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Anatomy of a Murder

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 Written by
Wendell Mayes Screenplay
John D. Voelker Novel

 Directed by
Otto Preminger


 Release Date
July 1, 1959

2 hours and 40 minutes (160 minutes)

James Stewart
  Paul Biegler
Lee Remick
  Laura Manion
Ben Gazzara
  Lt. Frederick Manion
Arthur O'Connell
  Parnell Emmett McCarthy
Eve Arden
  Maida Rutledge
Kathryn Grant
  Mary Pilant
George C. Scott
  Claude Dancer
Orson Bean
  Dr. Matthew Smith
Russ Brown
  George Lemon
Murray Hamilton
  Alphonse Paquette
Ken Lynch
  Det. Sgt. James Durgo
John Qualen
  Deputy Sheriff Sulo
Howard McNear
  Dr. Dompierre
Ned Wever
  Dr. Raschid
Jimmy Conlin
  Clarence Madigan
Joseph Kearns
  Lloyd Burke
Duke Ellington
  Pie Eye (uncredited)
Irv Kupcinet
  Distinguished Gentleman (uncredited)

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