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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days


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 Written by
Kristen Buckley Screenplay
Brian Regan Screenplay
Burr Steers Screenplay

 Directed by
Donald Petrie


 Release Date
February 7, 2003

1 hours and 56 minutes (116 minutes)

Kate Hudson
  Andie Anderson
Matthew McConaughey
  Benjamin Barry
Kathryn Hahn
  Michelle Rubin
Annie Parisse
  Jeannie Ashcroft
Adam Goldberg
Thomas Lennon
Michael Michele
  Judy Spears
Shalom Harlow
  Judy Green
Robert Klein
  Phillip Warren
Bebe Neuwirth
  Lana Jong
Samantha Quan
Justin Peroff
Celia Weston
James Murtaugh
Rebecca Harris
Archie MacGregor
  Uncle Arnold
John DiResta
  Joey Sr.
Scott Benes
  Joey Jr.
Zachary Benes
  Joey Jr.
William Hill
  DeLauer Security
Georgia Craig
  Receptionist Candi
Liliane Montevecchi
  Mrs. DeLauer
James Mainprize
  Mr. DeLauer
Tony Longo
  Sensitive Moviegoer
Warner Wolf
  Warner Wolf
Doug Murray
  Mark Sawyer
Natalie Brown
  Mrs. Sawyer
Andrew Moodie
  Poker Pal Ronald
David Macniven
  Poker Pal Francis
Ross Gallo
  Young Concession Worker
Gina Sorell
  Vegetarian Waitress
Marvin Hamlisch
  Marvin Hamlisch

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