Op-ed: Has BoJack Jumped the... Horse?
September 16, 2018 by Jack Anderson

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This is September 15. And already I have watched all the episodes of BoJack Horseman's new season, which was released yesterday. 12 episodes.
After four groundbreaking seasons, I was more than looking forward to the return of BoJack, as well as Mr. Peanutbutter, Diane (Nguyen, obviously), Todd and Princess Carolyn, the characters I came to adore in a show that is quite different from anything else on TV - should I even say on TV? Anyway.

Season 4 was clearly not as good as the first three, but still, most episodes were highly entertaining and overall, the series was still great. As an example, the episodes The Old Sugerman Place (S04E02) and Time's Arrow (S04E11) were simply brilliant. This is, unfortunately, not the case this season. Season 5 has a new main storyline, and it feels redundant. BoJack is acting in a drama series, and I couldn't care less. Because we go into yet another season of BoJack suffering, and we don't care anymore. At least I don't. The reason is that it has been now five years. And we all know that the magic number of seasons is... well... five.

Everything is redundant. Diane feels bad, Mr. Peanutbutter misses Diane, BoJack is in pain, Todd is doing things. After a while, the series is now running in circles and the only thing it does well is to reference itself. Already, its good days are behind.

And if five is supposed to be the magic number, then it means that the next season will probably be the death of the series, with maybe a particular scene that we will all refer to as the official moment that BoJack Horseman jumped the shark... or the horse.

I don't remember finding any particular joke funny, this year around. Surely, the whattimeisitrightnow.com site jokes were funny. But that was pretty much it. Most of the interesting jokes where about the past. For instance, BoJack refers to "do they know things? Let's find out", and I instantly felt sad, thinking about previous seasons with great episodes. Before.

Character-wise, I really enjoyed the new character of Pickles. But apart from that, I really missed BoJack. He was here without being here. Maybe that was the point. Maybe this season is brilliant by focusing on itself. Maybe season 5 is the ultimate meta.

In terms of the episodes. I watched 12 of those and I only can remember two. The one with Diane going to Vietnam. And the one with BoJack doing a eulogy of his late mother. Those were cool and outside of the box (well... except the eulogy one...).

Interestingly, I remember not liking season 4 when it was released. Then rewatching it again a few days later and really enjoying it. Maybe I need more... time.

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By Gruic on 2018-09-16 07:31:59 ET

Well, I had the feeling that the series already jumped the shark with the first episode of season 3. Starring characters presence and events felt very artificial.

At least, the last episode of season 2 was excellent and I loved the conclusion. 2 seasons of drugs, sex and rich people problems, 2 seasons of sad Diane and other starring doing stuff in each episode is enough for me. I don't wana see Bojack has the new Moody, I think this anime deserves better.

By Jack Anderson on 2018-09-18 08:29:43 ET

I have really mixed feelings. I'll definitely have to watch it again. One article I read was really interesting and focused on the prism of addiction, which is a central topic in this new season. And I must say that clearly, this aspect was implemented in a very mature way. Maybe I'll rewatch the series again from beginning to end to have a better opinion.

By Gruic on 2018-09-18 08:40:34 ET

And I will read it again with interest.



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