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Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story

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 Written by
Gary Janetti Writer
Chris Sheridan Writer
Alex Borstein Writer
Steve Callaghan Writer
Phil Langone Storyboard

 Directed by
Pete Michels

The major sub-plot circles around the youngest Griffin, Stewie, who has a near-death experience at a pool when a lifeguard chair falls on him, but he survives. After having a vision of being in Hell, he decides to change his ways, but this doesn't last long. While watching television, he and Brian spot a man that looks like Stewie. Brian is convinced that he is Stewie's real father, until Stewie learns that the man is actually himself as an adult, taking a vacation from his own time period. Baby Stewie visits thirty years later to discover that his adult self, going by the name Stu, is a single blue-collar middle-aged virgin working at a Circuit City-type store. Meanwhile, Peter and Lois are trying to teach their two older kids, Meg and Chris, to date. In the future, Chris, who hasn't changed much, is working as a cop and is married to a foul-mouthed hustler named Vanessa. Meg is now called Ron, since she had a sex-change after college. Written by pepperann210

All new, Outrageous, Uncensored!

 Release Date
July 23, 2005

88 minutes

Seth MacFarlane Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Brian, Glen Glenn Quagmire, Tom Tucker, Stuart Griffin, Bugs Bunny (voice)
Alex Borstein Lois Griffin, Tricia Takanawa, Vanessa, Condoleezza Rice (voice)
Seth Green Chris Griffin (voice)
Mila Kunis Meg Griffin (voice)
Patrick Warburton Joe Swanson (voice)
Lori Alan Diane Simmons (voice)
Drew Barrymore Herself (voice)
Mike Henry Cleveland Brown, Herbert (voice)
Rachael MacFarlane Katie Couric, Bonnie Swanson, Britney Spears (voice)
Noel Blanc Elmer Fudd (voice)
Phil LaMarr Ollie Williams (voice)

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Good movie lacking ambition
By Jack Anderson on May 29, 2018

Released during the fourth season of the series, Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story is a movie, released straight to DVD.

The movie is precisely the opposite of The Simpsons Movie. It lacks any kind of grand ambition. Sure, it is more ambitious than most episodes, but it is not that more ambitious than usual. I would expect more for such format. What's the point of creating a movie if this movie is the same as standard episodes put together?

But still, the movie is good. I especially liked "What really grinds my gears" and Stewie facing the other Stewie from San Francisco.

A good movie but lacks ambition. I give it 5 out of 10. Good.


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 Saga: Family Guy
Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story 2005 Movie
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