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Lord Byron of Broadway


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 Written by
Nell Martin Novel
Crane Wilbur Writer
Willard Mack Writer

 Directed by
Harry Beaumont
William Nigh


 Release Date
February 28, 1930

1 hours and 20 minutes (80 minutes)

Charles Kaley
  Roy Erskine
Ethelind Terry
  Ardis Trevelyn
Marion Shilling
Gwen Lee
Benny Rubin
Drew Demorest
Jack Byron
  Mr. Millaire
Rita Flynn
  Red Head
Hazel Craven
Gino Corrado
Pauline Paquette
Iris Adrian
  Lady In The Audience
Jack Benny
  Voice on Radio
Ann Dvorak
  Chorus Girl
Bill Elliott
Eddie Kane
  Song Publisher
Virginia Sale
  Flirty Dowager
Larry Steers
  Larry - Master of Ceremonies
Jack Harvey
  Undetermined Role
Mary Doran
  Roy's Ex-Sweetheart (uncredited)

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Frank F

Roy is a competent songwriter, but he does not have ideas for great songs. He easily gets into relationships with women who find him very attractive and easy to talk to. Roy realizes that some of the stories he hears will make excellent song material. Although the material is given to him freely by a trusting, woman in love, he does not realize (or perhaps care) that he has no real right to the stories about others.

A very good early musical, including some color sequences. The audio quality and choreography are excellent. The sexual references are strong and only possible during this pre-code era. The plot is fairly simple, believable and well executed. The lead actor is sometimes a bit weak on delivery.


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