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kimmy January 16, 2019, 10:01 ET

Millennium After Millenium Trailer

Yes, I see what you mean. Looking at the trailer these shots of Trump (and H Clinton) do come out of nowhere. But I don't think much of the documentary is about that, this must have been the reaction to the inevitable question "where is Frank Black now?" or "if Millennium were remade today, what story would you tell?". For having followed quite a bit the making of the documentary over the years, I know there are some excellent interviews with cast and crew in there.

Incidentally, I found the 5-issue Millennium comics by Joe Harris quite good! Too bad it didn't sell enough to do more. But it offered an interesting continuation to Frank, the Group and Jordan's gift.

kimmy January 16, 2019, 05:01 ET

Happy birthday John Carpenter!

I haven't seen Vampires yet -- but yes the soundtrack is great! I listen to all the soundtracks even when I haven't seen the movie.

kimmy January 16, 2019, 04:01 ET

Happy birthday John Carpenter!

Just noticed this on the home page. The Horror Master turns 71!

What's your favourite Carpenter movie? I am going through them all, I haven't seen them all yet, but right now I would say: "In the Mouth of Madness"! The best "unofficial adapatation" of Lovecraft out there.

With strong contenders "The Thing" (delicious paranoia!) and "Escape from New York" (still incredibly modern).

Although lately he'd rather talk about his music rather than his movies...

kimmy January 15, 2019, 04:01 ET

Millennium After Millenium Trailer

Very much looking forward to this! The documentary seems very professional, a tribute to the show and bravo to the fans that made this two decades later.

However, they have run out of DVD/BR copies on their official site so there's no way to watch it right now. Unless you get to invite them for a showing at your local film festival!

kimmy September 21, 2018, 07:09 ET

Disney's Massive Streaming Service Coming in 2019

And Marvel movies. And Star Wars. And Indiana Jones. And Disney live action films like Alice in Wonderland or Pirates of the Caribbean. It can be big.

Although I wonder, in a few years' time when no more DVDs/BluRays come out for new shows and streaming is the only way to watch them, even if each service is like 10 €/month, who is going to pay every month each separate service: Netflix, HBO, Disney, Amazon, CBS, Apple, that's already 60 €/month... (OK, there would be overlap in their libraries, but only some)

kimmy September 19, 2018, 05:09 ET

The X-Files: An Exclusive Guide of the Vancouver Filming Locations

Great photos and I'm sure you had a memorable trip!
I would have loved to have been to Buntzen Lake in a day with an atmosphere like this, fog, clouds. I think that's where the episode of Millennium "Lamentation" was shot, too.

kimmy July 20, 2018, 08:07 ET

Interview of The X-Files Creator Chris Carter

"I think she’s stated that she’s finished her run."

Does he mean that he just read about this online? Does he mean he remembers her mentioning it but he is not sure anymore because his memory is fuzzy on not important things? Does he mean that they discussed this between them and that his own interpretation and only his own interpretation is that she's finished? Does he mean that he keeps thinking about that statement? So many mysteries to explore!

kimmy July 20, 2018, 08:07 ET

The Fourth Evangelion Film Will Be Released in 2020!

That means we should have a trailer in 2021, with 80% of footage that won't be in the final film. Super-excited nevertheless!

kimmy July 13, 2018, 04:07 ET

Ask Your Questions to The X-Files Scientist Anne Simon

Thank you for the opportunity!

- Dr. Anne participated in writing the My Struggle II episode, then at the final moment Chris Carter cut the final ten pages and made a cliffhanger out of the episode. Were these ten pages what we saw in My Struggle III or even IV, or was it something else entirely (and what?)?

- In My Struggle II there are all these conspiracy theories about what really triggers the Spartan virus to shut down the immune system (microwaves, chemtrails, CO2), so how does it really happen?

- Are we to understand that the Spartan virus is alien, or was it created by humans? Was it derived from the Black Oil virus from the first movie?

- So what's the Black Oil up to these days?

- You wrote the "Real Science" book when the series was starting season 6. Did you continue to be involved as science advisor during seasons 6-9 when the show was shooting in Los Angeles? Do you have an example where they called you for advice during those years?

- How likely is it that a scenario like the one in the series, with biological warfare helped by weakened immune systems through genetic engineering, might happen in the real world?

- A lot has happened since the 1990s in science, do you have an example where the science we saw in the show would have been different had it been written today?

kimmy June 21, 2018, 10:06 ET

Fight the Future: 20th Anniversary - Share your story!

"In a world..."

...In a world before streaming and DVDs and torrents, I harassed my video club every week in order to know whether the latest X-Files VHSs had arrived. It was the summer of '98 and in my part of the world the special editions imported VHSs came out months before the episodes were shown on TV. I wanted to see the Patient X two-parter before seeing the movie, and I did. They also released The End but I don't remember if I saw that one before or shortly after the movie.

...In a world before big cinema multiplexes, you just went to the counter with cash and bought your ticket minutes before the film started. I was so anxious that the theater hall would be full and that I couldn't get in or I would get an uncomfortable seat that I harassed my local proto-multiplex to convince them to sell me tickets earlier. I must have been the first ever to get tickets days in advance of the screening, for myself and my uncle.

...In a world before people were obsessed with spoilers, you could come upon spoilers unannounced. In my part of the world, the movie was released months after the USA, and so I essentially had the whole plot spoiled to me by reading it in a magazine, in the middle of a larger article on the movie. I don't remember being really mad about that, and I was certainly very, very excited when I saw it in the cinema.

20 years is a lot! Star Wars was 21 when FTF was released...


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