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Syldana March 23, 2019, 04:03 ET

How The X-Files Revival Betrayed the Original Series

lilly wrote:[quote]brut85 wrote:He wrote a great article. And to say that two SPOOF episodes that make Mulder look like a dork were the best episodes kind of makes his point for him--that CC has pretty much ruined M/S and the fact he thinks RAPING DANA SCULLY is something that is good storytelling pretty much was the final nail in the coffin for me.

but ghouli was good! and also founder's mutation, and familar too.

Yes, Ghouli was amazing

Syldana March 23, 2019, 03:03 ET

Leaving Neverland Trailer Is Out

lilly wrote:are you guys still listening to michael's music now?


and yes, because it is out of the question that a documentary influences my musical tastes, I keep my own course of action

Syldana March 22, 2019, 10:03 ET

Leaving Neverland Trailer Is Out

Yes, a social network like Twitter, will never be the support for a really constructive analysis. The place is limited, the reactions are often fast, hateful ... it's shorter to say that this one is a bitch, rather than argue, analyze ... That's why I will always be more present in forum.

Thank you for your recap, we reached a middle ground between our opinions. The "face of an angel" will remain a mystery for me, because how far are we able to go by unconsciousness of our actions in the end, here is another good question that we can ask at the end of this viewing.

Syldana March 22, 2019, 08:03 ET

Leaving Neverland Trailer Is Out

In the end what conclusion to draw from all this. The various analyzes and questions that I have raised are those that one would logically ask. Michael did a good job of cheating with these children, with their families, thinking that these decisions, his change of attitudes, his blatant egoism would have no consequence. They had it. We do not have fun confronting a typical human being, middle class, with dreams, in the brightest sun, then move on, like that, leaving young people desperate on the side of the road . These kids were counting on him, loved him, trusted him and Michael used him as a product that you can get tired of. Now use how? That is the question, were we at a certain point beyond the stage of playing, watching movies and eating popcorn, is the story of these men actually a testimony of frustration, anger at having been betrayed by a god with all the powers and means possible. I remain in the blur, with assumptions, will we know one day irrevocably? 10 years of investigation by the FBI gave nothing, the photos of the body of Michael no longer, the old victims have finally confessed that they had lied ... What justice could do more today? How to prove a thing that all the clues (if there really are any) fade over time? What today would make these testimonies undeniable and irrefutable in the eyes of justice, without Michael's physical presence? I pity these men sincerely, but if these facts really happened it was necessary to act during the living of the pop star, we do not suddenly wake up one day, we do not act right after (like Wade) to have been rejected from the casting of a project on Michael and want to file a complaint, to have money ... The idea is maybe to remain neutral and not to insult these people too much, because there is Koa, because there is Jimmy's son too and that these little ones deserve to have a normal life.

Syldana March 22, 2019, 07:03 ET

Leaving Neverland Trailer Is Out

The subsequent debate helped me understand why I was puzzled by some of the points in Jimmy and Wade's stories.

During the debate, were present various guests, including a psychologist,I do not remember her name sorry, specialist victims of abuse, children going through the mourning ... I found that she had an interesting look, that she was doing very professional analysis, a speech very "tact" and "soft", but especially "realistic" on all that.

The first thing that appeals to you, and that these two men grew up in fragile family circles and who were in no way protective. Mothers who describe the birth of their son as miracles, who describe Wade and Jimmy as gifted, unbelievably kind, and importantly, as soon as the opportunity to make these two boys become stars, or "the entrepreneurs of tomorrow "presented themselves, they jumped on the occasion and did not shrink from any insane act, or in any case, not long.

Wade and Jimmy not long put, during a long crescendo routing testimony to the unthinkable, to the limit of anxiety as details of abuse are accurate, but they were children and teenagers, when is it adults around them? Couples of parents completely wobbly, mothers who let themselves be dazzled by the promises made by Michael, luxury life, unlimited visits to Neverland, repeated visits of the star in their homes. Honestly when you see these women laughs and smiles, explaining that they were 100% present whether in Neverland or in the hotels while their son was allowed to sleep in the room of an adult man, that they were away small to small, that the distance between their room and that of Michael widened month after month. For me there is indeed violence and abuse, those of two stupidly stupid mothers who had without any reflection because they bet on one or more rewards to the key: a glitzy lifestyle, be the privileged friend of a star, see their son succeed in life. What about the fathers who were over time removed from all this since becoming too bland, or even an embarrassment for the family because of psychiatric problems for one of them. I was shocked to learn that one of the fathers (reported during the debate) had himself been abused during childhood. Projection on the pop star abuse that the child would have suffered from his own father and would not want to charge, because less profitable financially speaking, fear, shame ...? There is something to wonder about, I think.

What we learn about Michael, in his relationship with children, brings to light but much more clearly and much better analyzed an aspect that we had for many, suspected.

We all know that Michael did not have a childhood, a monstrous father and that while many played, went through all the classic stages of childhood, he sang on stage, did rehearsals until late at night to fatten the ambitions of a father who still claims today to have avoided his sons to have entered street gangs. Short...

What does a man once become when he is free and has a mountain of money, will you say to me?

Well he catches everything, inevitably, he remains a child in his head, "Peter Pan syndrome", does not want to grow and adopts spending habits and faces consumption in an aberrant way. May I be proved, in any human being, deprived of something in his life that he has not sought to catch up in this or that area. It was a kid who wanted everything, wanted to have his own little classmates at his birthday and in his everyday life to a close detail, is that in today's society, it is unacceptable for an adult to have such relationships, such closeness and permanently with children. Obviously! And his family, his relatives, a psychologist should have intervened to explain to him that it was necessary to stop this nonsense and that especially ... espeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeciallly ... we never sleep with a child who is not yours!

Michael could be a genius in music, he was very naive at a very high level. But that's what the men who refuse to grow up do and the one who will claim to me one day that a truly adult man dreams of transforming his home into the image of a fairy tale, an amusement park...serious ... it may be a bit easy to categorize a man like Michael, while everything in his life, his material goods, his decisions, his associates are total extravagance. That is why such an accusation is made with tweezers and irrefutable evidence other than "he did that". Where are the photos, videos, testimonials other than the family of Wade and Jimmy? And I would like to allow me to raise a point, a pedophile is not satisfied only children of others, he also attacks his family ... Why his nephews and his own children do not blame him anything?

But this opinion is mine, I do not oblige anyone to validate it of course.

Another charge against Michael, his seductive side (Wade and Jimmy, their family, were under an undeniable charm to him) and manipulative. He is very credible that he was the type to want to get what he wants, on the edge of blackmail, that he was psychologically very sick, carefree, that he should have had friends his age and I do not not for a second that he had sex with Lisa Marie. For me, I very strongly suspect that this man has never been able to have a relationship with a woman, I do not know if he died a virgin, possible yes, but there we would look at a completely different aspect of his personality and I do not have the professional abilities to draw any conclusion whatsoever.

Concerning Wade and Jimmy, they are clearly very affected, psychologically speaking. Why ?? There is the question, Wade, although there is no typical pattern of victim, has constantly sought to be part of the life of Michael and his family, loved him, defended him 2 times when Michael was indicted, wanted to be part of project related to Michael ... Very strange, the victims seek rather to flee their executioner and understand in adolescence or adulthood that they did not like at all or felt embarrassed by what was going on behind the closed doors. Another passage of the documentary I found indecent limit, Jimmy who had kept the rings offered by Michael, Wade and Jimmy jealous as soon as Michael approached another child and icing on the cake: mothers who feel betrayed, abandoned (just like their son), because Michael made his life with others, turned the page on them ... It's not like a smell of revenge because Michael did not make them share his life, his means and / or no longer respected the promises made to families about the future of these two young boys. Can we wonder?

Syldana March 22, 2019, 06:03 ET

Leaving Neverland Trailer Is Out


So I took all the necessary time last night to look with all necessary hindsight this documentary, as well as the debate that followed. Unlike many people, I wanted to observe and hear things in a rather objective way and not as I could have heard: this documentary is shit, it's a lie, they want it money, or do as others who at the sight of that drew the direct conclusion: this confirms without the shadow of a doubt, it is a pedophile.

When you say that you are a talented director, that you claim to have carried out a real investigation worthy of a well-known investigative journalist and that you offer the public a documentary: dependent, biased, using at will the images of 'archive and the point of view of one side, not having interviewed Michael's family, his house staff, lawyers, investigative professionals ... We can see on Youtube, fans of Michael having researches (elements of investigations, mails, trace of facts in time, report of justice, conclusions of investigation made by the FBI ...) downright more professional and reporting or counteracting without any difficulty some remarks of the victims or used to contradict certain aspects of their testimonies. So to that, I do not know if Dan Reed was the best person to do this report. As a film director on the other hand ... excellent editing of the images, music relying on as many violins as possible, narrative going crescendo towards the horror …

This documentary is long, very complete when tracing the life of life of the two alleged victims, mass recovery of many visuals illustrating the film: commercial Pepsi, concerts, photos showing each detail of the lives of the two men and each of their participation in the personal and professional life of the pop star, Neverland ... faced with such a job one wonders about the absence of elements in other areas, knowing that this film will be used certainly during the future trial. Pity. Because I think that when one approaches such a terrible, sensitive subject, as so radically accuses a man who died of facts of such gravity, one does a more complete job and relies on a little more than a long testimony. Before a court of justice, that would be considered my word against his own, and the other voice and today "beyond the grave".

Let's move on to the very content of the stories of the two men ...

Syldana March 21, 2019, 09:03 ET

Leaving Neverland Trailer Is Out

Later, I think, I would do a longer analysis of this at other times, but some of the themes of this documentary and the ensuing debate leave me quite puzzled.

- These men grew up in fragile and unsafe family circles

- Wade has over the years kept very close links with Michael and his family, wanted to adulthood in a project related to Michael Jackson, was not retained, and accused as a result of that Michael of pedophilia

- The mums of these two men adopted attitudes about their son's relationship with Michael that were fundamentally debatable and aggravated or provoked a very unhealthy situation, letting themselves be dazzled by the incredible and sumptuous life that Michael offered them

- Jimmy kept the rings offered by his alleged "rapist" ????

- Wade and Jimmy were jealous when a new child came into Michael's life

- Jimmy, after a period of absence in his life, was "delighted" to see Michael again and he wants to return to his home and his family (??? seriously )

Syldana March 17, 2019, 05:03 ET

Leaving Neverland Trailer Is Out

Syldana March 17, 2019, 05:03 ET

Leaving Neverland Trailer Is Out

I've seen excerpts and I'll make up my own mind after watching the entire documentary

Syldana March 15, 2019, 01:03 ET

The Twilight Zone : Trailer

The Twilight Zone: The new version of Jordan Peele will return on a cult episode of The Fourth Dimension

Few episodes of The Fourth Dimension will have affected minds like Nightmare at 20,000 feet; comfortably seated in the cabin of an airplane, Bob (William Shatner) is terrified by the vision on the wing of the aircraft of a gremlin that no other passenger can see. Is it an authentic vision or a hallucination?
Broadcast in October 1963 on CBS, this legendary episode was also written by cult science fiction writer Richard Matheson (I'm a Legend) and directed by Richard Donner, the future director of the saga L'Arme fatal. Among the most popular in the series, it was the first remake in 1983 in the film The Fourth Dimension with John Lithgow in the lead role and George Miller in the film.
In a third version produced for the needs of Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone (Get Out), Adam Scott (Big Little Lies) will succeed William Shatner this time in the role of the passenger, with the key to a different outcome of which the supporters have obviously not been specified. Currently being filmed, the anthology series will be broadcast in 2019 on the American platform CBS All Access.

source : http://www.allocine.fr/article/fichearticle_gen_carticle=18676537.html


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