EXCLUSIVE! Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker First Trailer
 April 12, 2019 by Jack Anderson

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 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

That's it! After months of anticipation, 20th Century Fox has finally released the title of the 9th episode from the Star Wars saga. The title will be:
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Not only that, but the first trailer of the film has also be released and it is quite epic.

Watch it below and tell us what you think:

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By kimmy on 2019-04-23 08:10:34 ET

Looks good!
But then that's always what I say about JJ Abrams movies trailers before being disappointed at the end. Still, there's potential here!

So, if Palpatine is back in some form, does that mean that he was behind the events of this new trilogy too? Perhaps Palpatine's ghost guided the rise of Snoke, and guided Kylo Ren to kill him, thus completing the transformation that he didn't manage to do with Luke. And somehow Rey will prevent this. I'm sure Abrams will retcon Johnson's film a bit and make Rey's parents somebody important, perhaps she's a Kenobi. We'll see.

By kimmy on 2019-06-14 08:29:15 ET

I'm not the biggest fan of the sequel trilogy up till now, there are some good things and there are some less good things. But I really liked this analysis which focuses on the good things: how this trilogy's characters comment on the previous trilogy's, thoughts about building a future vs holding on to the past, the weight of responsibility, self-reliance, how heroism was perceived in the 1970s vs today...

When The Last Jedi focused on Rey and Kylo it was excellent. I hope the last one delivers on those themes.



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