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 Joined March 3, 2018

DuaneB April 13, 2019, 05:04 ET

How The X-Files Revival Betrayed the Original Series

I have a really frustrated feeling when I think about what was the possibilities filming back in Vancouver, whent I think how such a last chance it was for CC to write something good to end brillantly X files... And when I look to what he did, I feel it's like a waste. The feeling is bigger if I rewatch the early first seasons...

DuaneB January 6, 2019, 03:01 ET

First Sex Education Trailer Starring Gillian Anderson

I'm saying that I'm tired about the sexual obsession. And I think the success that the show will have will be just the result of sex + Gillian.

DuaneB January 4, 2019, 12:01 ET

Gastric acidity, Shameless follower, and Ally McBeal nostalgic after my first trip to Boston. But who cares?

DuaneB January 4, 2019, 09:01 ET

First Sex Education Trailer Starring Gillian Anderson

I don't know... I feel like if you make a show about teenagers and sex, and if you add Gillian, it's like a must see. If I can share my first impression about the trailer, It seems pretty cliché and déjà vu... One can be both a huge huge fan of the X files and keep a critical eye. But let's watch it just to have a right thought, just in case...

DuaneB November 6, 2018, 10:11 ET

How often do you read?

As soon as possible. But I'd say it depends also what you read...

DuaneB June 29, 2018, 11:06 ET

Hi guys!

Don't worry it is the same for me... But since we can say what we say it is okay. I'm even happy to post my reviews here. As you know, it is more alive here than on our french LVEI, huh?

DuaneB June 28, 2018, 10:06 ET

Hi guys!

Hey! Yours are good too!

DuaneB June 20, 2018, 05:06 ET

Ask Your Questions to The X-Files Scientist Anne Simon

My question will be much more a three in one:
Would you say that the show would have had the same resounding if the scientist aspect were not so strong and as best as possible threated in a realistic way? Or could we say that it goes togather with the emergence a female archetype like Scully? How could you analyze the difficult position for a creator that is to create an intelligent scientist presence in show that mainly speaks about irrationality? Isn't it a contradictory but creative postion?

DuaneB June 20, 2018, 05:06 ET

Fight the Future: 20th Anniversary - Share your story!

I spent all my summer 1998 waiting for this movie. I first bought the promotionnal CD wich included Bjork and others. I don't remember the name of the first track but I know I love it. It has been a so huge and long pleasure to wait for FTF. And it was for a french fan like me a double waiting because we did not have seen the fith season neither. So we really had to be patient.
I spendt tow weeks in the south of France at a friend's place, and I remember we often listened the CD.
Because FTF came out the 21st of october in France, it came simultaneously with the fith season.
I went to watch the movie alone for my first time, and with my father's girl friend for my second. And of course I had a perfect moment. All the teasers I have been watching again and again exploded on the big screan with this damn good music from Mark Snow. It was unforgotable! And let me add that the missed kiss was the most succeded one of the entire show!!
This year was one of my best for so many reasons, but FTF was the first.

DuaneB June 20, 2018, 02:06 ET

The X-Files Movie Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

My favorites scenes are the Mulder\Kurtzweil one.


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