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Get Smart


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 Written by
Buck Henry Characters
Mel Brooks Characters
Tom J. Astle Screenplay
Matt Ember Screenplay

 Directed by
Peter Segal


 Release Date
June 19, 2008

1 hours and 50 minutes (110 minutes)

Steve Carell
  Maxwell Smart
Anne Hathaway
  Agent 99
Dwayne Johnson
  Agent 23
Alan Arkin
  The Chief
Terence Stamp
Terry Crews
  Agent 91
David Koechner
James Caan
  The President
Bill Murray
  Agent 13
Patrick Warburton
David S. Lee
  Ladislas Krstic
Masi Oka
Nate Torrence
John Eddins
Dalip Singh Rana
Ken Davitian
Geoff Pierson
  Vice President
Kelly Karbacz
Bonnie Hellman
David A. Parker
  Agent 50
John Farley
  Agent 38
Arthur Darbinyan
  Russian Bad Guy
Bill Romanowski
  Air Marshall
Mark Ivanir
  Russian Guy in Bathroom
Lindsay Hollister
  Max's Dance Partner
Dimitri Diatchenko
  Russian Underling
Richard V. Licata
  Russian Leader
Greg Joung Paik
  North Korean General
Joey Yu
  North Korean Soldier
Mike Akrawi
  Arab Man
Kerry Lai Fatt
  Tour Guide
Jonathan Loughran
  Orange Team Guy
Felisha Terrell
  CONTROL Assistant
Jeff Tanner
  CONTROL Assistant
Jasper Pendergrass
  Budweiser Delivery Guy
David Schaap
  Restaurant Agent
Thomas Garner
  Airline Passenger
Danielle Bisutti
  Airline Passenger
Jessica Barth
  Flight Attendant
David Fabrizio
Alex Kudrytsky
  Russian Farmhand
Sergei Priselkov
  Russian Farmer
Jane Gilchrist
  Bakery Assistant
Todd Sherry
  KAOS Office Worker
David Aranovich
  Russian Son
Ivy Bethune
  Russian Mother
Larry Miller
  CIA Agent
Kevin Nealon
  CIA Agent
Blake Clark
Cedric Yarbrough
James Moses Black
  CONTROL Prison Guard
Bernie Kopell
  Opel Driver
Michael P. Catanzarite
  Secret Service Agent
Tim DeKay
  Secret Service Agent
Matthew Glave
  Secret Service Agent Driver
Brad Grunberg
Leonard Stern
  Cesna Pilot
Stephen Dunham
  Secret Service Commander

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