Watchmen Series: Style Over Substance?
October 27, 2019 by Jack Anderson

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After some level of anticipation, HBO released the first episode from the series Watchmen, based on the world of the eponymous graphic novel.

Ten years ago (already), Zack Snyder directed the movie adaptation of the cult Watchmen graphic novel, classified by many as the best graphical novel of all time. One thing was sure, Snyder's movie was not an artistic success. The movie, like most of the others from Snyder, promoted visuals over the story, leading to a rather poor adaptation.

Ten years later, Damon Lindelof, the co-showrunner of LOST, is releasing a series adaptation of Watchmen. To be precise, this is not at all an adaptation of the comic book. This is a story that takes place within the world of Watchmen. Translation: Watchmen is visually cool and critically acclaimed, so let's surf on that success and create a hyped TV series about it.

The pilot episode opens on a great first scene. Ironically, I was actually watching lots of silent films in the last days and the movie starts with a silent film showing on the big screen. While we cannot really see the point, it looks great and is interesting.

But then, it simply ends there. The story, which I cannot even describe, never actually picks up. I have seen lots of yellow masks, lots of cool hats and costumes, lots of modern music, but I did not feel a thing. Not a single emotion.

Every shot of the pilot screams for attention. Look at me, I'm hyped, I'm cool. But by wanting to be so cool all the time and everywhere, the series ends up exactly in the same situation as Snyder with all his films. Things are simply not interesting. There is no focus. We jump from one thing to another without a real connection to any character.

And pilots are like that, if you don't like the characters from the first seconds, there are 99.9999999% of chances that you won't like them later.

I believe that Watchmen, the superb graphic novel from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons should be left alone. I will not watch the next episodes of this series. 3 out of 10. Bad.

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