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The Rugrats Movie

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 Written by
David N. Weiss Writer

 Directed by
Norton Virgien
Igor Kovalyov


 Release Date
November 20, 1998

1 hours and 19 minutes (79 minutes)

Whoopi Goldberg
  Ranger Margaret (voice)
David Spade
  Ranger Frank (voice)
Elizabeth Daily
  Tommy Pickles (voice)
Tara Strong
  Dilan "Dil" Pickles (voice)
Christine Cavanaugh
  Chuckie Finster (voice)
Kath Soucie
  Phil / Lil / Betty DeVille (voices)
Cheryl Chase
  Angelica Pickles (voice)
Tim Curry
  Rex Pester (voice)
Jack Riley
  Stuart 'Stu' Pickles (voice)
Busta Rhymes
  Reptar Wagon (voice)
Michael Bell
  Charles 'Chaz' Finster Sr. / Grandpa Boris Kropotkin / Drew Pickles (voice)
Joe Alaskey
  Grandpa Lou Pickles (voice)
Phil Proctor
  Howard DeVille / Igor (voice)
Cree Summer
  Susie Carmichael (voice)
Melanie Chartoff
  Didi Pickles (voice)
Tress MacNeille
  Charlotte Pickles (voice)
Melanie Chartoff
  Didi Pickles / Minka Kropotkin (voice)
Hattie Winston
  Lucy Carmichael (voice)
Andrea Martin
  Aunt Miriam (voice)
Tony Jay
  Dr. Lipschitz (voice)
Abraham Benrubi
  Serge (voice)
Gregg Berger
  TV Announcer (voice)
Charlie Adler
  United Express Driver (voice)
Mary Gross
  Female Guest (voice)
Edie McClurg
  Nurse (voice)
Roger Clinton, Jr.
  Air Crewman (voice)
Margaret Cho
  Lt. Klavin (voice)
Iggy Pop
  Newborn Baby (singing voice)
Louis Fresse
  Newborn Baby (singing voice)
Lisa Loeb
  Newborn Baby (singing voice)
Lenny Kravitz
  Newborn Baby (singing voice)
Dawn Robinson
  Newborn Baby (singing voice)
Lou Rawls
  Newborn Baby (singing voice)
Kate Pierson
  Newborn Baby (singing voice)
Cindy Wilson
  Newborn Baby (singing voice)
Gordon Gano
  Newborn Baby (singing voice)
Laurie Anderson
  Newborn Baby (singing voice)
Fred Schneider
  Newborn Baby (singing voice)
Jakob Dylan
  Newborn Baby (singing voice)
Patti Smith
  Newborn Baby (singing voice)
  Newborn Baby (singing voice)
Steven Zirnkilton
  Reporter (voice)
Frank Welker
  Spike/Monkeys/Scar Snout (voice)

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