The X-Files: An Exclusive Guide of the Vancouver Filming Locations
 2018-09-18 12:08:55 ET by Gruic

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 The X-Files
There is always a lot to discover and process when traveling. This simple guide will, without any pretension, allow you to combine tourism and X-Phile quest by offering a route to visit Vancouver while enjoying some filming locations. I deliberately ducked some filming locations like schools or hospitals, for obvious reasons.

From Stanley Park to the Steam Clock
It's a safe bet that you will want to visit Stanley Park and Gastown in search of the Steam Clock. We will take Stanley Park as a starting point.
From Stanley Park, head for English Bay Beach on Beach Avenue to the corner of Denman Street. You will then find the little Morton Park, location of The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat:

Walk up Denman Street then turn right at Robson Street. Follow Robson Street to Robson Square, where Scully meets Reyes in My Struggle II:

Continue on Robson Street to Cambie Street and turn left to Victory Square, Home Again's main outdoor location. You will find on your right the famous arch where Mulder is investigating:

Walk a few more meters and ... that's it! You are in Gastown! The Steam Clock is yours. From there, if you still have some energy, you can go back to Stanley Park by W. Hastings to Hornby Street. This is the cross that served in My Struggle.

Cates Park : A must-see place

No need to be a fan of The X-Files to be overwhelmed by the atmosphere of this incredible place, so even if your family is not interested in The X-Files, do not deprive yourself or your family of this visit. The use of a vehicle is preferred because you will have to go to North Vancouver and head east to Deep Cove. There is a car park at the end of the road, right before Indian Arm. You are there ! Welcome to the peaceful Cates Park, where Margaret Scully remains:

But where is that good old X-Files?
It is still possible to visit cult filming locations from the first seasons of The X-Files. For example, you can go to Grouse Mountain after stopping at Cates Park, the place of the sublime Ascension episode:

Sadly, more than 20 years has passed and of course, almost all filming locations have changed so much that they do not really have any connection with the places fantasized by the fans. For example, it is always possible to see Frank Black's yellow house, but it has changed so much over time... to be honest, I made the choice of keeping the yellow house alive in my heart.
That said, there are still some places with an eternal atmosphere that will remain forever. The most incredible place for me is Buntzen Lake. Barely a few seconds spent here are enough to visualize Conduit or Quagmire. The ultimate location of the X-Files for me. An eternal beauty:

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By Jack Anderson on 2018-09-18 16:35:52 ET

Fascinating! What a trip. Thanks a lot for sharing, Gruic.

By kimmy on 2018-09-19 05:59:08 ET

Great photos and I'm sure you had a memorable trip!
I would have loved to have been to Buntzen Lake in a day with an atmosphere like this, fog, clouds. I think that's where the episode of Millennium "Lamentation" was shot, too.

By Syldana on 2019-01-19 04:02:01 ET

I made my own pilgrimage in June 2011, a moment so moving and incredible, with the friends who accompanied me we were ecstatic in front of buildings, trees ...

I saw the Mulder building, Scully, Skinner, Butzen lake, the forest, the hospital, the university that was being passed for the FBI building ...

I want to do it again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Syldana on 2019-01-20 07:37:53 ET

By Gruic on 2019-01-20 08:02:26 ET

I remembered very well this picture. I started to speak about my road trip in Canada with you on LVEI after reading the topic of your journey.

By Syldana on 2019-01-20 08:16:32 ET

And now your road trip dream came true

By Gruic on 2019-01-20 10:19:54 ET


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