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The Grand

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 Written by
Matt Bierman Writer
Zak Penn Writer

 Directed by
Zak Penn


 Release Date
June 7, 2007

1 hours and 44 minutes (104 minutes)

Woody Harrelson
  One Eyed Jack Faro
Werner Herzog
  The German
Dennis Farina
  L.B.J. Deuce Fairbanks
David Cross
  Larry Schwartzman
Cheryl Hines
  Lainie Schwartzman
Richard Kind
  Andy Andrews
Chris Parnell
  Harold Melvin
Jason Alexander
  Dr. Yakov Achmed
Ray Romano
  Fred Marsh
Mike Epps
  Reggie Marshall
Judy Greer
  Sharon Andrews
Gabe Kaplan
  Seth Schwartzman
Michael McKean
  Steve Lavisch
Julie Claire
  Dr. Jamie Sellers
Barry Corbin
  Jimminy 'Lucky' Faro
Shannon Elizabeth
Estelle Harris
  Ruth Melvin
Andrea Savage
  Renee Jensen
Andrew Hill Newman
  Russell Kalenich - The Dealer
Michael Karnow
  Mike Werbe

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