinner in a serious context and especially on the investigation, in the survey, is a pleasure to see. I like the complicity between Skinner and Mulder.

In addition, Mulder suspects the irreproachable doctor, himself a victim of awful blackmail, which revives his good habits. There are horrible scenes with inbsectes, the coleoptera of tobacco, which remind us of beautiful episodes such as War of the coprophages.

Scully is perfect in her role as protectress and mom ...

We do not avoid the big shot of the naughty smoker and nice non-smokers, but it's America!

I give it a 8 out of 10.

The X-Files: Rush
DuaneB June 23, 2018, 12:06 ET

something missing
I can not say what, but this episode suffers from a cruel lack of atmosphere. Yet everything is there to make a very good episode.
But the focus is much more on the ascendancy between two teenagers. The son of the sheriff, the bad boy in all his brilliance, the other son of a standard family, without much problem, rather shy. With this dynamic, the episode focuses too much on adolescents and much less on Mulder and Scully, which - if the characters are not very strong and original - can become a mistake. Unfortunately, this episode is the reason for this loss.

We feel a team effort to do something original, both at the screenplay level and at the music level. But finally the effect falls into a classicism vis-à-vis the investigation and more atmospheric background music that rhythms the episode but does not offer harmonic impreignation.
Like this seventh season, this episode sometimes takes a bit of a rough ride that does not do any good to the quality of the series.

Just as the episode shows the violence of a rebellious teenager, the scene of the murder of the teacher in the cafeteria is totally gratuitous and gratuitously horrible. The horrible is not a problem in x files, no. It is the way to bring it, to film it, to incorporate it into a context.

In this episode I have a permanent feeling of unease that only leaves me when the episode ends. One could argue that the discomfort in x files may be a desired thing, I would reply at this moment that the discomfort for discomfort does not please. On the other hand, the discomfort that arises because the episode is the echo of a deep fear whose plot can be real, as for example in Irresistible, or Home, there is something else. This confers a particular resonance.
Here, there is a flavor of pre-modernity that unconsciously announces the pitfalls of the revival. It is obviously in the light of the 11 seasons that I write these reviews. Having a global and precise vision that embraces everything is very important. This is obviously an interesting point of comparison because it allows us to see retrospectively the evolution of the series.

So of course it is not a completly bad episode at all, but it misses an x files signature and an awfull lost darkness of the early series.

I give it a 3 out of 10.

The X-Files: Fallen Angel
DuaneB June 20, 2018, 12:06 ET

Deep Throat 2
All in strength and power, and with what nostalgia I watched this episode again.

Deep Throat:
The presence of Deep Throat is always a guarantor of an episode of quality, that's what I'm addicted (ghost in the machine apart, although I do not find it so bad at all). The offbeat story that uses flashback or frward, is a process that hampers us right from the start. With his warning to Mulder to hurry, we are propelled into a race against the clock at night.

Mulder has found here his same indomitable passion that we love to see. It reminds us of the Pilot, Deep Throat and Conduit Epsiodes. His position as outsider and rider suel strengthens our empathy towards him. The scenes in the forest, the spying sequence of the crash site are typically the kind of situation that makes me love this series. Why do I say this obvious? Because it invariably involves a photograph as well as an impressive dramatic side; as if we were watching a movie in its own right.

Very much in her role, there is a crescendo progression in the episode, as a kind of accumulation of details that push her to doubt. It is always this dynamic of skepticism more and more contradicted by the facts that G. A. magnificently interprets. His stiffness and righteousness are just as pleasant to see as they give Mulder the perfect counterpoint. They are complementary, opposed, then finally welded despite everything.

Mark Snow:
Gorgeous music, as always. Mainly because he reuses the Deep Throat soundtrack, I mean in part. That is also this music motive wich comes back in loop and make me think this episode is just the following of Deep Throat. If not why would Snow reuses the same music? We could think it was the Deep Throat theme, and it could be right, but the theme does not come back in future episodes with Deep Throat, even in EBE...

It seems that finaly the rigor of those bosses are as strong as when it will be Skinner's. It works so good. The milatary aspect is also a clue in the mythologie; remember how it is important in Redux, or even before in Little green men, or with the genious trilogy Duane Barry. The paranoia is really an x files signature, that comes from Watergate of course, but also anticipate the complotism of our time, but in someway poetic world.

When I watch those kind of episodes, I know that never again in tv show history we will see that quality, this ambiance. And at the same time, it makes part of our richness to had the chance to grow up at this last wonderfull time, the 90's. Of course, it is my opinion... That's why we can do a review, doesn't it?

A wonderfull and outstanding episode! I give it a 10/10!!

The X-Files: Sunshine Days
DuaneB June 20, 2018, 12:06 ET

An end taste
Ok for Dogget / Reyes. I admit to having loved them, by persuasion, with time ... But the episode is too light for my taste. And the alibi for finally holding a proof and give legitimacy to the X files happens a little too late. These are not the opportunities that have been missed in the past of the series. The spirit of X files is no longer really there; and it's even more frustrating that we were really starting to focus on the Reyes / Dogget couple. Special effects level, on the other hand, nice work. Go a 5/10!

The X-Files: Redux
DuaneB June 18, 2018, 12:06 ET

History lesson
God!! This trilogy is a perfect one. And it seems that the mythology as never been so important thant here.
We continue where Gathseman finished. All the Mulder off are superb, it gives a rythme, an intensity, a narrative trajectory that pushes even further the reflection of the series, but without losing us.

Michael Kritshgau
This character is for me amblematic of the psychological flaw of Mulder. This guy, who looks like a banal businessman, has managed to overthrow the entire Mulderian ediffice with his enigmatic sentences that support where it hurts. The deception of the alien Youkon is the climax that rings the death knell of the Mulder's certainty on a E.T life ...

Mulder and Kritshgau
But where this episode is really great is that it not only meticulously repeats the thread of the previous, but enriches it with Kritschgau's tirades. This Kritshgau does not just ruin Mulder's beliefs and certainties, but will also provide answers, and even valuable help for Scully and his cancer. Flashes with historical archive images are a perfect example of the Cold War context that is a key to post Roswell mythology in the series. This trilogy, and the scenes of the Pentagon are the starting point of Mulder's skepticism of Patient X and The Red and the Black that some fans did not understand, or rejected.

This breakthrough made by this trilogy shows us the scientific Scully, the one I love most. Then in Redux II the Catholic Scully that I love too. What's even more interesting is to see his reaction to Mulder makes him understand that they may have been fooled from the beginning. His anger and his entry into the lie, for a character as straight and irreproachable, also come to spice up the facets of his psychology. Especially with Skinner in whom she had placed a great confidence painfully acquired (Avatar, Piper maru ...).

It's also in this episode that we hear the Roush society for the first time, thanks to Mulder who killed Scott Osteloff. The paranoia is here the most powerfull aspect this trilogy, pushing every character in there own limits. Redux II will show us that it is true with one my favorites scene between CGB and Mulder. But lets develop it at Redux II.

Of course I give it a 10!

The X-Files: Hell Money
DuaneB June 17, 2018, 12:06 ET

Lucy Liu
One of top ten worst episode.
The idea could be good, but we fall in a cliché about comunitarianism that finish to be boring.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere is there, the scenery too, but it lacks a rhythm, an alchemy. Instead we have a duet rather withdrawn, in favor of scenes between the father and his daughter.
The ghosts that are not only add to the lines of a macabre farce whose cruelty is real. The game scene is very resitute but much too long. The slowness that I have so often experienced as a basic element and guarantee of the quality of our series ends up turning against her. Enough is enough.

The X-Files: Release
DuaneB June 17, 2018, 12:06 ET

The last Doggett centric
Let me believe than they knwe they'll never use Doggett character after this episode.
This episode proves that even at the end of tne ninth season, the team was still able to do a great episode.

after two years with Doggett, we can not say that the character did not bring a new wind of Cartesianism in the middle of this festival of improbability that became the series. In the end, the risky introduction of the beginning of the season 8, namely to integrate a dramatic loss into a character to replace the void created by the resolution of the samantha affair, was successful.

Luke Doggett:
The story of the kidnapping and death of John Doggett's son is mentioned for the first time in the superb episode Evocation 8x05. It was already clear what was the point of making Scully try to solve his problem in Mulder's search. It should not be seen as a blind subordination to Kersh, but a way to compensate or heal the wound that left him the death of his son in 1993. The fact of having taken this plot in the episode Empedocles 8x17 or still in John Doe 9x07 necessarily called for a resolution. So that's what this episode offers us.

In addition, it is interesting to see Doggett's ex-wife, Barbara; even if it arrives late. I like Scully's involvement with Dogget that this story entails. For Reyes, the implication was a bit more obviously since it was with her that they had worked on the disappearance of Luke at the time.

Scully who teaches Quantico is always a pleasure, especially when she is faces with what looks like a gifted student. This little genius promised a magnificent career was neither more nor less than an accomplice of Rigali, himself an accomplice of Brad Follmer.

The paranoia is at its height when one realizes that the so clean on him Follmer is involved in this story. There is certain pleasure in deconstructing a figure of authority and in giving a semblance of justice.
This episode has its strength of making us forget the weaknesses of others. The division in titled section of the episode refers to the beautiful episode Triangle, although it had no titles, but it could.

Decorations as vector of feelings:
The sets are varied, the play of lights in the interior scenes of the apartment of Hayes give a sensation of end, of madness too. As for the scenes at Barbara Dogget, or the scenes of flashback the lights are in the perfect tone to highlight Doggett's emotions. The final scene only confirms it. There is in this episode a filmic side wich gives us a real pleasure to watch.

Who did not notice the perfect score of Mark Snow here? IT just fits so well with the dramatic colour of the episode. Besides, it is a specific desire from Snow. The process of a short melody, which remains easily in the lead, with a rather minor and nostalgic tone had already been used in the Evocation episode. So there is no hazard. This compositional process is a will to musicalise the narration; to rhythm it too, and especially to print it in the ear of the viewer who will remember it and who will assimilate this music to a pleasant memory, so to a pleasant episode by extension.

There is a palapble tension between Regali and Doggett, then between Follmer and Reyes, then between Follmer and Doggett wich creates a real waltz of feeling, all combined and shackled in 44 minutes, and for once in the series leading to a real conclusion. An underestimated jewelry that raises the level of this season and the feeling of hardship that accompanies it, not to mention the flavor of end that we already feel...


The X-Files: The Beginning
DuaneB June 15, 2018, 12:06 ET


What a pleasure we have to see things where the film left them. After this marvel that has been FTF, we find the same, in a situation of forced renewal.
The fire that ravaged the office of Mulder and Scully fortunately did not destroy everything. Mulder's speech reinplicates the decor and the situation.

The opening scene, pre credits, gives us the tone of what the series will be from now on. Change of city requires, this move from Vancouver to L.A was not as harmful as feared the fans. Best of all, the series has been a darling of daring, daring artistic prowess while keeping in mind the essence of the show.
The monster that mutates, then comes out of the bowels of his host is a new deal in the series. And the least we can say is that Fight the future upset the mythological deal in its own way. Because this ferocious alien slice radically with the ET that we glimpsed in the old seasons (Duane Barry, Anasazi, Paper clip or Gathsemane ... etc). This allows you to switch to a new deal while keeping the old one. So there is an evolution, a mutation after contagion by black oil, as FTF explains.
It's also in this opening scene that we can see the Roush society, wich we'll hear about it again later.

as for the MSR, I like that episode reimplement a kind of frustration in comparison to the quasi kiss exchanged in FTF. It revives a kind of desire returned that will only boil in everyone. We thus find the grips, the looks, the usual psycho-affective codes. Where it is very interesting in this register is the rivalry between Fowley and Scully, as well as between Spender and Mulder. On the difference that emotionally, Spender did not leave with Scully, while Fowley with Mulder .........

The X files are now in Spender and Fowley hands, making a palpable tension throughout the episode. There is vis-à-vis the film a feeling of back to school in an atmosphere of combat and paranoia that is quite enjoyable to see. All of course being crowned by the arrival of Kersh.

Finally, Gibson still remains in his ET genius kidbook, playing on the delicate chord of Scully's maternal fiber.

And what a pleasure to find our good old union in their beautiful office smoker on 46th Street ...

Last, but not least, positive element of this episode, but which also sets the tone for the season is Snow's music. The composer here takes extracts from his soundtrack of FTF for our greatest pleasure. This gives a spectacular side to the episode. Note also that Snow reuses the FTF soundtrack in the genious episode SR819.

Clearly a 9/10!


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