EXCLUSIVE! Half a Million Movies
 2018-12-04 11:08:49 ET by Jack Anderson

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Dear Members,

After some hard work, we are very proud to announce that there are now half a million movies available on TVore.com!
We went from a state of 444 films to 500,000 by partnering with the site The Movie Database. We use this announcement as an opportunity to thank their Team for their outstanding work for more than a decade. We hope that you'll appreciate having access to so many films.

As a reminder, you can:
- Add film reviews.
- Add movies in your personal watchlist,
- See the watchlist of your friends and followers,
- Add movies to your personal list,
- See the movies of your friends and followers.

We have also added some new feature. You can now:
- See the revenue of many films.
- Access the most trending movies of the week.
- See the runtime of your favorite movies.
- See not only the cast of each film, but also get the names of the characters.
- The writing credits now display additional information, such as novel, screenplay and even storyboard.
- The picture galleries now contain millions of images. Yes, millions.

We'll continue perfecting our site and cannot wait for you to experience this new page in the History of TVore. We see this as the next step in our success story.

Yours Truly,
The TVore.com Team
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