Meet 'The Bruvs', Brit Comedy Animation
 2019-01-27 01:42:45 ET by Brittany Allen

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Meet brothers Doug and Den, stars in the hit UK comedy animation, The Bruvs. These London villains are trying to be straight, but found it's too easy being naughty. Making a new life in Essex is tough when you bring along your old ways!

TV writer and producer Ian Brown and award-winning animation director Eoin Clarke has brought the characters of TheBruvs to life with skillful animation and comedic storylines. While each short is only one to two minutes in length, TheBruvs pack a punch (or a bat!).

Clarke's compositing animation style is a combination of drawn, painted, and photographic elements. This results in 3D movement between 2D drawings, adding loads of character to this animated comedy.

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Brown and Clarke have big hopes to appeal to audiences outside the UK and so far the reception has been warm. Throughout Europe and having hit Australia and America, the feedback for TheBruvs has been amazing.

You can follow the misadventures of these dodgy brothers at TheBruvs.com, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Watch tvore.com's favorite clip below.

Warning: Cartoon violence and ripe language.

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By Gruic on 2019-01-27 04:26:44 ET

Always a pleasure to read your articles.

By lilly on 2019-01-27 10:25:07 ET

very funny!


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