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A Clockwork Orange

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 Written by
Stanley Kubrick Screenplay
Anthony Burgess Novel

 Directed by
Stanley Kubrick

 Release Date
December 18, 1971

136 minutes

Malcolm McDowell Alexander DeLarge
Patrick Magee Mr. Alexander
Adrienne Corri Mrs. Alexander
Michael Bates Chief Guard
Warren Clarke Dim
James Marcus Georgie
Michael Tarn Pete
Carl Duering Dr. Brodsky
Paul Farrell Tramp
Miriam Karlin Catlady
Sheila Raynor Mum
Aubrey Morris Mr. P. R. Deltoid
Godfrey Quigley Prison Chaplain
Clive Francis Lodger
Richard Connaught Billy Boy (gang leader)
Pauline Taylor Psychiatrist
Philip Stone Dad
David Prowse Bodyguard
Anthony Sharp Minister
Margaret Tyzack Conspirator
Gillian Hills Sonietta
George Coulouris Professor (uncredited)

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