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Lost Highway

Lost Highway on IMDb

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 Written by
David Lynch Writer
Barry Gifford Writer

 Directed by
David Lynch

A tormented jazz musician finds himself lost in an enigmatic story involving murder, surveillance, gangsters, doppelgangers, and an impossible transformation inside a prison cell.


 Release Date
January 15, 1997

2 hours and 14 minutes (134 minutes)

Bill Pullman
  Fred Madison
Patricia Arquette
  Renee Madison / Alice Wakefield
Balthazar Getty
  Pete Dayton
Robert Blake
  Mystery Man
John Roselius
Louis Eppolito
Jenna Maetlind
  Party Girl
Michael Massee
Henry Rollins
  Guard Henry
Michael Shamus Wiles
  Guard Mike
Mink Stole
Leonard Termo
Ivory Ocean
  Guard Ivory
Jack Kehler
  Guard Johnny Mack
David Byrd
  Doctor Smordin
Gene Ross
  Warden Clements
F. William Parker
  Captain Luneau
Guy Siner
  Prison Official #1
Alexander Folk
  Prison Official #2
Gary Busey
  Bill Dayton
Lucy Butler
  Candace Dayton
Carl Sundstrom
John Solari
  The Dog
Al Garrett
Heather Stephens
Giovanni Ribisi
  Steve "V"
Scott Coffey
Natasha Gregson Wagner
Amanda Anka
  Girl #1
Jennifer Syme
  Junkie Girl
Richard Pryor
Robert Loggia
  Mr. Eddy / Dick Lauren
Matt Sigloch
  Assistent #1
Gilbert B. Combs
  Assistent #2
Greg Travis
  Tail Gate Driver
Jack Nance
Lisa Boyle
Leslie Bega
Marilyn Manson
  Porno Star #1
Jeordie White
  Porno Star #2

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Visionary or random?
By Jack Anderson on August 14, 2019

I am not able to make up my mind over Lost Highway.

From the start, the movie is having an excruciatingly slow pace. Is sit bad? Not really. Is it good? I’m not sure either.

Visually, the film is having the classic look from the 90’s, which to be honest I am not a huge fan. Of course, it would be totally stupid for me to judge a film based on its decade.

Is the movie bizarre for the sake of being bizarre, or is there a real meaning behind all of it? That's the entire point of talking about the film. Sure, this is obviously extremely fun to have to watch great images, naked women, gun, Rammstein music, but is there really a sense in all that?
Actually, beyond even a sense, does the imagery provide a cathartic sense to the audience? Not to me, at least. I don't care about understanding or not a movie. I care about the journey and I don't embark on any journey when watching Lost Highway.

I should probably watch the film a couple of more times and perhaps even more, in order to dig deeper and hopefully reach a more profound level. But for now, I must confess I do not like Lost Highway. Here, I said it.

I give it 4 out of 10. Average.


**Lynch's Masterpiece.**

This is my favorite Lynch films, hands down.

First saw it in a theatre and the film's lighting was so weird and disorienting that at times you weren't sure if there was some weird exterior light source hitting the screen. Uber weird.

More twist and turns than the highway itself :P

For sure it's fun to try and nail down exactly what happened but IMHO it's a little more fun not to know - each time you rewatch it you might see/think/feel something different.


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