Stand by Me

1986  89 MN

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Rob Reiner

After learning that a stranger has been accidentally killed near their rural homes, four Oregon boys decide to go see the body. On the way, Gordie Lachance, Vern Tessio, Chris Chambers and Teddy Duchamp encounter a mean junk man and a marsh full of leeches, as they also learn more about one another and their very different home lives. Just a lark at first, the boys' adventure evolves into a defining event in their lives.

 Release Date

August 8, 1986


1h29m (89 min)


$ 8,000,000


$ 52,287,414

 Top Billed Cast

 Wil Wheaton
 Gordie Lachance
 River Phoenix
 Chris Chambers
 Corey Feldman
 Teddy Duchamp
 Jerry O'Connell
 Vern Tessio
 Kiefer Sutherland
 Ace Merrill
 Casey Siemaszko
 Billy Tessio

 Written by

Stephen King Novel
Bruce A. Evans Screenplay
Raynold Gideon Screenplay


For some, it's the last real taste of innocence, and the first real taste of life.



Wil Wheaton
  Gordie Lachance
River Phoenix
  Chris Chambers
Corey Feldman
  Teddy Duchamp
Jerry O'Connell
  Vern Tessio
Kiefer Sutherland
  Ace Merrill
Casey Siemaszko
  Billy Tessio
Gary Riley
  Charlie Hogan
Bradley Gregg
  Eyeball Chambers
Jason Oliver
  Vince Desjardins
Marshall Bell
  Mr. Lachance
Frances Lee McCain
  Mrs. Lachance
Bruce Kirby
  Mr. Quidacioluo
William Bronder
  Milo Pressman
Scott Beach
  Mayor Grundy
Richard Dreyfuss
  The Writer
John Cusack
  Denny Lachance
Madeleine Swift
Geanette Bobst
  Mayor's Wife
Art Burke
  Principal Wiggins
Matt Williams
  Bob Cormier
Andy Lindberg
  Lardass Hogan
Dick Durock
  Bill Travis
O.B. Babbs
  Lardass Heckler #1
Charlie Owens
  Lardass Heckler #2
Kenneth Hodges
  Donelley Twin
John Hodges
  Donelley Twin
Susan Thorpe
  Fat Lady
Korey Scott Pollard
Rick Elliott
  Jack Mudgett
Kent W. Luttrell
  Ray Brower
Chance Quinn
  Gordon's Son
Jason Naylor
  Gordon's Son's Friend
Sky Siewerski
  Truck Driver (uncredited)


Janet Hirshenson
Rob Reiner
Stephen King
Bruce A. Evans
Bruce A. Evans
Raynold Gideon
Raynold Gideon
Andrew Scheinman
Thomas Del Ruth
  Director of Photography
Robert Leighton
Jane Jenkins
Jack Nitzsche
  Original Music Composer
J. Dennis Washington
  Production Design
Richard D. Kent
  Set Decoration


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My all-time favourite movie! Like Gordie, I was a shy, sensitive boy, who was (and am) a writer, and I've been told by so many people I have a talent for it. Also, I've had many friends like Chris, being tough on the outside, while sweet on the inside, and I've known people like Vern, Teddy and Denny too :) Beautiful music, acting and truth about growing up, as relevant today as it was in the 80s/50s :) <3


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