Red Carpet Cancelled For Liam Neeson's Movie Premiere
 February 6, 2019 by Jack Anderson

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As we reported yesterday, Liam Neeson made the news when he shared a story that took place forty-years ago, when he walked around black neighbourhoods hoping to find a "black bastard" to unleash his hatred, after learning a friend of his was brutally raped by a black man.

Listen to it here:

While Neeson tried to explained himself in an exclusive interview on Good Morning America, the controversy keeps getting momentum, to such an extent that the red carpet will be removed from the premiere of his new film Cold Pursuit. The screening will still take place though.

On a more interesting note, it is important to mention that the actor did not get caught in a gotcha-type question, neither did he face any outside revelation. He simply shared a dark incident that took place in his life in an honest way.
The problem is that we live in an era where social media plays a fundamental role. You cannot hide anymore. Everything sticks. And while there has always been celebrities that were loved before being hated, the level is much more profound these days and it will probably not change anytime soon.

The question remains. Will Liam Neeson's career fade away simply because he shared a controversial moment in his life? Can public figures show honesty even if it does not please the media? While we won't answer those questions, we can only reflect on what's happening and regret that the media (including social media) can, at times, be much more violent than justice itself.

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