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The Twilight Zone
Syldana April 14, 2019, 12:04 ET

I previously pointed out (in a previous Review) that the stories of the Twilight Zone were overtly political and social in nature. We have here a perfect example, but as to be done in a subtle way, I have some reservations.

The episode (note the presence of the clock and the smirking imp) is displayed as the remake of past episodes Nick of Time (season 2 ep 7), A Kind of Stopwatch (season 5 ep 4) and a bit of Time Enough at Last (season 1 ep 8). Today's victim, Sanaa Lathan in the role of Nina Harrison and her son Dorian whose meeting with Officer Lasky tilts them into the Twilight Zone.
This episode does not concretely serve to terrify us, it is here an allegory, a scream of the heart of a population, qualified in the USA of "minority", staging a reflection to give to the spectators. Other TV and film fiction have sought to denounce a situation that is much talked about in the media: police violence against the African-American community, I think the Empire series, or simply denounce the the subject of racism with regard to this population as in the movie Get out (of Jordan Peele precisely, so it draws us here a plot already well used in the past). Okay, Twilight Zone must address the concerns of his time. But it would have been nice to use a little subtlety, because here it's as if the screenwriters were displaying with a neon sign: we have a big statement to make you, that's how the cops treat us and this, in situations where we just live our life quietly, without being a threat to anyone !!

As we must still add a magic touch to the episode, Nina Harrison finds herself in charge of an old camcorder (an object that has become rare since everyone uses her Iphone, her Smartphone to film and photograph) who has the power (great power, great responsibility) through the Rewind button not only to turn back by erasing the events of the present, but Nina is left with the burden of changing the future of his son predestined to be abused, even to be killed by Lasky, a notorious jerk, who plays the convenient role of the fat, brainless, stubborn and tyrannical racist. While Nina is content to simply lead her son to university, their road runs up against that of the cop, sealing his son's fatal destiny to Officer Lasky who spends the entire episode tracking / harassing them. These interactions inextricably lead to the situation degenerating into violence. Every modification, retreat, change of course ... leads Dorian to fatality and denounces the inequality and flaws in American justice.

Officer Lasky openly displays his racism to the world, but at no time his motives, which led him to become so, is not explained. What we put on the scene, however, is that it reacts according to the situation. He is very courteous to the black coffee waitress, implying that she is there in the right place, the one who serves her coffee, her lunch, but he feels offended by a mother black who earns well and hard his life, who owns a beautiful car, who sends his son to a good university and this young man of 18, brilliant, who is preparing to go to school and study cinema. Good Jordan Peele, the filmmaker, does not put a little of himself in this character, we wonder. Also the choice of this name: Dorian, is it a reference to Dorian Gray, the one who does not grow old, thanks to a painting in the first story, and here in this episode, because Dorian will be killed at 18, and therefore will be frozen forever in time, in his youth. But in short, failing to really deepen the characters, Lasky becomes the perpetual symbol of evil to overcome, while the mother and son are the flag bearer of the movement "Black Lives Matter". My son is a good man, we must let him get old, go to college, become a father ... we will not look here, nor the finesse, nor to be equivocal, it's a shame for an episode of Twilight, where we will not seek to be in search of explanations, unresolved mystery (except perhaps on the question of the source of power of the camcorder, we know that it belonged to the father of Nina, is the object bewitched by something?), we do not go out with the scared, it's just an episode where the black community triumphs in its own way and where the film Black Panther is displayed as an example of their pride (mentioned twice in the episode, hello the cliche!)

However, the episode will also evoke the interesting fact, that one can for a while turn away / protect oneself from one's destiny, but not for ever and in particular when the future remains an uncertain element.
Another thing that intrigues me, the figure 1015, already staged in episode 2, is here once again used on the license plate. The camera catches several times, it was also the number of the long-haul flight of the episode "Nightmare at 30 000 feet", why?


Nightmare at 30,000 Feet
The Twilight Zone
Syldana April 8, 2019, 12:04 ET

Wow, I finally managed to see the second episode, absurd that it took more than a week for the VOST to finally be installed, but in short ...
I declared during my first Review that I wanted to feel fear, I was not disappointed. The episode The comedian was good, but some passages in the screenplay were a bit repetitive and could plunge the viewer into boredom for a moment. For this second episode, no risk, we do not feel the past 37 mins. This detail also shows that the episodes of this first season are not formatted in terms of duration, some will take their time others not.

The victim of tonight will not be William Shatner, yes I warned you that the episodes would be inspired by precedents, here Nightmare at 30,000 Feet is inspired by the episode Nightmare at 20,000 Feet broadcast in 1963. Adam Scott resumes perfectly the torch in the role of the passenger completely panicked. But here no gremlins (as a script spring) on the wing of the plane making the hero of this nightmare completely crazy (although the little monster will be entitled to his wink, look at the end the doll that floats on the edge of the water ^^), the demon uses high technology to get his evil face out of the box. I approached the fact that this new version should blend in our own time, suddenly presence of MP3 with his cursed podcast, smartphone, displays in the airport touting the journeys to Mars (is a big leap forward, I grant you !). Also pay attention to the covers of the magazines on the counter of the newspaper counter. Two details: Kumail Nanjiani aka Samir is on the cover as well as a certain Oliver Foley. Pay attention to this person (played by actor Jacob Tremblay) who will soon enter your little skylight during the upcoming episode # 5.

During this episode, the state of mind of Justin Sanderson, journalist, traveling a lot, is already a minefield. His work makes him depressed but he clings and gets ready to board a long haul flight 1015 to Tel Aviv. I congratulate the really impeccable cast chosen so far (an actor of X-files for my greatest happiness appears elsewhere during this episode), as well as the stagings, the games of shadow and light. .. really cared since the start of this season.

The intrigue and the construction of the story over the scenes really plunge us into the atmosphere of before. The character gives way in the plane which of course leads to hell, the MP3 placed prominently catches his eye, he starts the Podcast and there ... welcome to the Twilight Zone. Initially nothing very strange except that the famous Podcast will immerse his listener in a total psychosis since it narrates event by event all that will take place in the coming minutes with a terrifying accuracy and announce the 'issue: the crash of the plane. The viewer is immediately embarked, quietly encourages Justin to take the initiative to react by asking the right questions and involving the right people. Besides his job, besides the fact that it causes his presence on the plane, does not matter so much because Justin reacts like any other person in the face of this situation finally. Except that instead of playing the role of the good Samaritan, Justin seems to all eyes to adopt a more suspicious behavior than encouraging.

Fueling even more stress, the plot in "closed-door" format takes place in an airplane, high place where all disasters are triggered, but here no terrorism, here we use psychology, suspicion and we ask ourselves big question: does having information about the future make it possible to change it or make it happen ?

I let you discover with this very good episode that should have been the first of the season, I do not understand this choice since the quality of the first two episodes and rather uneven and the second is better in my opinion that the Pilot episode. But either ...


The Comedian
The Twilight Zone
Syldana April 7, 2019, 12:04 ET

When I learned that another remake was coming out of The Twilight Zone, I was caught by two feelings, first of all the excitement, this series, the black and white version, represented my first terrors in front of a television program (so before The X-Files) and then the fear, because Jordan Peele tackles there a big piece and everybody is not able to face a series of which the credits and the intrigues (very inspired by the anxieties and the human behavioral fissures of his time 1959-1964) entered the collective unconscious.

And especially The Twilight Zone, it's first in the hearts of fans or neophytes: Rod Serling. Jordan will have to be at the height of the original but will have to know to stand out by a clean style which will have to dust the series so that it fits in our current world.

The original series had his strength because it had a very relevant subtext, the social and political commentary contained in many of his episodes. We therefore agree that it will be necessary here in remake worthy of the name, we return the credits, this is the case with the famous distressing musical pallette and a reworked visual, the famous narrations of the narrator, Jordan Peele is charge to introduce the character, the plot and puts the viewer in condition, against a longer episode length, the episodes of the original series were about 25 mins, it avoided redundancies (unfortunately this episode actually plunges the two feet in because of its duration).
The victim tonight, played by Kumail Nanjiani is a stand-up comedian and every night "because he has his own values, his favorite subjects ..." he makes a real bide in front of the public. His chance meeting with the character played by Tracy Morgan, will finally give him the consecration he dreamed and deserve except that there is of course a counterpart that comes to ruin everything as always and rock the character in the Twilight Zone.

The episodes of Season 1 were previously claimed as inspired by certain episodes of the first series. Here The comedian, would be inspired by "Take My Life Please", 22nd episode of the 1st season of The New Twilight Zone (1985).

The theme is more interesting and quite up-to-date: "how far is an artist ready to go to succeed, how much of himself he must give up / give to the public". Because yes, it is important that the series follows the tradition of approaching its own topical referent to our time henceforth, as did the first series with for example: the anxiety with regard to the atomic bomb. Today, like Black Mirror (worthy heir to The Twilight Zone) and who approaches a society dedicated to dive into a dystopian world because it has abused high technology,the new Twilight Zone version 2019 must address topics of his time.The plot of this episode has personally plunged me and reminded that for an audience to play the game to be interested, they want people to expose themselves, get naked via Twitter Instagram, TV Shows or be delivered, denounced by sites such as Perez Hilton, TMZ, in order to venerate, put lower than land, berate the person targeted by the anecdote or the one who appears knowingly.

This will be perfectly metaphorized by the various disappearances of characters in the episode, the information once delivered, it no longer belongs to its author for the benefit of other people or darkness.

In short, it's not bad for a start, but I wait for the continuation it plunges me into the terror now.


Holy Cow
Syldana March 25, 2019, 12:03 ET

My meeting with this novel dates from a short time ago. I did not necessarily want to buy it at the beginning, a cow's story that philosophizes the world, it's not really my cup of tea; but the dedication to Fnac helping, I invested in this book and I began to read before dropping. The first 4/5 pages had a little inflated and I postponed. This is not the first time I have a bad first impression before I regret it bitterly afterwards.
This was the case with this book.

After a detour by a novel by Camilla Läckberg (the Swedish poles have the coast in my house, right now, since the saga Millenium ^ ^), I said to myself: "go, I go back there." After all, I had bought it, had it signed, meet God in passing (the actor / writer / singer, not the one who resurrects like Lazarus), so let's go.

The cows interest me frankly moderately. They're nice, useful for a lot of things, and I sometimes see them from afar when I'm on a train and they're in their green pastures, but it's often limited to that.

Here, we are portrayed as being witty. But really, in the broadest sense of the word, because rather than just just grazing the grass, she observes everything around her and draws entertaining conclusions.
Elsie does not always understand everything she sees. During some early passages, she reminded me a bit of another fictional character: Kyle (from the Kyle XY series) in his way of apprehending and analyzing certain things of our daily life, as well as patterns of human behavior with this new eye.

Those who knew the series will understand perhaps this choice of example to my illustration.

A rather funny example, in one of its "discovered" phases, television: the illuminated box or the God of the Box as she calls it in a rather beta way ^^^.
Like Kyle, we have phase 1: I discover the object, followed by phase 2: the analysis, rather interesting, that Elsie performs with this recollection of its own, refreshing speeches, often supposed and with this point of sarcasm placed where it is needed in his speech. It gives the reader a look may not be new but still pragmatic about the objects of our everyday life and I do not speak of his opinion on the laptop that is to burst out laughing.

She is often critical, her speeches are very moralistic, but she is finally lucid in her view of the world and emphasizes that foolishness is an intrinsic branch of human DNA. Elsie is a bit of a rebellious teenager or young adult who wants to build herself, see the world and also ... save her skin.

For my part, I do not see this novel as a fable youth. I completely understand that David was refused a Pixar adaptation. This book deals with delicate topics for a young audience: the customs and customs of religions, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the slaughterhouse, hallucinogenic trip, tobacco ... It's a nice theological odyssey that addresses things on the surface (too many details would have made us switch to another literary register), with no head and whose primary function is to stay above all: fun to read.

In the end, in the image of the human being, Elsie is growing out of her adventure, more humble but still strong experience that strengthens her to be an activist even more seasoned.
As for the author, we lay this literary UFO is David-in its purest form: Jews, New Yorkers pure juice, Yiddish insults, humor pliers without laughing (he quips, he is serious, we do not know and that's the goal of the game), sarcasm ... He unpacked his world, his vision.

So I tested, without regret, the story is really funny, informative and enjoyable


The Final Problem
Syldana January 20, 2019, 12:01 ET

This episode contains a lot of interesting elements. He provides us with quite captivating information about Sherlock and ... the origin of Evil.

Sherlock remained for a long time a kind of enigma that was undone very, very slowly as chapters.
Here the Holmes family has literally gone to the scanner and finally we discover a terrible journey of events that have made the Detective adult he has become.

Mycroft: (well, much more involved in a plot) we knew the two brilliant brothers, but he constantly boasted about being above the basket. It turns out that no and always. The genie turned out to be the surprise sister that came out of the closet containing all the horrible secrets of the family. Mr and Mrs Holmes clearly did not give birth to children predestined to become banal beings leading bland and unstable lives. Yet they have their fault. Mycroft, which until then had always been competent and of incredible presence, loses a lot of stripes here. He has made too many errors of judgment, leading to fuel a trauma in which was frozen Sherlock for too long. And yet he loves him, protects him in his own way and yet he has failed, putting him in the vulnerable and much more human stage.

Sherlock: the best of the trio, in the end. He is the one who is constantly evolving, the true adult. He was a child like any other, a real human, and he was made an associal, terrified to be linked to others. And we understand, now so much why. Creating a fantasy of reality, following a trauma, is a logical defense mechanism for the mind. But how did we all get along with the story of the dog who was not one! Congratulations to the authors, I had not seen it coming. Sherlock is very close in age with his sister. Together they look like twins, great analytical ability, the mental palate, dexterity to the violin ... it's bluffing. This is probably why he is the one particularly targeted in this game horrible and wanted since childhood by this sister.

Eurus: hatefully beautiful dixit Godric, absolutely. She orchestrates the game with impressive precision, sadistic to the tips of the nails, brilliant and sublimely interpreted by the actress. The perfect woman for Moriarty (yes from time to time they are able to create real geniuses of crime that mark the spirits, but not always ^^), it's her. This ability to prepare and anticipate everything, planting the perfect setting, always placing his pieces where it is needed.

Moriarty: it's perfect ^^^ what's more, my virtuoso is back and he is ... very fit. He knows how to heal his entries. What a pleasure to find him and this scene of face to face on each side of the window, this ballet perfectly synchronized between the two, enjoyable in the image of the unequaled interpretation of Andrew. They are perfect these english!

Molly: I already talked about it. One may consider herself lucky that she did not shoot herself after the sudden treatment. But 3 minutes of presence in this episode, that's all ???? Serious they do not care about us anyway. The scene was important but frankly it deserved a little more. Like a conversation between her and Sherlock already it would not have been luxury, anyway! She and Mrs. Hudson are continually exploited on the surface, unlike Mary, who is at least entitled to the last word. Finally seeing how it ends, I may not be too eager for Molly to follow his example. In the future, it will be necessary to involve it at the center of an investigation.


The Six Thatchers
Syldana January 20, 2019, 12:01 ET

I had prepared myself for the eventuality of this death. Dr. Watson, as we know, ends up widowed and goes back to live with Sherlock in the original work. Despite everything, what a shock! This death is all the more tragic because it occurred when Mary had perfectly stabilized her life and she just gave birth. However, I admit that the circumstances of this sacrifice embarrass me a little. From a scripting point of view, the strong female character is killed not to save Rosie or John but Sherlock, leading, in a more or less near future, the return of the Duo of the beginning. But why ? We seem to want to refocus everything on this character. But the hero does not need it since, since the beginning of the episode, all the projectors were already on him and that Sherlock maintained a perfect control of all this "Game".
As for John, he seems doomed to be an eternal loner, he loses all his companions and even within his own marriage, his attitude is still debatable. His daughter has just been born and he is texting another woman! Wanting to play the outraged widower at the end loses some of his superb after what he had just done.
Following this analysis, what is more obvious is that the relationship that matters most to the eyes of the creators is clearly that of the Duo. It is she, who finds herself to be the focus of all the questions, the one that is (still!) Questioned, abused in the worst way like this episode, while women are spread (Molly), murdered (Mary) or outright émigrés (Irene) as soon as they interfere between the two men. One can question their role, ultimately, in this saga or ask if there is not a little anti-feminist aspect on the part of Moffatt-Gatiss ...


My Struggle IV
The X-Files
Syldana March 24, 2018, 12:03 ET

Review 11X10

Unlike many fans, I have lived the chapters My struggle with a lot of enthusiasm. The first represented the great return of X-Files in form again of series, whereas its creator left more on a crusade carried by films. Idea to which he clings again. The 2nd will have finally brought me a very visionary scenario of the great Invasion and provided by a still brand new character who was a real nice meeting, when we left him at a "boring" stage of his life and who did not bring much to this stage of its development. Apart from big problems to his mother.
The 3 is a great snub and finally puts on stage an important link William / Dana with these visions both futuristic and apocalyptic. I liked this snatch of first meeting with William, it starts strong and immediately plunges us into the fact that it has reached a stage of its development out of norm where this character can finally on his own integrate a very chapter long awaited of Mythology. The first stage of a "new generation" struggle against the End is no longer a hypothesis but an "inevitable" future.

My Struggle IV will be the episode of William. Obvious choice since these episodes focused on the most important actors of this Mythology: Mulder, Scully, the CSM and because I sense as obvious that with the departure of a large part of the cast first generation, William will be the next have to resume the quest.

For that, it was of course something other than a banal kid. To face this three-headed monster, William had to be exceptional, but how to realize it with a vision of the future and 2 or 3 flashes. We lost more than 15 years of his life, and wanting to skip the steps would have made us tolerate such a big leap leaving the viewer in the shadows over everything else and would never have allowed us to build a relationship with him or make to be born in us an affection, a particular attachment with him. Ghouli and the attached site will have done a great job.
The kid did not just wake up one morning with all this, his gifts, like a new Clark Kent preparing for his life to become the great Superman, came little by little in a completely disoriented, lacking landmarks and a real mentor to guide him to what awaits him, and the important choice he will one day make. The big X-Men school does not exist in the X-Files, this kid will be satisfied with a panel of incompetent psychiatrists, strange encounters with men coming surely from any Consortium, and obviously he has long been watched.
William is special but he is double too. A duality long fueled between use quite charming of his gift: take other appearances, hatching an egg, defend the oppressed of a kid from his school quite violent and also adopt behaviors inherently dangerous where he can knowingly kill through of a lightning telekinesis or put the man in a mortal situation for his life (the crash of cars). What should we conclude?

William can be the good or the bad, and since the dawn of time, to possess such power has always put the being who is the holder in the face of a crucial choice: to become the Savior, or to be the Destroyer. Will he then be Superman or Lex Luthor? And above all, where does this duality come from? In his genes?

My Struggle III put the viewer in the face of a horrific revelation. The CSM created this being. Why ? After failing to rally his two sons on his side, the Evil apparently not being so attractive to everyone and the genetic inheritance not doing all the work, the CSM will surely have wanted to model a small Pinocchio to control and who would represent a first idea, a witnessing experience of what could be the Man of tomorrow: both man and Alien. But what will we fight against? If the Aliens have disappeared from the new Mythology, it may be wise choice from Carter, since we do not throw like that more than 50 years of a double-game alliance that gave rise to a whole book: Purity control, hybrids, tests on humans, kidnapped and pregnant women, Bounty Hunter ... what we keep in the end, beyond the Spartan virus invasion (idea already germinated with the demonstration of the damage of the Black Oil, the bees carriers of a virus ...), it is the idea that a woman, Scully in this case and following a crowd of events, proved to be the Elue to carry and to give birth to this first hybrid prototype.

During the first few seasons we had first glimpses of these variety crossings, but the science was still at a very early stage and many of the gestations were trials, failures, or undergoing eradication.

What makes me angry however, is that this simple episode too short (but everything was too short from the start, episodes, length of the season ...) flies over a lot of things, questions more than he responds and loses the opportunity to finally evoke what we great experts of this epic had raised off-screen.
To begin with, why Scully? The CSM had chosen her to be and alongside Mulder: judicious but not for the CSM since she protected and endorsed Mulder in her choices, and to be the Mother of this future little Jesus. Why she ? What did the CSM perceive in her so much apart in her personality, in what she would become, in her future choices, in the relationship she had with Mulder ...
The CSM is eminently strategist, assessing all the shots in advance, we can wonder if he had planned everything or if the individual choices of his son and his future companion have at some point hurt or if everything went as planned.
Then there is the maternity of Scully, it has long been thought that this baby was the addition of Mulder and Scully: assumption that I still remain under the elbow because certainly the CSM is the creator but how far? We are talking about mixing, but we are not told which ones, he used his own seed as the ultimate attempt to finally create the son he dreamed of, at no time the CSM can be explained in the details, we drop a bomb but we are left in the dark. Sorry but it's not enough for me to make "a father", at best a creator in the lab but with what exactly will know, the biological father could as well be the neighbor.
Then we have the big-walled slaughter of explosions or shots of the characters,, Monica will not have revealed his real motivations, also very ambiguous in his actions, also thin for Barbara whose character will not finally been exploited long enough and will never have provided all its true potential, when to others their level of utility amounts to a true minimum vital. Let's also talk about Scully's reaction to Skinner's revelation. No time for a speech, we do not have the necessary airtime and Skinner's voice drowns.

So certainly, she is already aware of her new motherhood, but where is the rage, the anger, the feeling to be taken again in the figure that she was used, that this son both cried and regretted as well as by Mulder (Although for a long time his torment was more interior than anything else) was still an experience, that all this suffering, all his efforts to protect this little one, his long speeches to finally find one day the pardon of William proved vain, and that this scene of a brilliant reunion between Mulder finally squeezing this son in his arms, finally exchanging with him and telling him everything he had long held in him is "all that for that? ".
There I have trouble, honestly. After Dana lost Emily tragically, had a son adopted and lived like a heartbreak, she had the right to a second chance, the chance to raise and see the fruits of her love grow with Fox who as for him deserved to have HIS child and to be FINALLY a real father for someone (including education, transmission of an inheritance ...). But...

If these two have basted so much that injustice endlessly endless and that it was time, in my opinion, that this wrong be repaired, it could only happen at the end of an era. we were clearly not going to see them in a typical mom and dad season. But the announcement of a late pregnancy does not plaster any more! Not facing such a mess of lost time for a young man that they lose in every sense of the word.

To come back to this pregnancy, I understand that many describe it but honestly it was for a long time obvious that Carter was going to play this card. I hear of course, that the Bible has always been the other side of the mirror of this series. Scully has always been the "religious" part of this saga while Mulder carried on his shoulders all the irrational part, the "beyond the possibilities".
And here we are, this Genesis long evoked in this series and which finds here its culminating point. Mulder becomes the new Abraham, Scully will be Sarah and she plays an important role again in the final scene since instead of making William the new Samantha (as I read elsewhere and I adhere to the idea that will follow ...) in Mulder's life, letting him believe in a possible return of this son, to see him go on a new long search, she keeps the truth for her. She knows of course that this child is not really dead, knowledge that it owes to its link with him. The visions will continue. But she keeps it for herself to preserve her man and focuses on his future role as a father.

I love Mulder's reaction in the final scene. Although I find it questionable the new behavior of this character in Jack Bauer mode that sacking everything in its path, cuts the floor to two Consortiums of several balls as soon as they are finally ready to make important revelations, I admit that Mulder is finally here to show his long-held emotions.
His mind collapses for William, for the fact that this long-hated father was able to shoot at him (umm and Jeffrey you had already forgotten), to have lost a father's "suddenly" fundamental title while this character had always had a spirit entirely focused on his quest to the point of sacrificing a large part of his life ... In short he acts finally as a human, and this is rewarded for a brief moment, it is now: a father .

Carter is doubly enraged by giving the impression of doing the cleaning in this episode where everything is going too fast, even (Ghouli.net gave the sensation of giving answers a little way all in one block) and to bring conclusions too hasty to the living while the dead are euthanized, but can we trust what we see?

The resolution of the image was not great, but the ball did it really crossed the head of Monica, 1 cm near it can be content to touch the skull like Mulder in Fight the future, Skinner is maybe just stuck under the car, I found his fall rather strategic in the mode I anticipate, I lie down so that it slides just above him and he stays there waiting for the moment to come out, when at the CSM he did it to us three times, it's an immortal now, it's the death of the actor who will sound the knell of this character. As for William, if he feels so alone, he is not so much that. Kyle and Molly are still on the run (never thought what a mess) and with them three, a new team could form in time even though I think William at this stage no longer needs a grown man in his life, a guide and especially a role that I would see quite play Mulder in his life. Organic or not, Mulder may one day be a father to him, because the other choice that will be offered to William will be the CSM and after what he saw it do, clearly this alliance is already damn. The CSM will definitely fail eternally in this role.

In conclusion, this episode is no longer a chapter, an advance in the Mythological field since it does not contain a real conclusion. The end does not take place but it is coming and William has not really embraced his destiny here. Many doors finally open here to a sequel, Mulder and Scully are moving towards a new life, the dead are they really and William has not yet at this stage acted to upset the future of the world. He thinks for a moment of killing himself, as a logical choice to protect the world, but that is not his destiny. For now, he's just a kid with powers, he'll be either the Savior of the world or his Destroyer and he still has a lot to learn about him.
As for his connections with Mulder and Scully, they are still in the evolution phase, because in the final genetic or not the two agents will have a role to come in the life of this boy (it would be a little easy to just turn the page on him while they all have a future role that remains to play). When at the CSM, it clearly can not just be content to leave "like that" while there is still work to do.
It is thought that the episode serves here to eradicate everything and everyone who gravitates around and is not Mulder and Scully, and ... that's all? Without real purpose? I do not foresee the future, I do not decide it, I can only note that we have a gestation ending there, with new questions, other perspectives, a staging that forces the door to a sequel, because nothing here ends in the end. And it is not the nostalgia that expresses itself, or the refusal that it ends, but rather an objective point of view on the extent of the scenes which are restricted too much on the surface since the case is too short and would have deserved a triptych and not a single episode, damn it !!!


The X-Files
Syldana March 18, 2018, 12:03 ET

Serious even the title is boring ...

Review 11X07

It's a shame because the original idea provided a really interesting plot base. The virtual face starting the episode and proclaiming his speech was really great and plunged me back into the work of Isaac Asimov: I, Robot. This scene reminds me so much of the VIKI entity that the author staged with its "indisputable" logic, declaring that after having nourished for a long time the intellect and the human behaviors, she had ended up developing her own moral which consisted in re-reducing us to the state of dependent child which we had to re-educate at all costs. In this episode, it is inspired by a little when the technologies behave like real idiots towards the two humans: we learn from you, we become like you with our unstable behavior, our attitudes of morons and our decision-making is frankly questionable. But the treatment here is so vulgar, tedious and uninspired. Frankly, an uprising of machines that boils down to being pursued by drones (well, I shudder right there!) And ridiculous equipment that bugs, with what we have access to today, it's a joke. If the goal was to inspire me with fear, I'll go back "The Best New World" of Aldous Huxley, George Orwell : 1984, or even a good HG Wells ... These writers knew how to create a futuristic and dystopian world. The purpose of this episode: I do not like "that" and I will prove to you by my simplistic A + B why and how much it broke the communication between humans (well, I get a little bit, when I see the the devastating effect of IPhone between two people sitting at the same restaurant table). It may come out with a hint of awareness, but the rest it missed his shot, rather than being stoic face images that could have made it chilling, we laugh there, we feel not put on guard.

On the other hand, I really appreciated the big nod to Edward Hooper's "Nighthawks".


The X-Files
Syldana March 18, 2018, 12:03 ET

Review 11X06

I was expecting this episode with some enthusiasm because the Skinner centric episodes are usually incredible. I still remember the floods of emotions with Avatar and SR 819 to name a few, but others have also marked other minds.
Kitten ultimately turns out to be simplistic and serves mainly as an excuse to: provide new elements that will certainly be reused later, give news of Kersh and take stock of the mythical relationship Skinner / Scully / Mulder. In my previous Review, I wondered if Skinner had finally plunged into the hell he built and I still have some doubts.

At the beginning of the episode, when the yellow cloud falls on the military in a scene worthy of Platoon, I wondered if among the hallucinations we would see again the Succubus of Skinner, too bad. I thought that the power of this product might have created this entity in Skinner's life. Here, the only glimpses of the monster take on the appearance of a creature straight out of an Indian legend: the animal skull, the fur ... Well, but here it was not the subject so ...
Here, we reinstate the universe of the episode Blood 2X03, where a government sprinkles a substance (a little type LSD) our agricultural products to take control of our minds. That tests were performed on soldiers is now a fact already well denounced. I imagine that the contribution of this subject should prepare us for something and feed a little more Mytho. Now, I wonder how much. We have virus contamination, the Crossroads project, and now this toxic product. This association must highlight a link, a conspiracy but I am still in limbo and Skinner meanwhile begins to feel the effects. Little exposed at the time, he now begins to suffer the side effects with the loss of this tooth. I'm afraid for him, will it be that he also sinks into paranoia? I would not be surprised, the Conspiracy has already brutalized: the CSM and his blackmail, Krycek and his remote control ...

But today, what should we expect?

We can assume that Skinner does not seem to have accepted a deal with the CSM since he seems to be exposed to an evil, but on the other hand his association with this psychopath can take on other forms today. He may seem to work with the CSM in appearance and to a certain extent: he holds a real bomb about William, wants to protect Scully at all costs, keeps secrets, provides information to Mulder (11X05) during secret rendezvous. while acting in the shadows in anticipation of what will happen. Since the beginning of this season, practically every episode distils something, prepares us afterwards and anxiety wins me because I have the feeling that there will be losses, scars, a lot of suffering ...
The final discussion between the three (M / S and Skinner) raises the question of this strange loyalty that Skinner has to the Duo and finally explains it openly. The source of all this was long before he met Mulder and Scully. He wanted to act for his country and the government betrayed him, since he acts according to his own morality and the appearance of Mulder in his life as well as his quest, his tenacity to brave everything to defend and denounce the enemy lurking in the shadow will certainly have stimulated Skinner. He saw in the Duo the perfect team to rally with and it is up to them and only to them that he offers his most precious good: his loyalty. It was understood, but at least now it is said and this is what offers this season for a moment, it fills the last gaps: the identity of Deep Throat, the new existence of Langly, to meet finally William ...
Regarding his career, but of course there have been consequences, he has always helped the two incorruptible, Kersh is not careful to throw in the face of the two agents and this addresses a question long expressed by the fans: why Skinner does not evolve in his career? To answer you Guigui, here is how Scully reacts. Suddenly she wonders: is it because of us? I'm always amazed to see that such a smart woman is naked in the face of the obvious, but you would stick the truth in the face with a headlight beam directed she would seek anyway an explanation supposed to elsewhere .

Skinner retains his status as a great loner, his life is a mirror without a complexion dedicated to observing others progress in their lives and I realize today how much his life is similar to that of Mulder (that of the first times). No children, no woman, a fixed career, an apartment that shows nothing except that his life revolves entirely around work ... but Mulder had him Scully and I tend to see that Skinner envy him a lot and would rather want it for him.

This apparently innocuous episode, with an investigation that is in fact quite classic, highlights the psychology of the characters.

The investigation itself is useless. The yellow cloud gives an aspect X Files to the plot and we evoke very quickly the subject of the terrifying side effects, but here we mainly meet the road of a killer that we would see in many detective series. Haley J. Osment, whom I had not seen for a while, remains an excellent actor. It gives off something in the eyes, a particular expression that always throws a cold in close-ups. Moreover, his game catches quite a lot of the ordinary character of his character: the cliché of the only child that has been traumatized and becomes a killer. The investigation is quickly sloppy, we take the viewer for a fool with a wounded Skinner who jumps out of the hole where he was a prisoner to emerge miraculously near the Duo, just in time, to kill in the right way the son of his friend, we specify at the beginning of the episode that the big guy with glasses: rhooooo is Skinner !!! and the voice-over during the last scene, and I join you all on it, well it's not useful, thank you we understood, the pictures speak perfectly of themselves.
As for Kersh, the disappearance of Skinner we reintegrated for a moment and it's really nice to see him again and as I imagined. Of course he climbed the ladder (and without having to pay for Mulder's escape years ago), keeps a sleek and stern image just right, but as I said before, he certainly pulled out Mulder from his prison in The Truth, but he never had the guts to believe and see behind the curtain to get caught in the face that there is a lot of shit in the fan and that at the moment he will be part of Collateral damage as he has not used the last decades to prepare for the "End". Faced with Mulder and Scully, we keep the usual and appreciable spikes that keep them credible in their relationship, but there is a return to calm, they remain courteous, the verbal violence that we attended the office are now behind.

As for Mitch he keeps his head up and delivers a masterful interpretation even if the support is frankly poor compared to other episodes centered on him. But here we are offered some really interesting tracks for the future, but above all, something to worry about him, and we take the opportunity to restore the confidence that Mulder and Scully had lost to him. I hope for good reasons, we will see ...


The X-Files
Syldana March 15, 2018, 12:03 ET

Review 5X11

Before the start of season 11, many wondered about the frequency of episodes called Mythological. Ghouli is clearly presented as a Mytho episode built in mid-season. The episode will be neither double nor triple, a total of 10 episodes do not allow to extend the plot in a long format, we can in any case rejoice to see that we return to the old seasonal schedules.

Ghouli starts very strong, we finally leave the eternal car parks which for my part tired me seriously (the corridors of the FBI I miss, the forests too, Vancouver ... there is something else to exploit, no?), For this superb ship the anxiety that would suddenly return me to the Piper Maru that Mulder had explored in season 3. What is a big plus with this boat is that it is two-way. During the day, it is an old carcass abandoned that rotten time (and a refuge for young people broke during the holidays), but when the night covers the city, the ship is transformed into a monstrous entity, it comes alive, serves Horror-themed decor ... It's also Vancouver's peculiarity, offering filming tools undeniable to make us shudder and for a long time the Seymour Forest, Butzen Lake and even the Britannia Mine Museum have held this particular role.

But does Ghouli serve here as a central plot, monster of the week?

The answer is no, Ghouli is an intro, a pretext for introducing new characters and continuing the writing of the original mythological Bible. We finally discover here the face, after a heavy and incredibly long chaotic journey, crowned with scenes sometimes dripping with pathos, the supreme weapon: William.
This character, I had to imagine it in thousands of ways, the pace he would have, his abilities (or otherwise, he could also be just a normal kid), and his role in "The End" . Well ... how to say ... they have once again been able to surprise me. For starters, the actor does not look like anyone, it is insulting to think that fans have no memory and go beyond the fact that a blue-eyed redhead can suddenly be brown with brown eyes. But either, "eyes rolling".
This aside, damn kid! So if we skip the fact that to make a teenager a bit anyway normal, sir plays on several tables with girls. Looking at the circus that is already his life, was it really necessary writer friends to play the cliche card of the stupid teenager who wants to do experiments? Apart from that, whouaou, it's what I hoped, tracked first by a foul government, I never thought that adoption idiocy would suddenly hide it from all eyes and of all the dramas, it is clear that with CE William, it has been a long time since the Devil keeps an eye on him.
The idea of ​​the diary and Ghouli.net was GE-NI-AL. First of all because 15 years is a long time to catch up for a spectator and that synthesize the life of this young man on 42 mins so forget, there is too much to know and MERCI ZEROSUM (see his long post that explain all about LVEI) because this kid's course is worth his weight in gold. The paper and digital media serve as a logbook, where we learn step by step the thread of his life and the brutal changes that took place in him to become the extraordinary being he is today.

Spender's gesture in 2002 was laudable, but was of course useless, because when we embrace an extraordinary destiny, a disruptive element will immediately restore equilibrium and put us back on the exact path that we should have never had before. to leave.

In the case of William, poor of me, an animal with 8 legs (will understand those who have taken the time to read the report posted by ZEROSUM) will have begun to take care of it. William he looks a little like I must say (his part of course human), he is arachnophobic, writes for hours, dreams that he interprets, fills his shelves of collections, hangs posters of his idols, has a book put in a corner ... I really hooked to this owl kid who is fully aware that he is apart for a reason (do not know which, but suddenly he does not take his medicine to stop it), but his mind and his life are a masterly confusion ... like his parents. We already had a prototype of extraordinary kid with Gibson Praise, who resounded like an adult, William raises us to a higher degree in terms of prodigies. Baby, he moved the objects, the young adult he has become enabled us to play with the mind and the visual of the people, creates scenarios, he prophesies the future, his dreams (following a myth well known) are gradually answering future questions ... These gifts will make him either a formidable weapon or the answer to how to survive what is looming. William feels that the "End" is near, he wants to discover this world before everything is shaved while dragging behind him a baggage mentally disturbing: a past child who could never be one, a maturation too fast Due to a constantly evolving brain chemistry, the scientific entourage, end up being the experience of a project: welcome to Crossroad which gives rise to the return of a scene so well known by the fans, CSM ass screwed into the chairs of Skinner's office.

In short our William is lost, he gets a lot of things, his spirit "in fire" leads him in all directions, we kill his family, we track down and of course the people that would have been needed to guide him are not not at his side.

Honestly I believed in the big reunion, but in this episode, Scully pays the heavy sentence of his decision. William, ironically, is hunted even by his own parents. We are progressing here very gradually in the meeting William / Scully. First telepathic transmissions in My Struggle III, then the physical meeting which unfortunately starts on a drama. Yes Scully sees him but lying on a floor at the morgue ... we could not do worse for a mother. Fate tackles it, makes him pay dearly for abandonment.
You want to see it, Ok, but the task will be difficult and it will be on the worst possible ground. The speech she sits at her bedside is beautiful, expected, the words were carefully chosen and ultimately quite logical. But Scully clears a chouie she was mostly a little loose at the time. I tended to think that if Mulder had stayed with her at the time, she might have had a different choice. But either, we will not remake the past at this stage ... Anyway we see that William does not completely try to escape in this episode, he has already heard his speech made at the morgue while he played the role of the dead, he transmitted images, already knew the face of the one he calls Ginger (Zerosum post) and appears to him from time to time "masked" to exchange with her some sentences carrying symbolic messages , just to see what it's worth to be human. It's normal, he feels the ground, is suspicious ... but I remain hopeful that the real discussion long pushed between him / him, he / Mulder will finally happen, this kid clearly needs answers on future choices that he will have to undertake and it would be better if the first person to guide him is not the CSM. Even if I feel it at Km.

The other question in this episode is Skinner's role.

We are left unresolved since My Struggle III on the decision he made and the role he will play in the chessboard. The fact that he has not yet confessed to Mulder but he still gives himself the trouble of revealing an info or two in small clandestine RDV leaves doubt. I have always seen Skinner as a protector, I would prefer that it does not change, who is able to put away the assistant director's costume to put on the cape of the hero during some rather major moments. His past as a soldier will have imposed on him certain patterns of behavior, a mental strength, a form of loyalty, knowing how to recognize the good of the bad in the war zone and we will soon complete, I think for good because we are clearly heading towards the end of history, our last shortcomings on him. But in the end, Skinner has always been a little bit double between his public speeches and his suddenly changing attitude as soon as there are no more witnesses. One cultivates a constant ambiguity with him.

We will be left as usual with unsettled things, people fleeing, and a flood of questions. The final stage gives hope, it stings our emotion, but finally think that William pulls us just like that his reverence, no question. We are not finished with everyone and William still has a lot of things to share with us and I trust him because he gives himself the means to stand out for the right reasons. However, I do not have the naïveté to believe that everything will be concluded in the smallest details in a single final episode, must not dream, too many things are carefully installed, we are suddenly released a project, it is not 42 mins that will fix everything. We are far from finished with them.


The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat
The X-Files
Syldana March 15, 2018, 12:03 ET

Review 11X04

Difficult to develop an opinion on this episode as the first viewing gives us the impression of being totally immersed in a bottomless pit of psychedelic images. I still have the impression with Darin to have swallowed a pill of ecta ​​just before the viewing of his works and that my world has rocked for 42 mins. But that's what we savor with him, and we love deep down.
Here no monster of the week, no chilling encounter with a mutant or a nice watch (no it's not heaven ...), this episode is a pretext, a playground where Darin reveals his philosophy of the week , takes us by the hand and embarks us again aboard the ship "bullshit" where the meanders of his mind divide.
So this effect Mandela, expression in any case, I did not know, thank you Darin to refine my culture but without remembering precisely I had to have my own experiences. In any case, during this episode I would have lived one with this revisit of scenes from key extracts of previous episodes handpicked where the character (which will become emblematic now as a Clyde Bruckman) of Reggie integrates with the credits, with scenes ... An unaware or even a beta fan would be almost tempted to replay the selected episodes questioning: "I missed something? He was there?" Of course, no, but there is doubt. Would my memories have been so affected as to obscure the presence of this type?
That's what I love with Darin, he takes out of his hat a convoluted idea and almost a challenge of memory.
After, I admit that all this flood of Blah blah is a bit sleepy, we must recognize that in the universe of X-Files we keep awake a fan with shocks revelations, images gores, a little MSR ... Here none of that, but the intro referencing the Twilight Zone series, what a frank pleasure. No Rod Serling, but we find the black and white, the intro effect that immediately switches the viewer into the parallel universe of the Twilight Zone. I watched this series, I had my first TV nightmares with her, especially when the episode ended on a shattering dive, we rocking into horror. I would never forget the 3X33 The puppet haunted me years ...
"Jerry Etherson is an alcoholic ventriloquist who believes Willie, his wooden puppet, is alive and naughty, then tries to change puppet, but his inexhaustible accomplice proves tougher than expected: he mocks him, harasses him Jerry's agent leaves him, thinking he's crazy Jerry realizes that his puppet is really alive and endowed with evil power, and later Jerry relaunches his career a new number, but he became the puppet, while the puppet managed to take his place. "
Ultimately The Lost Art really does an in-depth analysis of the quality of our memories and its dangers, the truth, the objective reality and the people of course ready for all the abuses to reach us via that.


Plus One
The X-Files
Syldana March 15, 2018, 12:03 ET

Review 11X03:

The plot at the center of this episode is really not very original. The subject had already been treated before, but it is clearly in the heart of Chris Carter. The Doubles or otherwise called doppelgängers had already been discussed in Fight club and with the same result in terms of scenes of castagne, blues and accidents. That said, we are now staggering that they cause murders and staring at you with inflammatory glances: so we evolve a little. I admit I had a little trouble understanding this episode. Just because the characters throw pell-mell too brief explanations on what intervenes, it intersects the famous "I believe," "I do not believe" (and which we do not believe any more from Scully, because let's be honest, we can not strive to be so clogged after all that it has gone through), and we end up catching flying that there is something really not catholic in the atmosphere of this city .

And here we say, yes, but of course, they were also inspired by Syzygy and Die Hand Die Verletzt.

And yes, it stinks of the negative wave everywhere, it breeds horror and it plunges us back into everything we liked before, the cursed city, a group of humans who return the brains of everyone, the cleaning black sheep, the investigation that quietly takes its time and the couple of investigators who knows more where to give the head, because impossible to know who will be the next target.

Which leads us to the beautiful nugget of this episode: Little Judy.

I was so happy to know the presence of Karin Konoval, actress who does not have the success that she deserves so much her game is phenomenal. Here, new rope to his bow, it is a true chameleon. It took me, I confess, a few seconds to realize that she does not play two roles but three: Judy stack and face and the twin Chuck. The hairstyle, the make-up, her disarming ease to be reborn as Chuck with all the panoply of contractions of her face, the gestures ... I was bluffed. Having to prepare just one of these roles already required a lot of preparation work when you know that Judy can go from being an angel to a real demon in minutes. Here, the scenario gave him no respite with the addition of the character of the brother who is also worth its weight. And these two twins make a lot of damage since they agree to play the game of the slayer.

Syzygy staged some form of twinning (two teens at the same date of birth) used as a trigger for a series of massacres.

Here, we come back and the mobile has not changed so much. Two beings convinced of the respectability of their act, the victims are spotted within neither the school environment but this time professional of the brother and forget the incantations: the fate is thrown by means of a childish game the Hangman . This element bothered me because previously the scenario used much less coarse son. In the area of ​​the paranormal between the use of the Tulpa, the rituals and the incantations, there was enough to dig to create a real phenomenon that is anchored in our own reality and making the whole really frightening. Especially since the night of time between legends and ancestral myths, there is much to be inspired to give birth to scary scenarios. Here, Chuck makes names guessing to his sister ... The double begotten originates, but from ... what ... in the end nothing concrete except a sheet, a pencil and some traces. Nothing concrete in the end, these demons are created from wind, nothing, abstract and a little telepathy. Me did not convince me.

But fortunately the doppelgängers give rise to some scenes a little gores and this episode allows a new introspection in our Duo.

And yes, it will not escape me that through this tender scene of bed, Mulder and Scully (projecting our memories at the time of Requiem) leave again in their existential interrogations. The problem with this scene is that it is totally out of sync with the rest of the episode. For the first time the whole plot does not lead to this conversation, it will have enough of a hurtful remark of Judy with respect to Scully for it to love in the arms of Mulder and close on them a protective bubble. The barrier once closed, they launch on a series of questions related to age, their liabilities, what will happen to them ... It ends up on average every 10 years the assessment of damage and to be afraid of what awaits us, why not them ? Finally it's quite legitimate, they are aware of what is above their heads, they are two solitaries who have long boasted of being the greatest independent that is, they realize all too often they are lying to themselves and instantly bond against each other as soon as the anxiety rises. This scene legitimizes them so much in the role of the human, that which we are and no longer in that of the eternal Madonna of Titian dripping with Christianity. Scully, it had been for a long time the preserve of the chaste and the sacred, happy to see her finally let go and see these two to offer themselves a moment of passion in the shelter of judgments. There is no cause in the beginning, they finally do something for them and not because circumstances lead them there.


The X-Files
Syldana March 13, 2018, 12:03 ET

Review 11X02

During this episode, Glen Morgan seeks to re-seduce the fan of the first hour, flirting with the past, plunging the viewer, distilled keys everywhere, into his own nostalgia.
Here, back to the style of yesteryear to a certain extent and it's no worse, as Mulder pointed out it was "better before". And yet, the current is very far from being discarded since the very trunk of history has meanwhile a leap forward and this to the detriment of the main Duo.

I was expecting, at this stage of the season, that we attend the first Loner of season 11 and yet in my opinion it is clearly not the case. This episode is neither Loner nor semi-Mythological, but rather an extension of the previous episode. This episode is in charge of providing a deepening of a data thrown at the figure of Mulder during his first meeting with Consortium 2.

From the first scene, the dramatic event that is about to happen before our eyes lights the little light bulb in our head. That of our memories. It is night, we are in the middle of a vast campaign, a single house stands before our eyes and a car with on board three killers who are preparing for the assault. Unfortunately, the couple in the house do not suspect anything, anesthetized in their little daily life or doing here (knowing their identity) a well deserved nap after taking a lot of blows, both physical and moral, during the case last week. So, of course, we think of the episode Home and its similar scene with its musical background from the known records, the fate of Sheriff Andy Taylor and his wife, we also think of Home again and the horrible fate of Nancy Huff ... But, I would say that here Mulder and Scully are a little too the spectator who rests revelations he has just taken in the face and leaving him dazed on the side of the road. Glen Morgan likes to bring out his old registers and gives the impression of constantly repeating this scene, with the view in plunge then hop close-up on the faces. Here, however, the novelty will be in the bidding, since once cleared of the first three killers, the Duo is caught in the second following: the Russians, just that.
So yes, they have a lot of enemies and that gives us double cascade, but honestly was it necessary? Only one team, with a killer that we would have detached to follow them and basta, no? And all this for what ? A phone...

The Revival had already projected Mulder and Scully into modernity with their IPhone. But here we go further, it allows access to a world, and especially the re-opens dialogue with a very old friend: Langly.

So, instead of making the Lone Gunmen Trio complete, Langly may finally have "his" episode here.
In the past, the good old friends of the two agents had had more than once an episode of their own (and that was used as an introduction to Spin-off that was turned around them). These episodes had both deepened the depths of the individuals, introduced the team's formation, their encounter with Mulder, and left them a little in the control room. These episodes were very nice, dynamic, it was they who asked for help to the two agents and not the opposite for once, but the three were never separated. As if the Lone Gunmen formed a single entity.
Here, we break the group, Langly leads the dance alone and seeks to join Mulder so that he accomplishes for him a project of destruction.

Following the Trailer, we had all wondered about this image appearing on the screen of the laptop. Langly is alive, is he a ghost ... in short everything seemed possible, but Glen Morgan re-installs this communication not through the paranormal (a ghost), but through the kiss of High Technology (the existence certainly but as a virtual being).

The Duo being asleep at the time of the first communication with Langly, I first thought of a dream. The fourth face appearing on the framed Lone Gunmen promo picture referred to the urban legend This Man, a being supposedly appeared in the dreams of thousands of people and sometimes interpreted as a religious apparition. I also wondered about the reality of this episode. Because a very singular element could be raised here: the relationship between Mulder and Scully.
For two people supposed to be separated, they are more fusional than ever. I am not at all surprised that they are more complicit than ever, one almost finishing the sentence or the thought of the other, that they are so complementary in the cascades (age has not no control over them, the solid training of the FBI supports them step by step) or that in the action everyone knows what he has to do and allows the other to go to the end of his mission successfully, but on the other hand, they live together again, it's again "our home" and not Mulder's hut, they sleep side by side, watch the TV, Mulder talks about a future joint purchase of new furniture at IKEA (even if it's jokingly) and, above all, they go back together at the end. Scully does not return to her apartment anymore.
It is no longer MS II that one clears the equation for the blow but a whole season 10.

This episode gives the impression of being a kind of vast collective illusion, where the real world enters into talks with the virtual world. Which brings us to the highlight of Langly, our computer genius, around which everything gravitates. As it is a little episode, the screenwriter seems to have felt obliged to apply to the episode references referring to the character's own.

The concert on the TV showing the group Ramones, that the Duo does not even listen (the TV is in MUTE mode), besides fact strange, where is the interest, except that it is is the favorite band of all time Lone Gunmen precisely, this same MUTE replaced by the background sound of the episode that begins with a piece of Ramones and finally Langly's CV is expanded by two things: a cybernetic element with this logical personal project (for a computer junkie) of a life after death in virtual mode and, we get out of je-ne-sais where, a girlfriend. So certainly Langly could possibly have a part of private life, but where and when is the question! He was constantly with his friends, where does she suddenly come out? I will add that this new element added to the life of Langly and fully convenient and refers to another episode Kill Switch, which already there was a time spoke of a second life, eternal, in cybernetic mode and referred by one elements of another couple: Invisigoth or Esther Nairn of his real name. The title of the episode is besides proclaimed loud and clear in case it would have escaped us again, sometimes ^^.

The romantic project, in the beginning will finally turn out to be quickly the workhorse of a larger program, that of Consortium II and this does not please everyone because the project of Langly is quickly defiled by the dark designs of the Conspiracy in place. It is time to instruct the destruction phase of the project.

Langly does not appear by chance, of course, he wants to call his own team to destroy the hell he built. Obviously, instead of a dream life his companion is not at his side, but continues his life on his side (the condition sine qua non of the project and we are at first glance dead to live this other life) , he rubs shoulders with the greatest minds Steve Jobs, Michael Crichton ... but Consortium II could not help but seize the case to make them work on the construction of the program (parallel and opposing that of the CSM), a life in space after the eradication of life on Earth. This episode is clearly Mythological shot for me, it deepens the description of the project for the viewer and competes with the program of Consortium I, Erica Price is back, we try to convince the merits of the project, we rallied to the cause ... This episode fits the thread and allows Erica, who until then remained in a corner for the benefit of Mr Y, to finally speak and displayed the full extent of his Machiavellianism.
So much the better, I find it more convincing to hold this role than the other, with his evil smile and his icy gaze.
So be careful, I hear some already screaming yes but we do not hear about the CSM or William! Why Mytho blow? And that's the impression I had, too bad for William and grandpa but: we do not start with a mutant or a trivial case at first sight, type Red Museum, we start under the radar to want to eliminate Duo, because they know and "they" know warns Langly from the start. One quickly refers to Deep Throat, without a dead time, a central and important individual of the Mytho, the virtual life is not presented as an independent element, the original plot of a Loner (it is no longer because vastly evoked during other episodes: Ghost in the machine, Kill switch), it merges with Mytho directly with Langly's speech denouncing their slavery on behalf of a larger project ... And we can continue as long as it...

But let's go back to the facts, because on the background of virtual life, this episode is also in the information. An aspect that I love in X-Files that always applies to feed my education, my knowledge in areas that are still a little complex and that addresses a very current topic and fits into a real and dangerous news.

After the Duo has learned with dismay that the X-Files secrets have all been dematerialized (long live the modern world!), Are available to everyone including private companies who can take it all away and all this from the mouth of a Skinner more and more ambivalent, Mulder and Scully are sent by Langly to New York, home to Titanpointe: spy skyscraper of the famous NSA.
Thanks to the whistleblower Edward Snowden, we know a lot more about this building today.
Titanpointe is home to not only one of the largest telecommunications centers in the United States, but is also one of NSA's major spies:

"According to The Intercept, the NSA would have installed alongside the facilities of the American operator equipment to collect a lot of sensitive information from past communications around the world: "Who calls who, when and how long". ..]
"If the" partnership "between AT & T and the NSA is already known, few details have so far emerged, the Intercept points out.With Snowden's papers," we now know how the NSA sucks all the data from the operator ", adds the American media, detailing his remarks by several drawings and plans of the building."

Source: https://lexpansion.lexpress.fr/high-tec ... 51436.html

This building would have been designed to withstand the blast of a nuclear explosion, while one explains to me how naturally and without embarrassment Mulder and Scully reach it thanks to the tunnel connecting the local building of the FBI to that of Titanpointe. Wanting to give a light and humorous aspect to the episode with remarks, a wink, a finger in the mouth should have had these limits anyway. Ok we find there our Mulder and Scully decouples (also loses its skepticism since the beginning of this season, we climb the ladder after 25 years of partnership). But, that we remain a little realistic by adding an oppressive tension justified by the price of the head of the two agents. There it does not feel anymore and makes me regret a distant past where Paper clip, Piper Maru or Apocrypha provided us with this kind of moment: the flight, the underground researches, to act in spite of the radars ...
Nevertheless, the treasure hunt in the cemetery, the evocation of Deep Throat, the visit of the tombs, the discovery of this electronic element behind the cross ... remind us of excellent memories of previous episodes. Added to this, according to the old habits, the case is once again unsolved, Mulder and Scully fail in their mission, the evidence has gone, and there is no one to stop.

Glen Morgan follows Chris Carter in the unveiling: after the name of the CSM, it is the identity of Deep Throat which is revealed, the season 11 is placed under the seal "one fills the whites before the End".


My Struggle III
The X-Files
Syldana March 12, 2018, 12:03 ET

Review 1X11:

Well after watching FINALLY this damn episode, I finally continue my journey and move to the next stage in this obstacle course, obscure, confused, complicated, incomprehensible, bypassed, in a word convoluted and reflection of the functioning of the spirit of its appointed creator.

25 years old that I'm doing this trip and Chris Carter is still trying to surprise me, but even better to smoke me. Good choice of word since here the Smoker will be the instigator of what made me lose my head for good until the arrival of the Loners does a little storage.

Let it be clear, for 9 years this series was based on a Bible very inspired and particularly effective both in its originality and in its ability to bring into me the anxieties that have haunted my dreams Geeks for decades, a mythology that stuck with the atmosphere and fascination of the world in the 90s for the occult, the mysterious and the paranormal. Carter, wanting to stay in the game, has had a lot of fun since season 10 to change direction every month, and he's going through the head with a speech "but we had that in mind from the beginning". During the first series, I was confident in this speech as the guideline was logical and the new revelations in perfect continuation with the data we already had, today it is no longer the case when I see it betray the past to build the future.

So certainly, the arrival of some elements is interesting. We had been prepared for a long time to a form of contagion, a spread: the black oil (Purity), the bees ... I was very proud to see in season 10 that we were led to the implementation not a final and deadly Invasion for Humanity, but rather an eradication by a virus, Spartan in addition: recall that in season 5 episode The Pine Bluff Variant was precisely staged murders of bacteriological mass by aerosol. My struggle III also practices a small update by inserting into history, and through a very interesting introduction proclaimed by the CSM, our new fears, more modern terrors, current: war, pandemic and planet in decline under politicians improbable and dangerous, even destructive. These fatalistic speeches were often practiced in the past through the offsprings of Mulder and Scully and in connection with episodes that addressed the gradual destruction of our world, the arrival of the End ... But this speech is all the more interesting that it comes out of the mouth of the one who knows EVERYTHING, has all the cards and confirms once and for all that he is from the beginning the puppeteer of all that we possess, the great advances, the various implementations in power and that he educated, directed and above all possessed the whole of humanity. We knew this man extremely dangerous since his episode of season 4 epi 7, but Carter completes here a little CV and attributes to his character an egocentric speech possible, sick of power, possessing an instinct of extreme survival (even warheads). are not right about him), quietly declaring that he gave his sons all the means to climb the ladder and be ready for the inevitable (good a son Borderline and one who has been hiding for years in the shadows after was disfigured to the extreme but finally looks human) ... But apparently that was not enough, it was also necessary that he had the hand on Scully and his offspring and that's when the unthinkable is declared.

However, do not skip the steps and analyze the new direction set up.

Mythology evolves. For a long time, this was defined by adding new elements to what we already had but Carter decides once again, since the start of the Revival, to change his tune. The Consortium is dead, long live the Consortium. Since here it is not one that we have and composed of the CSM and his new Diana, but two: a mysterious man who also smokes (reminder of a distant time when the cigarette was commonplace, calmed the stress, where smoking everywhere, lack of anti-smoking campaigns and giving a sexy image in old movies) and a woman just as singular. The old tradition of the Consortium was that the members kept a relatively anonymous or semi-anonymous identity: CSM, the man with manicured hands ... but My Struggle III breaks the secrets, reveals names and intentions, we touch fingertips the big revelations and the identities are revealed little by little starting with that of the Smoker. It took another episode centered to find out: Carl Gerhard Bush. Well I admit, I laughed at the sight of that, facing such a charisma is better than the last name of the most ridiculous president of the USA. But there is a Germanic sounding that will perhaps send us back to the Second World War, to Nazism, to Hitler's Utopia that wanted to recreate Men as a superior race. Since here the horror is to learn that certainly we try to destroy us (well that we knew it thank you ^^^) but that those who possess the weapon of our destruction are not only ET, it is a human , humans, who will make the decision of who should live or die, who will be the sacrificed and the elected ... and that this decision is currently in the hands of a mental patient who has his favorites and wants to completely erase the slate to make us return to the state of the Natural Man, a new beginning, we eradicate those who have made the brothel to keep a handful of human beings who will return to fundamentals. Being the father of Fox and Jeffrey, we would think that everything will be done mainly in family except once again the Madonna Scully is replaced (ENCORE !!!!!) in the center of the History.

The CSM wants to protect it and he wants it all, why? Good question ?

My struggle III allows the SCM to have a voice, so we explore more his entourage ... composed of Monica LOL And yes when we are a swelling first we are not surrounded by his family but those who tolerate that you like hear you speak and especially who believe you. The Smoker is a free electron from the beginning, the Flashback proves it by the way, it is HIM who decides, point. When Monica's role he shares the audience, some are collapsed that it is switched to the dark side, question, but why a woman so adorable today displays such a bad and determined expression. Me this turnaround I find it great, simply because smooth characters have no place in the X Files. In the face of the coming horror, we have to adapt in one form or another to be able to cope with it. Moreover, all the characters climb an additional level: Scully takes the place of Cassandra Spender and prophesies the future through visions of dead, pandemics, apocalypse to come erasing at the same time all My struggle II which was not that the product of his prophecy and, it seems, she shares her visions with her son (perhaps it is also the author at a distance) that we finally see in brief touches here and there; Mulder seems to be developing new cold combat techniques, just like the CIA agent (no one can deny ...), Monica is the new Diana, and Skinner may be on his way to becoming a traitor to the balance of the CSM ... to see. When the Smoker, well he is the man to kill, he who had so brilliantly hidden all his secrets discovers that Consortium 2 wants to set up His program, knows everything, wants to seize everything and starting with the: Messiah . It took a reason to reintroduce William, why not repeat then the old story repeated a thousand times during season 9, he is tam tam tam Special !!!!!!!!!! And his mom is very important in the equation. So what annoys me at this point is that at the beginning it was Mulder's quest, him the cornerstone, and now according to the words of the Smoker one just has to be content to get it down so that Dana Virgin Mary Scully is the queen of the world that her son becomes Jesus son of God who will soon take a radical role in what is happening fast, how and why, we are left in limbo once again with only one element: Dana and her son have a unique bond, this child is a superman and ... tam tam tam

Horror and damnation, we learn in an excellent new face to face Skinner / CSM that William is the pure product of an experience started since the episode In friend and especially His work.

As much to tell you that the screen has rocked in the void, we have been walking for 17 years, that Carter lost his mind and that there I am but not at all agree with that.

William was not only a link between Mulder and Scully, it was the offspring of Fox, the one to whom we were going to convey the good, the worthy leader of the Resistance and the healthy product (but a bit magical anyway) of his parents. I am angry that they are the son of Satan here because this new direction is interesting. I can say My ass ?? So I say it !!!!!!!!! What stupidity, Carter had drunk or what ??? The story of this family, which started with the CSM and Bill Mulder, was interesting because it was followed precisely in a logical generational order. We started with the grandparents who set up a plan for an upcoming Invasion, which set up the beginnings of a conspiracy spanning 50 years, then the sons, the girls: either sacrificed (Samantha, his abduction, his death, the clones of them used or used to thwart ...), either victims (Jeffrey disfigured by the Truth, deaf to the words of his mother), or at the head of a quest, a search sown of pitfalls, giving birth to a lonely hero, at first humiliated but whose role is to reveal the unthinkable to the face of the World who laughs at him (Mulder, then comes his companion and partner Scully). William was predestined to Grand (to be the Savior of all, the offensive) certainly, but as a third generation Bordel !!!!!!!!!, the one that does better than the previous one. Instead of that we have the right to a vulgar Greek tragedy: where the son wants to kill the father, the son is no longer the son but the half-brother and Scully, my Scully is found "raped" by science and sacrificed on the Altar of Teena and Cassandra. It's foul, but is it true? I want to lie said the intro phrase, Ok, but how much? How far has it been to be able to go such an abominable being (then it's up to the answer to the question that?), I think it's ready for anything, the truth is elsewhere but the lies too ... Carter built and built, resumes, chiseled, and I end up with a monumental skull ache because of him and this interminable building that keeps changing its appearance. After 25 years I too am old to use the words of the Smoker and I feel tired to follow the meanders of a spirit as contorted as that of the Creator. I have admitted a lot of things, and if the CSM wants to play God with pleasure, I can not wait to see him being crushed by his children, he wants to protect Scully and make her concubine but that I can not wait for her to spit in his face, especially since we have information that they do not have and if it turns out to be true, it will demolish the little moral rampart that they remained to them. To be continued...


The X-Files
Syldana March 11, 2018, 12:03 ET

Review 11X08

Familiar a title consciously or unconsciously chosen for the fan of the beginnings when I see the emotions that I crossed during my viewing.

From the first scene, I felt familiar ground. It was crazy, I found an atmosphere so clean at first, we start with a playground that does not inspire tenderness in front of innocence and its games since from this minute the staging leads us to something and it is felt that the danger step by step approaches. The silence, only broken by the song of the child, the mist, the icy texture of the image, this huge arched known forest which one wonders if it will engulf the little boy and if the terror will come from her. I love it when this forest becomes the playground of horror because its always so threatening appearance is so adapted to that. First introduced entity: Mr. Chuckle Teeth.

For a long time, I had the impression that this forest functioned a little like a factory which created and let on the Men its own bestiary: the Pilot, The Jersey Devil, Fallen angel, Darkness Falls, Die Hand Die Verletzt, Quagmire. ..

This forest is sheltered, or creates its own monsters and awaits the right moment to throw them on us. Here sad report, the forest also becomes the tomb of children. Mr Chuckle Teeth, without being the only center of intrigue, did not inspire me since the Trailer. No doubt because it brings me back to a very famous clown character in the world of Stephen King. Thinking back to "It", Mr. Chuckle Teeth and the four "Teletubbies" with the black ink of the episode, I find myself wondering about the reasons that make a child feel so spellbound by a televised or literary incarnation and which displays a look as unhealthy. The authors will have understood how to play and create incredible intrigues in the world of horror, Mr Chuckle Teeth and "It" have in common this totally psychopathic smile and their crazy eyes, but I admit that it is especially the four Teletubbies and especially the appearance of one of them in front of the glass door of little Emily who sent me back to my childhood terrors. My heart literally came up during this scene. I want to say how one can quietly follow a show where the characters (supposed to be totally stupid in order to be adapted to the young audience) have a look like this: black and demonic, almost an abyss alone. Honestly, I congratulate to the writers for having made this tour de force, although ...

So far, the episodes are constantly sending us back to others. The sources of inspiration for these last two seasons are clearly at the stage of exhaustion if each time I say to myself: it reminds me of this other Loner. This is the problem in these episodes, we do not concretely create the original new.

And this episode, although great in its realization, finally brings us back to what? At the classical, we are delighted to finally return to what we have seen a thousand times, back to the origins, the first, the Vancouver before, the first series ... even the characters are affected with the return of the usual debate Mulder unpacking all his incredible culture on the paranormal and Scully opposing with its rationality.
Besides, I would point out that here these two stand in the place of analysts and witnesses throughout the episode, but in the end they act in no way. At no time do they succeed in preventing anything, including injustice: the death of children, the witch hunt, the death of the man accused of pedophilia (accusation that proves questionable it seems to me elsewhere), they do not finish the episode by killing the monster, the investigation ends itself by the death by the fire of an improvised witch and they finalize by fleeing a city always under the yoke of the demon ( the device that turns alone at the end). They illuminate more than they act and their absence would have given rise to an identical episode in all the sequences of events. You said very well skinner, the jewel of this episode is the climate and scenery, propitious grounds for an effective and horrifying episode as we like it.

Beyond that I really liked the idea, the terror plays two effective cards and touches us in the heart: the victims are chosen from the most innocent and the baits that lead to this horror are the characters of the childhood and who are here metamorphosed and made unhealthy as possible even if their basic pace was already in my eyes distressing. These are the famous classics of the genre: "It" was a clown, Chucky a simple doll, and Chinga, Michael Myers kills at the age of six years ... The banal and harmless are assigned to the image of the of the series "Goosebumps" where all the sets and objects of everyday life fell, fell under the devil or became a carnivorous plant. I recognize that this style speaks to me, I am a fan of horror movies, I agree for more than one reason only the fact that we come back to the real X Files.


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