BoJack Horseman Season 6 Part 1 Review
October 26, 2019 by Jack Anderson

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BoJack is back, for the (almost) last time. It's official, BoJack's sixth season will be the last. That is why, the final season will feature sixteen episodes instead of the usual twelve.
The first half has been released yesterday, the second half, including the highly anticipated series finale, will air in January 2020.

A day after the release of the first part, we have already watched it and are ready to present our review of Season 6, Part 1.

At the end of season 5, BoJack was entering a rehab clinic, after understanding he may have a problem with alcohol (and other things). While you could have imagined that time would have passed and that we would have cut to a few months into BoJack's treatment, it's actually exactly the opposite. In the final season premiere, we actually get to witness BoJack entering the rehab center and checking in.

Ironically, BoJack will spend most of its time analyzing other people's problems and being very acute on their condition. The problem actually lays with trying to understand his own problems. This will take place, at one point, ironically again outside of rehab. Yes, BoJack is an alcoholic, and no, BoJack is not a bad or a good person. He simply needs to make amends and treat people around him with respect, which he will eventually start to do. The only problem is that BoJack has quite an overly big baggage to carry and truth and resentment will irremediably grow within the cracks from the asphalt.

The biggest of all are what he did in the South and even worse, what led to Sarah Lynn's death. Two "journalists" will start investigating and one thing is almost certain, the truth will prevail. It may be excruciatingly difficult to accept, but the shitty truth will be BoJack's final way towards redemption. The only downside is that this time, it may not be possible for BoJack to accept the ultimate truth. BoJack never contemplated suicide in the past, and it may well be the only way for him to avoid his past mistakes.

Meanwhile, Todd is also accepting that he finds happiness in the simple things of life. He will also have to confront his past, in the form of his stepdad. Mr. Peanutbutter will become an advocate of depression and Diane will still struggle on her path to an impossible happiness.

Yes, BoJack is still the best series currently in production, and yes, ending the series at this moment is very important. The reason is that for a show based on psychology, you can only go so far in multiple directions, until you become irrelevant. At this moment in time, BoJack is perfectly relevant and this shows in the updated opening scene of the new episodes. BoJack's journey was in front of us the all time. And since BoJack Horseman is so profoundly mature and both childishly immature, we cannot wait to see the end but would want to see our beloved characters for many more years. But saying good bye will be the best way to remember them fondly, instead of becoming disgusted and for the characters to become empty shells and parodies of themselves.

Once again, with all the countless TV series launched every year, the best television show in production is a cartoon. BoJack. Horseman. Obviously.

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