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Lili Marleen

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 Written by
Rainer Werner Fassbinder Author
Joshua Sinclair Author
Werner Uschkurat Author
Manfred Purzer Author

 Directed by
Rainer Werner Fassbinder


 Release Date
January 14, 1981

2 hours and 0 minutes (120 minutes)

Hanna Schygulla
  Willie Bunterberg
Giancarlo Giannini
  Robert Mendelsson
Christine Kaufmann
  Miriam Mendelsson
Hark Bohm
Karl-Heinz von Hassel
Erik Schumann
  von Strehlow
Gottfried John
Udo Kier
Willy Harlander
Raúl Gimenez
Karin Baal
  Anna Lederer
Adrian Hoven
Barbara Valentin
Helen Vita
Elisabeth Volkmann
Lilo Pempeit
Brigitte Mira
Rudolf Lenz
  Dr. Glaubrecht
Irm Hermann

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