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The Lion King

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 Written by
Linda Woolverton Screenplay
Jonathan Roberts Screenplay
Irene Mecchi Screenplay
Rick Maki Story
Burny Mattinson Story
Barry Johnson Story
Lorna Cook Story
Thom Enriquez Story
Andrew Gaskill Story
Gary Trousdale Story
Jim Capobianco Story
Kevin Harkey Story
Jorgen Klubien Story
Chris Sanders Story
Tom Sito Story
Larry Leker Story
Joe Ranft Story
Ed Gombert Story
Francis Glebas Story
Mark Kausler Story

 Directed by
Roger Allers
Rob Minkoff

A young lion cub named Simba can't wait to be king. But his uncle craves the title for himself and will stop at nothing to get it.

Life's greatest adventure is finding your place in the Circle of Life.

 Release Date
May 7, 1994

89 minutes


Matthew Broderick Simba (voice)
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Young Simba (voice)
James Earl Jones King Mufasa (voice)
Jeremy Irons Scar (voice)
Moira Kelly Nala (voice)
Niketa Calame Young Nala (voice)
Ernie Sabella Pumbaa (voice)
Nathan Lane Timon (voice)
Robert Guillaume Rafiki (voice)
Rowan Atkinson Zazu the Hornbill (voice)
Whoopi Goldberg Shenzi the Hyena (voice)
Cheech Marin Banzai the Hyena (voice)
Jim Cummings ED the Hyena (voice)
Madge Sinclair Sarabi, Simba's Mother (voice)
Joseph Williams Adult Simba (singing voice)
Jason Weaver Young Simba (singing voice)
Sally Dworsky Adult Nala (singing voice)
Laura Williams Young Nala (singing voice)
Zoe Leader Sarafina, Nala's Mother (voice)
Frank Welker Lion Roars (voice)
Judi M. Durand Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
Daamen J. Krall Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
David McCharen Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
Mary Linda Phillips Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
Phil Proctor Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
David J. Randolph Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
Evan Saucedo Young Simba - in 'Morning Report' (singing voice) (uncredited)
Brian Tochi Fighting Hyena (voice) (uncredited)
Cathy Cavadini (voice)

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By Jack Anderson on April 4, 2018

The Lion King is a true masterpiece with a classical story arc structure.
In act I, young Simba and his friends are looking around in places they shouldn't. And then, Simba's father Mufasa comes to help. The moment where he dies is precisely the inciting incident. Nothing can ever be the same anymore.
In act II, we discover the life of Simba as an adult, living in the woods with his new friends, Timon and Pumbaa. They live the good life (hakuna matata) and don't care about much.
But Simba, thanks to his meeting with Nala, decides to confront his evil uncle.
In act III, we think that all is lost, but in an ultimate twist, Simba wins and all is well in the world.
This is clearly something that should have been taught to George Lucas when he wrote The Phantom Menace. But I digress.

An perfect classic. I give it 10 out of 10.



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 Saga: Disney
The Lion King 1994 Movie

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