Submarine Attack Longplay
December 24, 2018 by Jack Anderson

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Dear all,

At tvore.com, we keep innovating and offering added value throughout our multiple sections. One of the sections we are working hard is Games - more on that very soon.

Today, we are proud to share that we have produced our very first longplay video. A longplay is a video where a player is recording a complete run on a given game.

In this case, we have chosen Submarine Attack, a relatively unknown shoot' em up game from 1990, released on the Sega Master System console.

Enough intro, let's get to it:

As usual, be sure to share and comment.

 Comments 2

By Gruic on 2018-12-24 05:46:40 ET

Very nice run.

You seem skill enough for a speedrun as well.

By Jack Anderson on 2018-12-24 09:38:44 ET

Thanks, Gruic. Yeah, I must say I was incredibly lucky when I did the recording. The only thing is that I lost at the very end, I should have trained that instead of trying live.
But this was very nice to do, I would like to do Alex Kidd in Miracle World next, my very first game on my very first console.



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