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 Written by
Stephen King Screenplay

 Directed by
Mick Garris


 Release Date
April 10, 1992

1 hours and 31 minutes (91 minutes)

Brian Krause
  Charles Brady
Mädchen Amick
  Tanya Robertson
Alice Krige
  Mary Brady
Jim Haynie
  Sheriff Ira
Cindy Pickett
  Mrs. Robertson
Ron Perlman
  Captain Soames
Lyman Ward
  Mr. Robertson
Dan Martin
  Andy Simpson
Glenn Shadix
  Mr. Fallows
Cynthia Garris
Monty Bane
John Landis
  Lab Technician
Joe Dante
  Lab Assistant
Stephen King
  Cemetery Caretaker
Clive Barker
  Forensic Tech
Tobe Hooper
  Forensic Tech
Mark Hamill
  Lt. Jenkins
Stuart Charno
  Police Photographer
Rusty Schwimmer
Ernie Lively
  Animal Control Officer

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