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The Adventures of Don QuickUPDATE t_series SET series_title = 'The Adventures of Don Quick', series_title_original = 'The Adventures of Don Quick', series_story = 'The Adventures of Don Quick is a science fiction comedy television series that ran from October–December 1970, on ITV. Starring Ian Hendry and Ronald Lacey, six 50 minute episodes were made, shown in a 60 minute time slot. As of 2008, only the first episode exists, the other five are now missing. A technologically impressive 30 foot model spaceship was built in the studio for the series. However the first three episodes in a prime time slot failed to draw the required ratings so the last three episodes were in a much later slot before the show was cancelled.', series_poster = 'pictures/site/emptyposter.jpg' WHERE series_id_tmdb = '6717'